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Photo Hunt-digital


Mom 1950, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I use to play more with Paint Shop Pro and especially like trying to fix up old photos-digitally. This is my mom when she was about 20. The photo was in bad shape. I could work on this a little more and maybe I will soon (neck and chin look too obvious).
I’m also sharing because Mother’s Day is on Sunday. Happy Mom’s Day Jeannie girl!

Photo shopping


A pal on Facebook added a link for some free photo shopping plug-ins. Since I haven’t done too much lately with Paint Shop or Adobe, I downloaded a couple and this is what I got from one of my Longwood Gardens shots:

I think this is pretty enough for a card!
It’s called ‘Dreamy Photo’.
I’m fighting a cold or something-have that funny feeling in my throat. My appetite is okay for now. Bri had to go over his dad’s Friday night after dinner as he was getting sick to his tummy. He is better today, but it’s scary when an older chap is so ill. Crossing fingers for me and Bri now.

Winner of Thread board and a little I Recommend


Sunday, I was busy getting things ready to mail for the Flickr swaps I am in. I also wrote out a card for a little boy named Devin from ‘Make A Child Smile‘. Alex, the web mistress, is only adding a new child as they get approved, and they’ll be up for 30 days. Justine was just added Sunday.
I only had 3 stitchers interested in the thread board, so I asked Brian to pick from the letters I gave him, and he picked ‘L’-congrats Lisa! Please send me your address and I’ll mail off your prize shortly.
My recommend for the day-definitely get yourself some kind of ‘paint’ program for your computer other then what came with it. I use Paint Shop Pro 7 and Adobe Photoshop and have so much fun with them. There are free online places that don’t do as much as these, but I recommend Picnik which is an affiliate program of Flickr. A link appears above your photo on Flickr, so you edit your photos there. It has helped me with so many of my photos-mostly the exposure and color saturation.
Here is an example of my collages:
Paint shop programs really bring out your creativity-and as I say in my sidebar-use the right side of your brain.

Oh snap!

(exclamatory phrase) a playful indication of surprise, misfortune, or insult

That’s me describing me there-especially when I almost poked myself in the eye with the end of the dust mop today. I didn’t realize how much work this decorating stuff is now. It’s like I have to rearrange everything! ; )

I’m getting packages everyday now-yahoo! I need to do a little shopping (for church gifts) and mailing a few things soon too.
No baking yet. I don’t freeze cookies-they all go in tins. Not to say I won’t ever not consider it. Maybe to save some for Sean to take back to school.

Come Monday-for BooMama’s tour of homes tour-things should be tidied up enough so I don’t embarrass myself-that’s if I don’t break anything or show certain areas of a room.

In the meantime-still doing a little photoshopping:



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Seeing clearly


Around 10:30 pm last night the phone rang. I jumped a bit as I was settled on the sofa doing some stitching and watching ‘Brothers and Sisters’. It was my mom and she said she is starting to see better and wanted me to know so I could rest soundly. I think she wanted to just ‘tell’ someone and she thought of me her night owl child. I was so pleased to hear this, beyond happy! She’s  had a rough time with that eye, and I am angry it took her going to another eye doctor to fix the problem so quickly. The doctor who did the implant called her yesterday on Sunday. Is he feeling guilty? I don’t know, but I read that less than 1% of people who get the new lens get an infection. What the heck happened there? And she isn’t seeing floaters anymore either. Just the thing I needed to hear and I wanted to share.

I was playing with my photo editing programs. I added a background of tulle (thanks to a Flickr contact for that) and tweaked the little flower girl from the wedding last week in PSP and Adobe.  tulle6


Happy Thanksgiving



The above is a desktop I made a few years ago. If you click on it it will be bigger and you can add it to your computer.

I have a big dinner to get together and need to put the turkey in to roast by 11:30 or so as it says it takes at least 5 hours to cook all the way. My oven is pretty efficient, but I hope it’s thawed out well. I do use the Reynold’s cooking bags that help to keep the moisture in.

I hope everyone takes photos of their meals. I wish we thought to do that years ago at mom’s-especially when my brother made the turkey dance. : )

Have a great one!