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Winter sunshine


This Friday and again today, I headed down to the neighboring town’s yearly huge book sale. They advertise that there is over 70K books and I do believe them! Being the book lover I am, I can’t pass up a sale. There was even a geocache in the parking lot to look for. Too bad it was so cold yesterday. I had looked at it via the satellite shot a month or so ago and didn’t I sit down ‘across’ from where it really was at the end of a bridge. The problem is I couldn’t reach right for it. I actually wondered up and down the bridge for about 15 minutes. I went back on the website and emailed a guy who had found it after 3 tries. He sent me back a detailed explanation. Today I had Brian. I swore it was the ‘right’ on my side, but it was on the other side! Then I couldn’t find my pen, so had to use a pencil in the SUV.

We didn’t go hog wild book wise. In fact Sean didn’t buy anything.

We decided to go to the New Castle (Delaware) Farmer’s market, but took a detour so Sean could see the old area of the town. Brian and I had been there a few times. I got out and took a few photos, this being my favorite:


See the trio of tree and fence tops?

We then headed to the farmer’s market. I was having major hurt issues with my knee down to the back of my calf.  Think I did something Friday night getting out to retrieve a cache.  (That’s an entirely different story!)

At the market, we found young Amish people selling donuts. They were much more in cost than the ‘DD’, but they are larger and fluffier. Best I ever had! Have to be careful eating those!

We also went to ‘The Hut’ and when we pulled in the parking lot, we saw Sean’s old Taurus that he traded in 1.5 yrs ago! Someone who works there owned it. I think Sean was super surprised. He took good care of that car (his 1st car) and when he saw it, he said ‘that car took me back and forth to Penn State many times’. Where he traded it in for his newer Taurus is about a 1/4 mile away.  But the chances of us seeing it again, just wow.

We went to get gas, found another guardrail cache at the station next to it (drove in circles a bit, guess the attendant wondered what we were doing) and then hit the Goodwill where I found a few bird tchotchkes, one of which is a Marjolein Bastin for Hallmark.

I mainly bought crafting books at the sale earlier, ribbon embroidery and drawing for my mom and a few historic fictions along with crafts for me.

It was nice to have Sean along. He was a little depressed at first, some job issues going on in the family and I guess he feels that his time in the sun isn’t coming along fast enough in the job field. The economy is still not great and I think Sean will have to move away from here when he is done with his schooling.

Cleaning or geocaching?


Yesterday was a nice day for being outside, but not raking leaves! I can’t do that anyway as my hip is so bad, so I took Brian away from his yard work.  When I go out in the car, it’s hard for me to get in and out all the time and I really hurt by the end of the day. There was a book sale at a nearby school to raise money for the Kindergarten. Oh how I’d love to work there in that centuries old building, but I bet it’s a bit on the chilly side. Just like last year, there weren’t too many people there. I was able to pick up a few books for the school where I work for a few dollars.  They seem to read the same ones all the time, so I found a few cute ones about sharing and Jamie Lee Curtis’s book ‘Tell me again about the night I was born’.  I found a few novels for me and the lady working there helped me find a few for my mom via mom on my phone’s speaker.

I decided to see if the William Penn tree near the parking lot there was a waymark and filled out the form on the website. People need to find the London Grove Friends Meetinghouse and take a photo of themselves in front of the 9 story, 330 yr old white oak!

So then we drove around the immediate area for a few caches. The scenery was so gorgeous-rolling hills, horses, cattle, trees….I’m so glad there is still land like this close by. Where I live, housing developments have popped up all around us.

The first cache was on Tapeworm Road-what a name-it was indeed a wiggly road! It wasn’t too hard to find-Brian used his geosenses and saw a pile of wood near one end of  the fence-bingo! After this find, my phone went wonky. There was one down the same road that we missed! We found one near another horse field but inside a tree. Then there was a covered bridge one. The navigation took us in a big circle when we only needed to go to the end of Tapeworm Road and make a left. Hate to waste gas like that.

We get to the covered bridge and it’s closed-a truck obviously ran into one side as there is crumbled cement and a support beam there. We could tell there had been some flooding in that area as dirt was pushed around near the stream with heavy equipment. We mainly looked inside the bridge and didn’t see anything. I PAF (phoned a friend-actually wrote an email) and he said we should have been underneath. Opps-it was a muck factory under there. Maybe some other time.

I  mentioned about a nearby ‘gastro-pub’ (refers to a bar and restaurant that serves high-end beer and food) where we went last year called ‘The Whip’, so we went. I got sausage and red pepper quiche and salad. I’m not a big fan of sausage, but this was heavy on the nutmeg and very moist. Brian got a chicken salad wrap. There was a cache around back in a guard rail that took minutes to snag.

Brian near where the cache was with The Whip behind him.

The last cache was in a cemetery way out in the boonies. It was fairly easy to find, so we walked around the cemetery. I wondered what the stones were at the end of the newer part of the cemetery and they were for babies. : (

Near the church were stones for a Collins family and the names were facing the church instead of out. That was a bit strange.

Here’s a  satellite look at the church and cemetery… I was checking out that feature on last night. It will show you where the cache is! See the smile face!

We even went to church after all this. Today I’m tired, but I have a lot to do. I couldn’t find some of my pants and they were still up in the attic. So now I am sorting through clothes again. I also put away most of my Halloween decorations except for my owls.

Sean’s girlfriend and daughter are coming out for Thanksgiving. I am hoping to get something for my hip pain by then so I can pull that off. It will be nice to meet her 6.5 yr old.

I have some testing this week, so please send me some good vibes.

Wonderful finds


Here are some of the purchases I made yesterday. This ‘pop-up’ book was from the Metropolitan Museum of art and it was still in it’s plastic bag after 33 yrs!

Did I tell you I paid $1 for this reproduction from the late 1880s?

Pardon my knives, it has been folded up all those years. I think it was waiting for me. I have adored pop up books all my life.

Love the orchestra!

And this is a lovely book I purchased for $2

I have a few books based on Miss Holden, even a kit how to draw and do watercolor like she did. Haven’t tried to replicate her gorgeous work yet.

This is pretty neat. I’ll have to give you an example of  the meaning of a word sometime.

I got a number of children books at the HFH resale shop for a quarter each. The covers are pretty worn, but the inside illustrations are lovely.

Is that 1938?

Some of the above will probably be on my etsy shop. I’m getting my shops up and running soon.

‘Collage Artist’ book review #2


This is hands-down one of my favorite books. It’s called ‘Embellishments for Paper Crafts-Ideas, Tips & Techniques’ by Klassen and Conron Carola (published in 2006 with 128 pages).

I have so many bookmarks-about 10 tags sticking out of the top of my copy.

There are tons of ideas. A few of my bookmarks are for Altered books, Quilling, Crafting with photos, photo frames, altered altoid tins. These are really nice looking items. How pretty are the scrapbook pages made with real leaf prints? The Beach Memories frame has real sand and shells on it.  The projects are for all skill levels. You can start off making tags which are easy and so personal.

Paper crafting is such a fun hobby. It can be also be inexpensive. I save so many scraps for my collages that I rescued from the trash.

This book is available on Amazon (only a few left and they are dirt cheap!)


I’m pretty much packed for the trip. It was difficult to chose outfits because I didn’t dare pack sweaters as I have been so warm lately. Hopefully we won’t be outside that much. The weather is suppose to be a bit rainy Friday night. Our hotel is about 15 minutes from Times Square and there is a bus right there to take you in. If you recall we drove in the city when my friend Karin got married in 2007 which was a big mistake. The wintertime may be a little different. I would like to see The Metropolitan Museum of Art ($25 each to get in!); a crafty/millinery store called ‘Tinsel Trading Company’ (I called and they are only open until 5). A few bloggers went to NYC and loved it. I would like to see ‘Dylan’s Candy Bar’ a delightful to the eyes and taste buds shop.  Central Park is right there and you know what parks look like in the wintertime. I would like to see ‘Strawberry Fields’ where the John Lennon memorial is.  We have tickets for the 9-11 Memorial on Sunday.

Brian’s dad called the doctor and his accounts of his MRI was it was clean. I hope he isn’t covering anything up and I think Brian should call the office to be sure. He’s at the age where he may not tell us everything so he can stay in his house. He fell down 3 times in the course of a few days. Brian did say something to his dad about his time at the house being limited if he was going to start falling. He doesn’t keep his cell phone on him either. Crossing fingers he was truthful with Brian.

‘Collage Artist’ Book review


I decided to share some books from my own personal library with you! I have 100s of books in all genres, so it may take a while to pick and chose and to review them again, so I will probably surprise you in the process.

So….yesterday was a good mail day as I got Good Mail Day by Jennie Hinchcliff and Carolee Gilligan Wheeler in the mail.

I tend to really enjoy the big books of craft or the ones like this that are more specific to certain art. I have also participated in and have received some awesome mail art. I will have to locate them to share.

My dear friend Greta  from CA. has made most of these including the clever squirrel on a broomstick. : )

One from Finland

And a few more from Kelley out of CA

The authors first remarks are basically about how getting mail is a dying art. They state that no one gets mail as no one sends it anymore. It’s true isn’t it? This is one reason why I did the challenges with pals and strangers a like over the last five years as I have always loved to get mail! I can think of another friend who is the same way, correct Ms. Carole?

As a collage artist, I think this is a super fun book to browse and get ideas from. The authors share tons of ideas. They make cool rubbings from items like mail slots and find discarded business cards in a park to use. One suggestion is to make an envelope out of candy wrappers. I have a big box of ‘scraps’ and I will surely start making more art envelopes. I remember one year I did a neat fold for a Christmas newsletter, like an Origami piece. I couldn’t decorate 30+ envelopes for the Christmas cards, but I can decorate them with a few stickers. I guess you could make a master envelope cover and copy it too! (Did I tell you again how much I like having a copy machine)? : )

The authors give you templates for envelopes and some really cute postage related stickers.

And don’t forget postcards and doing some cool calligraphy or block printing (even with rubber stamp letters).

I don’t want letters to go by the boards. Letters are cool. My maternal cousin Ann is the best letter writer (thinking about her now, I need to give her a call if I can find her phone number-two years have gone by now). She wrote long handed and also would include things she cut out like intricate snowflakes, photocopied art work and handmade ornaments. A now deceased pal Sandy would write personal letters to me with her Christmas cards and most times I would send her a letter back.

Let’s all sit down and write a note to someone, maybe even use a postcard or better yet, make your own postal art!

Better start living up to my blog name


I worked on three projects last night, one of which was:

The little love bird is new and a Martha S. piece. I have the copy machine with the printer and the edging is some copied music I accordian pleated.

Today I remembered that there was that fab book sale a few miles away down in Hockessin, DE. I called the library and sure enough, it was running a few more hours. I high tailed it down there and if they were going to close at 3, they would have been crazy-the place was jam packed! I hesitated buying a bag for $6 and finally did. Well, you know I can’t just buy one book. I had such a heavy bag, I had to leave it near the door and go get the car first. I got a few for my mom.

Of course we were saddened (and I shed a few tears) over the passing of former Penn State football coach Joe ‘JoePa’ Paterno at the age of 85. The scandal from a few months ago hastened the poor man’s bout with lung cancer. He is survived by his wife Sue (who gave communion to Sean a few times at church), his 5 children and 17  grandchildren. There is quite a memorial now outside of Beaver Stadium near his bronze statue.

Off to my mom’s to take her to the doctor tomorrow. I know she is nervous about her reoccurring issue over the last 50 odd years.  Keep her in your thoughts.

Mona Love and such


Mona Love 4" x 4" Collage Card, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I’ve been having fun catching up on my cards when I’m not running back and forth to the repair shop or feeling stuffed up.
Mona Lisa has always intrigued me, so she is the subject of one of my newest collages.
I also made this heart collage card using paint chips for a background:
Love in your Heart 4" x 4" Collage card
I have been working on my DaVinci cross stitch. I think I have to redo the bridge of her nose, it’s not Roman enough:
Progress on Da Vinci La Scapigliata piece
I only bought a few books at the recent book sale, so I scanned many of the photos from ‘John and Joan’ a children’s book from 1937. you can see the rest of the scans in my Flickr photostream.
John and Joan 1937 Children's book
And last but not least, we were to do a ATC with a bit of humor. I did fix the word ‘bunting’ there. I have typed in ‘blunting’ at first.
Humor ATC for Artful Ideas WTA

Sean is off so we may go out looking at cars for him. He’ll have to finance any car he gets now as he’s a grown-up now-lol.

Happy New Year 2011 Giveaway!


I decided it would be fun to give away a book a month since I love them so much and like to share. For the new year, I am offering the ultimate domestic goddess cookbook by Martha*Stewart. I lifted the photo from another website, so please ignore the ‘look inside’

All you have to do is leave a comment here. If you have any resolutions, let me know. I have to get a bit more serious about exercise, etc. because of health concerns. (Taking medication daily for the first time in my life).
I will pick a winner in the middle of January, around the 15th. This time I will make you an Artist Trading card to go with cooking or maybe being a domestic goddess! Good luck-it’s a nice, big fat book (I own another copy of it).

Photo Hunt-Numerical


Wow! This was a tough one! I was thinking rows, puzzles and then figure pages in a book go by page number. The books here are wonderfully illustrated bound editions of St Nicholas magazines (I haven’t looked at them for a while, but I believe that’s what they were) from over 100 years ago. They aren’t just about Christmas either. The illustrations are mainly etchings. I had owned a previous version and mainly bought these to copy and use in my collage work. They haven’t been put in a proper place yet, still in the box-shame on me! I got them for only $10-told my hometown library people I’d take them off their hands for a lower price (I think they were first marked as $22-25).

Inside one of the books:
St Nicholas Illustrated 1894-fashionable young lady
About Pennsylvania:
St Nicholas Illustrated 1894-Pennsylvania

Tying things up


July was always the month for my grandmom Ruth-born July 3rd and my brother Dave-born on Independence Day. When he was little, he thought the celebration marked with fireworks was just for him-lol
Not to much going on here this week. I’ve had to take allergy medicine three days in a row-so unlike me! Today I am better-have ‘another’ issue that may have knocked out the allergy one. Your body makes lots of histamines which can mess with hormones. Maybe I’ll be on an even keel for a few days-lol Our Chestnut trees are dropping massive amounts of catkins-the pollen part-which are dirty and dusty and I am sure the culprit with me. The guys have itchy throats too.
Anyway…mainly been doing quiet things inside and tying up, or should I say making ‘string trellises’ for the tomatoes, cucumbers and string beans. The bean one looks a little wacky, but I hope it works! The tomatoes look good. I’m glad I skipped the ‘tepee’ ones from last year. You really need a large garden for them to work. Here’s the tomatoes:
The main support stakes are at the end of the rows. I have a few thinner stakes in between. You go down with the string and up again, make sure to wrap it around the skinnier stakes and that the tomatoes are in the middle of the string to hold them up.
Sean is going through his books and wants me to list them to sell. He’s sold one, but I have a big pile to add to Amazon. I should follow his lead, because I do not like piles of books on the floor. I know I must have similar books too. It’s hard!
Brian was pulling down poison ivy vines which are terrible this year in the yard. While Sean and I were out in the garden area, he pointed to a thick vine growing 50-60 feet up a pine. Brian was at the bottom of it! Today he has an few blisters on his face-yikes-I hope that is it. I gingerly go around with my garden snips and do the ones coming out of bushes, etc.