Happy New Year 2011 Giveaway!


I decided it would be fun to give away a book a month since I love them so much and like to share. For the new year, I am offering the ultimate domestic goddess cookbook by Martha*Stewart. I lifted the photo from another website, so please ignore the ‘look inside’

All you have to do is leave a comment here. If you have any resolutions, let me know. I have to get a bit more serious about exercise, etc. because of health concerns. (Taking medication daily for the first time in my life).
I will pick a winner in the middle of January, around the 15th. This time I will make you an Artist Trading card to go with cooking or maybe being a domestic goddess! Good luck-it’s a nice, big fat book (I own another copy of it).

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  1. At this time I do not have any new year’s resolution because in the past they have fallen by the wayside. But I do want to try and take care of myself a bit more and not to worry so much.

  2. I cannot resist a cookbook, Dianne, and I don’t have any by Martha Stewart. Fingers crossed…. 😀

    My new year’s resolution is to be more mindful in my every day living.

  3. OK, I just cannot resist entering for a MS cookbook! I don’t have this particular cookbook and I think everyday recipes would be great!

    I have no NY resolutions—I never make any. I could certainly stand to lose a ton of weight, exercise more, buy less CC clothing, etc. etc., but I believe that if I really want to change these things, I will. I don’t need to make a silly NY resolution, that will only make me feel guilty when I don’t complete it.

  4. I love Martha Stewart and I love to cook…so I really need to win this cookbook!! hehe My New Year resolution is to….not make a New Year resolution because I always break them!!!!! lol xoxo

  5. My New Years resolution is to get more sleep, lose 20 lbs and devote more time to my art. We’ll see if any of them come true, right now it’s 2 am so the sleep thing is still not happening!!! LOL
    I want to wish you a very Happy, Healthy New Year Dianne! I appreciate your friendship and all your lovely, inspiring comments. Take care and keep creating all your beautiful pieces.


  6. Happy New Year!
    my goal for this year is to organize and simplify my home/life. So that I jave more time to enjoy life.
    I love your blog and thanks for the chance to win your wonderful giveaway!!

  7. My goal for this year is to try new recipes from an unused cookbook at least once a week. I may do this using junior league books for the different states.

  8. I came over by way of Kats blog and what a beautiful Vintagey look you have, The cook book looks incredible, I figure it willl make a fabulous weapon if I am not using it from the sheer size alone..lol

    My resolution is not health related, due to some major health concerns the Dr.’s are working on and I can do nothing about. Mine are about my eBay buinesss and organization…

  9. Well, this is a perfect time to discover your blog!

    What a generous give-away! I made no real resolutions, but health and well-being are always on my mind.

    I did decide that I want to be more observant of the seasons. To notice the changes more with little celebrations of solstices etc.

    I have a good day and good luck with your own quest for wellness!

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