Lilies and a toad


Lilies and a toad, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Took these photos Thursday night after a long day of gardening. Bri found the little toad in the grass and he posed for us nicely. (That’s Bri’s hand) The only lilies that aren’t mine are the white ones on the bottom from my last visit to Longwood Gardens.

Update Fri.afternoon-I’m going to get my eyes checked out in an hour. Actually the right has been getting really red off and on for about 3 weeks. The only drops that help are Clear Eyes-which may be giving me rebound red. Seems it started when I put hydrocortisone too close to my eye for a rash on my nose. Who knows?

I think my gums at least look better. See what middle age has in store for you!

I did finally figure out a virus software issue. We have one that not a lot of people have (Panda), it was recommended by a friend whose husband works with computers. It was giving me an error message in the virus protection area. I scanned the computer umpteen times and it was ok. Finally got it in my head to go to client downloads and there was a newer version and it worked. The dang thing needs to be renewed in a month anyway. I just love dilemmas like this-oy!

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  1. Hi Dianne:-)

    Finally catching up with your news! The last few days I haven’t had enough hours in the day…ugh. It’s now 3 p.m. and it’s the first chance I get to start visiting a few blogs today. First of all, I was so sorry to hear about your friend’s death, that certainly must have been a shock and she was so young!!

    Love, love, love all your various lilies, how gorgeous they are! I only have the Asiatic Lilies blooming at the moment, took some pictures of them this morning. I always love to see your flowers, you certainly do have a green thumb:-)

    By now you’ll have seen the doctor about your eye…hope it’s nothing too serious! So many people are suffering with their allergies, hopefully that’s all you have. As for your gums, glad to hear it’s starting to feel better! xoxo

  2. Those are some beautiful daylilies, Dianne. I really like that purple one.

    Glad to hear your gums are getting better. Hope the eye is nothing serious.

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