Neat find


Dress form made with florals, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Floral Dress farm at nursery for sale
Brian and I were garden center hopping yesterday. We got most of what we needed at Lowes (mulch, 75% off plants). We then stopped at a few more places (even a winery where we got snubbed-guess we looked too casual-I don’t know). These neat floral dress forms were at the last place. It sure looks like real flowers. I didn’t go and touch it, but will the next time. I noticed the price tag-$200! Makes me want to make my own!
Here’s the pond at the nursery. They have great supplies here for ponds:
Pond at Gateway Gardens
Today was mulching day-went through 3 bags and need a few more. Everything that was mulched looks so much nicer. I realized I haven’t edged gardens for a while. I may do that too, but I have to recover a bit from the mulching. And yesterday we put in a new round garden. I think it looks like a little pony corral-Brian isn’t sure he likes it, but the other garden isn’t doing anything and we had to move it if we wanted to get anything. It has 12 tomatoes and about 8 green peppers planted in it now. I want to add cucumbers and zucchini in the middle.
The DB Corral Veggie patch
Those are daffodils I need to tie up.

A part of the fairy garden after mulching. I stepped on some fairy wings and broke them. Is that bad luck? : )
Fairy garden freshy mulched
And to close…this was a birdbath, but it just got so dirty. I added some soil and made it a little fairy garden. That’s portulaca and a geranium. There’s a blue gravel ‘stream’ and some pebbles…and moss! I have some moss on top of the mulch-not sure if that will work.
Fairy planter

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  1. Well look at that, dress forms all dressed up in flowers, that is so awesome! Can’t say I’ve ever seen that before:-) Don’t you wish our gardens looked like those in the nurseries?? lol

    I really like your round garden, it’s such a good idea! I see you have to put fencing around it, to deter the deer I imagine? Thank goodness we don’t have to worry about deer here, they’re around but have never had any come into our yard.

    Love your faerie garden and of course I love what you did with the old birdbath!! I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who breaks faerie wings! lol I don’t know how many times I’ve had to glue them back on. No bad luck though:-) xoxo

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