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I was not to be seen in blogland for over 3 days. I had that gnawing pain in my gut and it turned out to be a bum appendix (with a benign polyp) and a case of pneumonia and I ended up in the hospital. I didn’t feel that bad from it really, but the shots in the tummy were not fun nor getting pumped up with medication. The guys went out and bought the Mariner the day after I got home, a big surprise!

So this January it’s all about the teeth. Went for a cleaning, they took x-rays and all the work that needs to be fixed sprang out from the shadows. Yesterday I went to the dentist and was there two hours. So nice of them to let me use an iPod with James Taylor drowning out the drilling-which I wondered why went on for over 4 songs. Seems I had 4 cavities and of course had the temp crowns made. My gums are hurting a bit, but so far I can live with it.

I declared Fridays for ‘Arts and Crafts’ on a Facebook post. I don’t necessarily mean all day, but it can be from paper collaging to baking for a few hours-I just want to produce something to share. : ) I need to do this for myself. I am happy getting help with the big jobs like the basement so I can think of being creative again. What was down in that dungeon (and still is) taking up space was insane. I have a few boxes to sort, maybe tomorrow if I can lean over.

I’m waiting to hear from a few online sites about writing articles for them. I submitted a blog post, so hello there if you happen to read this too. The child care leads seems to be going no where. I don’t have a premium account, not sure if that’s it, but it’s expensive. I got a background check thinking that may make the people happy-maybe I’m too old.

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  1. Goodness, I can’t believe all the work you keep having to have done on your teeth…you sure the dentist isn’t making these things up?? hehe It’s ridiculous how expensive it is, no doubt you’d rather be spending the money on something else!! Touch wood but I’ll never take it for granted that I have such good and strong teeth. Steve has a lot of trouble with his teeth and he’s often in severe pain but can’t afford to have them fixed, right now he doesn’t have dental coverage at work.

    I think it’s a good idea to make Fridays an Arts & Crafts day:-) The last couple of days I’ve made over 12 ATCs to use for when I go Geocaching. You have to leave a little something in the cache once you find it, so that will be my “signature” of sorts!! My nickname is SweetPea on there and I even found a rubber stamp that says SweetPea so that will be stamped on the back of them:-) I think the ATCs will be a bit more personal than some of the dollar store junk that some leave. Now if the weather can cooperate, I can soon start searching for caches!!

    Hope you hear from someone soon about a job…have my fingers crossed for you! xoxo

  2. Some years it seems like my teeth need tons of work and then they are good for a couple of years. Mine have been pretty good, so I hope 2012 is not going to have problems springing up.

    My car just had major work done–leak in the head gaskets….it was at the dealer’s for the past two days…very strange for a newer car with only 40K miles. Luckily it was under warranty.

    There is always something!

    I hope you get some job leads soon. You will surely be missing the extra income. Once you have it for a while, it’s hard to go back.

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