Poor Lil’ Ruby


Well it had to be done as I could not fix Lil’ Ruby’s issues with the low space in her recovery drive before it got used up completely. I called a guy named Fred who is almost a neighbor who also has a computer repair business (huge house-3xs bigger than ours). Said I should just clean her slate as when I installed Windows 7, I should have taken off Vista first. And one excellent thing he told me-all you Com*cast high speed internet users listen up-Norton Antivirus software is free on the Com*cast homepage! I won’t have to pay $89 bucks (or around that price) to renew the one we have. This is good as it’s costing more to get Ruby cleaned up! She’s the laptop I bought with jewelry stash as a gift to myself last year.
It’s wickedly hot around here. When I will go to my first Phillies game at the new ball park this Sunday, ( it will be 20 odd years since I’ve been to a game),we will be roasting in the mid 90s. I hope I can make it. I will be going in the concourse (is that what you call it?) a bunch. I have a few personal fans, but one is on a water bottle that makes mist-it is so great but they probably won’t let me bring it in.
Hoping to get Ruby back tomorrow.

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