Life is a Voyage


With so many people traveling this week for Thanksgiving, I found this saved calendar page from Mary Englebreit a good choice for a collage. I added the pink sunglasses-aren’t they cute? I was thinking about an old friend that travels a lot and wonder where she has been or is going.
Had a nice pork roast and sauteed mushroom salad for dinner.
Here’s Kate’s Quilt table piece I bought. Her contact info is under the photo on Flickr. I don’t have a link to her other pieces. This was only $10.
Handmade quilted table decor
Here is my knitted pom-pom scarf! Please note the newly ‘stuffed’ seat cushion it is on. : )
My first knitted pom-pom scarf
Very easy to do!
Here is my e-reader from Brian…
My new e-reader-Libre
I tried to download an Oz book and the pictures didn’t show, but the words were there.
The house is still in an uproar!
I’m waiting on the bloodwork results and am a bit nervous. Crossing fingers!

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  1. Cute scarf!! And so cool you got an e-reader! šŸ™‚ I’ve been thinking about them since seeing the new Kindle 3. I really like the size! Problem is that I couldn’t download books from the library for it. But the Nook is compatible, so maybe for Christmas. . . šŸ˜€

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