A little weary


I think I mentioned that we could get Nor*ton antivirus for free from Com*cast. (I don’t want them to get mad). It took an hour to take the old software off the PC, not as long on Sean’s laptop. What took forever was doing a total scan of both computers-about 5+ hours each! Now what was this new software doing that our old one wasn’t? Makes you wonder! Sean had over 1 million MBs freed up on his laptop! I am happy to report that both computers are running well, yes even the 8 year old one with Windows XP! Crossing fingers.
My computer seems to be fine now thanks to it getting reformatted. I figure we saved $85+ not having to download the old program again for next year, so reformatting mine was much cheaper if you look at it that way. He let it slip about it being free and said he could download them on these computers-no thanks, I handled it!
I was not really up to doing yardwork today. I am having issues again-I’m now sorry I went through that procedure in March, but I tried it as the doctor thought it would help. I am a bit better, but so irregular in that way. I was pulling some weeds out of the sidewalk (we have bricks that Brian installed many years ago). I also pulled weeds across from my front door.
My life today was weeding out old files and pesky weeds. : )  I also cleaned out some links in my blogroll that weren’t there anymore or not updating. I plan to add more in the future. WordPress has an audio feature I may try later so you can hear my voice. : )

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