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Computer noises


Isn’t it always something? I’m a little afraid for our computer as it is making some ‘funny noises’ every once in a while this morning. It kinda sounds like a record turntable (if you younger souls know what they are) that is getting stuck. I told Brian about it, and he said ‘hope it’s not the hard drive!’ Oh wonderful. I think we have a gazillion and one dust bunnies invading the poor tower. So, if I go MIA, that may very well be the case. Drats!

Sean is having an issue with housing for next year and won’t go to the actual housing building! He just emails them. There may be a board there with others looking for roommates or who want to get rid of their places. I told him I can’t really help him long distance. And I’m pretty darn sure he had to put down a 2nd and 3rd choice.  He’s also still looking into internship as the place near here didn’t need anyone. He’s got a lot of turmoil, but nothing compared to his grandmom. She’s in an upheaval with my brother taking control of getting her house in shape. He got a big dumpster and told them they (she has a boarder and friend who lives there too) can only keep so much. I think the goal is to clean it out, fix it up and sell it. Get mom in an assisted living place. She obviously can’t take care of it anymore. It’s definitely a turning point. Mom is feeling overwhelmed. I am too, but I feel a little weight off my shoulders because my brother is helping her.

It’s still really cold here. I’m also trying to throw stuff out, like all the saved boxes that are down our basement. Talk about overwhelming! I think 30%+ off what’s down in our basement is boxes and stuff that can be tossed. I think you try so hard to keep the upstairs part nice, the ‘storage’ area is ignored.

I had one of my pals call me last night. She also had a major life upheaval-left her partner and moved to a place she loved. She is working and has one of her 3 kids, the oldest with her. She sounds good and is hoping to get her other children with her or at least in a school that she went to. I am happy she did this.

Have a great weekend!

Sprucing one’s self up


Can do a lady some good! My sister-in-law fixed my hair- I hadn’t had a touch-up since before Thanksgiving and she said my hair was too long. I like it a little on the long side, hairstylists don’t. I got to help my mom by taking her to the bank (her car is running fast) and then we hit the Goodwill as I had a few things to drop off. I bought a few things to revamp-a slate sign (I have tons of experience stenciling these, I did about 300 for a local business about 11 yrs ago). Also got a stretched canvas that I plan to repaint. I have to watch my mom in even that store. She had clothing that she didn’t need and I talked her into putting at least a few items back on the rack. There’s a dollar store next to the Goodwill and they had back issues (a month or so old) of Bon Appetit and a few other nice cooking magazines that I grabbed up.

After I dropped my mom off home, I went to Trader Joe’s and did most of this week’s shopping. I love that place! I bought some green tea extract in capsule form that is suppose to be good for your metabolism and general health.

When I got home, I looked at a magazine and then played with some digital art for a group I’m in:

Mysterious snowman decorators
The photo doesn’t want to show up tonight. There’s always tomorrow.
Have a good one!

So this is Autumn?


It’s close to 90 out today! I just turned on the air as I was trying to conserve energy. I haven’t been doing much except to play with Paint Shop Pro (sometimes digitalizing things is so much easier), but I did a page in my collage book last night. The book should have spiral rings as it’s getting so hard to work on. I also got 3 new rubber stamps in the mail today and want to play with them. I’m a little blah anyway.

Not too much new. Sean got a package from my friend Karin in Chicago (the lady whose wedding we went to in NYC) and I’m pretty sure it is cookies. I am so jealous as she is a chef in training-well she’ll be finished in December!  I thought that was so sweet of her as I know she is super busy.

I started stitching the squash contest winner’s prize. I have to alter a chart, but I won’t go into that. I also started a gift which needs to be ready soon. The ’57 Thunderbird is nearing completion. I am tired of it, but it looks awesome.

Have you been watching any of the new shows? I caught ‘Dancing with the Stars’, ‘Heroes’ and ‘Journeyman’. Of course the last show is the only ‘new’ one above and it was a bit like one of my nightmares, trying to make sense of it. I’ll have to watch more to understand it better. And tonight, Tim Daly is in ‘Private Practice’, that spin-off from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.  Woo hoo!

Say bye bye to Yahoo photos


Yeah, they are ‘closing shop’ at the end of September. But as many of you know, they are affiliated with Flickr which is a paid service. I told Yahoo to go ahead and move all 1,600 photos (who knew?) over to Flickr. I think I can afford $2 a month for the upkeep. It’s nice to know I have a safe place on the web too. And the photo quality vs. Yahoo is like night and day. I was up late last night browsing some of my photos that I haven’t seen in a clear light for a while.

It’s a hot one in PA today. I haven’t been outside except in my robe at 12:30 (ok, I wanted to take a shower) as Veronica’s Neighborhood Round Robin came in the mail from Rachael today. I am the last one to stitch on it from our group. It’s really charming. I will be looking for the perfect addition. I’m thinking ‘store’ as Carol has a store opposite of where I will be stitching.

Here’s a coincidence for you-last week before the NYC trip, Sean rented Bobby. It was about Robert F. Kennedy in an indirect way-it told of the day and night leading up to his assassination at the hotel in California. I didn’t remember (I was 8 at the time) that 6 people got shot in the kitchen that night. So a few days later there we are sitting in St. Patrick’s Cathedral where RFK’s funeral took place. I’ve also been to his graveside at Arlington Cemetery in Washington, DC that is marked by a simple white cross. I think he really could have made a different in this country.

In my Vod:Pod I have a recording by the Leo Reisman orchestra who my great uncle Frank played trumpet with. Not sure if he is on this actual recording-the Merry Widow Waltz, but he was on the soundtrack of Paper Moon. Why the interest? Since Barbara is having twins, I told her about Frank and his brother being twins.

Every which way but down


I’ll tell you it was a crazy day. I called our internet provider (if you know my email address you know which company this is) to order a router so Sean could get online with his new laptop. They are coming next Thursday. To do this took about 40+ minutes as they kept moving me from one department to another. Don’t other customers call for the same thing?

Later, around 1:30, I get on and my email isn’t working-I can’t receive new email and my password is rejected. I call them back and then the internet goes down. The guy said it should be working ‘by the end of the business day’. Yeah right.

So at 6 pm I let Brian take his turn with them. The new order was messing up our present account. A nice man from Oregon got us online and receiving email again, but an hour later, the email was down again. It looks like I won’t be getting email until next Thursday! I won’t be calling the idiots again. I sent them a message through their website.

Not only did that happen, but it was so hot I couldn’t do anything outside. I watered stuff later. I did try to take the cat out for a walk (he had just woken up and was dopey)  and something really spazzed him out near the door-he went straight up in the air 2 feet and kicked into (like karate) a small table that is holding a doll house I made and have set up there. I grabbed the house, which didn’t fall, but one table leg was completely broken off! I got the wood glue and rubber bands to try and fix it. It belonged to Bri’s grandmom too. Cos felt bad and stayed away from me the rest of the day.

So it isn’t ‘every which way but ‘up’, its what went down today. Hoping for a better tomorrow.

Please don’t email me, just leave a message here.

A scavenger hunt


It was frigid on Saturday with just a wee bit of snow, but nothing like it’s suppose to get in the next few days. Rats-I still have to go to the dentist on Tuesday to get my crown fitted.I’ve been occupying my ‘free time’ this weekend with trying some of the paper collaging techniques I’ve been admiring on the artsy blogs I’ve been visiting. I made something today that I can’t share until the recipient gets it. I had so much fun making it. I did use some new papers that I found at Big Lots on Friday. Gotta love a variety of pretty scraps in a sack for 80¢! My pal on tribe is into paper crafting and I sent her a package of paper goodies. A few other pals will eventually get some ‘stuff’ too. I do love sending packages! So the Scavenger hunt is all taken care of-I have the seven things that I will send my bloggy partner.Here’s what they are and I won’t say exactly what they are until my partner gets the package:

1-a local newspaper

2-seeds or a plant

3-a photo of my yard facing east (I actually had one from last spring) and in a frame

4-a recipe with 3 eggs

5-a spoon

6-something yellow or with yellow in it

7-something 3″ but no bigger than 8″.

Fun! I’m putting the things together in such a way to make them ‘interconnect’. You’ll understand when you see a photo-promise!

Keep my pal P in your thoughts, she lost her estranged dad on Friday. My mom has a dreadful cold. I wish she would at least take vitamins to boost herself up. Bri’s dad had a tooth extraction last Monday which left him feverish and not feeling well. My uncle continues to rest in the nursing home after having his hip surgery going on 3 weeks ago. He gets to see his wife more ofen as she’s in the same facility!

I’m making Rachael Ray’s winter chicken stew for dinner tonight. The topping-Italian parsley, toasted pine nuts and grated lemon peel. You give the stew a splash of lemon juice when you serve it. It was really tasty! Rachael Ray’s Chicken Winter Stew

I may do the package bread mix for sourdough to go with it. We’ve been eating a lot of yeasty stuff-I went through Dunkin’ Donuts yesterday. Didn’t break any rules-just wanted a few donuts which I haven’t had in ages. I pretend I live in Alaska where it’s okay to pack on a few pounds in the winter for warmth. Seems the right thing to do in this kind of weather. 😉

Ann-I did change the font and color and we have the same template! The print is a little small-this is a test post.