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Fly Away

Fly Away Collage Card, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I need your vote please-do you think I am missing an element here? Perhaps a canary or another bird? It’s one of those cards I’m not quite sure looks finished.

Not much news-surveyed the yard and cringing at what hasn’t been cleaned up and usually is by now.

Update-thanks for your suggestions about a birdie on this card. I’ll have to look for one.
My Mariner is in the shop again. We dropped it off today (the 19th) and the a/c compressor needs replacing. We are thinking the people who traded it in knew this already and that’s why they came all the way from a part in PA that’s over 2 hours away. The warranty should be in affect. We have a Subaru Forester as a loaner car. Bri insisted that I drive it and it was in manual shift and I didn’t know how to get it in drive. I had to drive it 10 miles shifting it! Geez. (another update-I didn’t have it in ‘D’, but below that-couldn’t figure it out when I was actually driving it). It’s a carbon copy of the Mariner and Escape. By the time I got home I amost had a migraine. We had gone out to eat near where we bought the car and I found an antique mall loaded to the gills. I’ve got to go there again!
We went to a Pizza Hut and it wasn’t that great. Tonight we went to Applebee’s because I needed a decent meal. : )

Sweet Dreams & real Happy Birthday Tori!


Tori feeding a friend's 2 month old son

Sweet Dreams Collage Card, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

The next few collage cards were easy to assemble as I had the pretty cardstock from K&Company. This one I call ‘Sweet Dreams’ depicts the children ready for bed. I added them and the pink paper.
Perfect Memories Collage Card
Just a few adds there. The lady picking, let’s say ‘kumquats’ and found some kumquats in a book on fruit.
Sunday Brian and I cleaned out the little 50 gallon pond we’ve had now for it’s 14th season! It was nasty, but within an hour it was up and running! We put the pump in and let the waterfall hose out so it just ran out. Bri still have to use the bucket for the nasty leaves and gunk on the bottom. Before we started that, I had raked all around the area. It’s a start, still need to clean it up more. There is so much debris this year! We had some mighty wind many times.
As a reward, we went to out to dinner to Applebees. We got the 2 for $20 and each got the Cajun Chicken and Shrimp and roasted potatoes. The iron pan they use to make it sizzle was hot the entire time we were eating! The potatoes got very dry.
Afterwards, we went to TJ Maxx as I was looking for a new sauce pan. I ended up buying a mini stock pot, same purpose. It’s a aqua.
The temps are suppose to soar again in the high 70s today. I will probably rake some more for a bit, but I forgot to thaw the pot roast for Sunday, so I’ll get that in the oven too.

Sunday, Sunday


Lil’ Cowpoke Collage Card, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Just deciding what to do today. I may take a walk around the yard and maybe tomorrow go to the park. I feel like I need to get my creaky bones on the move. Plus I think fresh air will do my sinuses some good.
We really enjoy the Sunday morning ‘fix-it’ shows on HGtv, especially ‘Yard Crashers’. I think most of theses shows are out of California and more seem to be out of Canada. I surely would love to be crashed! Speaking of yards, we so need an outdoor tent as we get so many mosquitoes around here now. At the end of our property is a water reserve that was made when they built new homes and changed the road a few years back. I think that’s where the skeeters are coming from. We see geese and ducks on the water now also.
My collage is similar to one I traded a year or so ago. I happen to get scrapbook paper with demin designs and thought about the card and how much I liked it. It would be fun to do a series of these with other cowpokes in a bigger collage.

Happy day to all.

Eye see you


I went to the eye doctor today even though I wasn’t feeling that great. Seems we all are having allergy issues which makes me wonder if the mushroom houses around here were just cleaned out. But there was also a fire not too far away a few nights ago. And the temps keep going up and down and up and down.
Sean and I are trying cinnamon capsules. They are suppose to help regulate your blood sugar and help with that extra baggage around your middle where a lot of people (like me and Bri) tend to hold the fat. I don’t know what Sean is worried about, but I am giving it a try. Yesterday I was really hungry in the morning, so it must be working? I only took one yesterday, but ate a big dinner last night. Maybe ‘things’ are getting stirred up in the tum tum. ; ) I really don’t have a big butt, so if I could lose some around the middle, I could go down a size or so in my slacks as I buy them bigger for my waist. And it’s not good to have a big middle. Brian had lost a lot of his middle, but he put it back on again. All the gunk squeezes on your internal organs.
So back to my eyes-they haven’t changed too much in 3 yrs. I thought I needed some better bifocals, so I am going to get new eyeglasses. I also had a little redness in my left eye, from allergies or infection, so I got one of those tiny bottles of medicine. I do have to go back on Wednesday (rats) because they want to check out my optic nerves more closely. I am sure that’s been done before, but they are checking to see if one is getting stretched out and that means you may have Glaucoma. I am hoping not as this age as I see what my mom is going through and she’s 29 years older than me. I’m thinking positively and it would mean using drops, no big deal.
I do have to get some bloodwork done soon to check my thyroid. My BP was a bit high this morning, but I was feeling weird all over. Good thing I’m taking medicine, but the GP thinks I may have to go from 10mg to 20mg. The best thing I can do is to try and lose weight. My father-in-law took hbp med for years and he lost about 100 pds and he’s not on them anymore. Makes sense.
Such is life…fix it and move on. I’ve got a lot more I’d like to see and do. : )
Here’s one of my latest 4″ x 4″ collages. I just call this ‘Lady and Butterfly’
Lady and Butterfly 4" x 4" Collage Card

Some shares!


I’ve been sorting scrapbook paper tonight-4 yrs of collecting it means I have my work cut out for me. I am doing ‘floral’/nature in one box right now. I have to say I really love most of these papers. I have a box with holiday paper too, but I know there’s more in another box which isn’t made for scrapbook paper and I need to rescue it.
On the above card, someone sent me the Easter card and I embellished it abit. The paper napkin background was also a gift.
Then I made this using ‘steampunk’ rubber stamps and made the ‘Eye see you’ card:
Eye see you 4" x 4" Collage card
The copy of the eye doctor ad made the card!
Then I did a few cards with a few of the fabulous collage pieces and papers Carole over at Pea’s Corner just sent me:
1st a 4″ x 4″ collage. This makes 169 out of 365 for me now.
Sweet Cupcake 4" x 4" Collage card
and this ATC:
Be Mine ATC
And finally my ‘Fat Tuesday’ Gumbo dinner:
I used Sweet Italian sausage instead of the salami type. It’s all gone now!
Shrimp and Sausage Fat Tuesday dinner
I made out well at the dentist despite the rough, rainy weather. We have some water in the basement ‘man cave’ bathroom-it comes up through the floor. It’s near my Christmas stuff that I haven’t really finished stacking nicely. I wasn’t in the mood to cook, but made spaghetti with shrimp (yep again) and black olives. I would recommend getting the frozen shrimp (thanks Woman’s World magazine for the idea). Also had spinach salad and tossed in some 3 bean salad I bought at the meat market where I got the sausage. The guys were happy! : )

Temps go up and down


The temps are going from the 60s to 50s and when I looked at the temp this morning it was 24. I wonder why my sinuses bother me.

I do feel better, actually did yesterday. I do believe Sean passed on a bug to me. I made spaghetti sauce and pineapple bread pudding-‘after’ I watched the guy tow away my Mariner in the afternoon! Sean took it to the car wash in town (a little over a mile away) and it beeped loud and all the brake warning lights came on! He took his chance and drove it home and he said the brakes felt spongy. He had said on Monday he felt them grinding. I just had the vehicle inspected only two weeks ago and one of the things they do is check the brakes. I am hoping it’s minor. The car insurance will pay for the towing and if it needs repair, we got extended coverage and it mentions brake work. So crossing fingers.

Sean has off during the week and usually Saturday. We were going to go to a mall we hadn’t been to in years and take my mom since she lives close to it.  We have a road called ‘the blue route’-I-76 near mom which by-passes many traffic lights and towns. It’s how we go to New Hope and places up north more. That’s also the same area that IKEA is in.

Wish us luck.

I did make a few collages yesterday too.

Garden Dreams 4" x 4" Collage card
I have some really pretty rubber stamps (like this) I need to use more. I think the soulful sound of the Mourning dove and gardens go together.

~Update-now listen up and see if you understand this, ya’ll! The vehicle needs it tone ring replaced which is near the left wheel assembly. It’s a gear that spins and tells the vehicle if the ABS and brakes are working. The warranty lady said, no it’s not covered as it’s not part of the ABS system-it’s a gear. My brother and his pal at the station (where we had the Mariner towed) said otherwise. Brian went and got it and took it back to the dealership this afternoon(with Sean following) as he had told the manager what the warranty lady said and he said he would fix it for us! We’ve only had it not even 6 weeks. Hope we can get it tomorrow.
We decided to go to Chili’s for dinner as a treat. We always get the 2-$20 special at places like this.

Just Passing Through


I had a lot of fun making this card. When I was tidying up, I ran across the bandana print on the bottom and remembered I had the kids in their cowpoke outfits. The map of Montana is the curtains, like they are on a stage.
The desk is assembled, but alas, I didn’t know I needed to buy the hardware kit too! We may have some of those toggle screws because by itself it weighs 40 pounds. I think Zoey’s hubby would be cringing at having to drill those kind of screws in the wall. I will use the two drawers for mainly ink pads and stampers. I think I will need to get a new file cabinet as the plastic one I have is awful! The drawers stick and I can’t get them closed most of the time.
I just went and got a free prep kit this afternoon (saved me $40), but my tests will be on the 16th now! Next week is crazy busy for me-the Phila. Flower show, the dentist, a family event plus a trip to my late Uncle Don’s house to pick some of his things out to keep. His daughter and her family (my one cousin hadn’t seen or spoken to my uncle for years) were over there cleaning out closets. His daughter said there are some trunks in the attic that may be stuff that was my grandfathers! It will be neat to see what’s in there. I have a bird painting and carved bird he gave me already. My cousin said most of his clothes were sent to Haiti. I ‘dislike’ doing this and I sure hope it doesn’t smell like pipe smoke in his house or I will lose it. The house will be sold ‘as is’. I think I would have gone to IKEA and had them redo the kitchen and maybe get some new things for the bathrooms, just to modernize it a bit.
My house smells like hyacinth right now as I bought some potpourri at the
Hallmark store this afternoon. It is smelling a bit strong now, but I know that stuff will fade out. Nice to have a spring like smell in the house.
Here’s the Lemon Almond Pound cake I made and it’s gone already!
Lemon Almond pound cake
I want to make some chocolate chip cookies next.
I watched the Oscars as I did see a few of the movies nominated-‘Toy Story 3’ and ‘The Social Network’. It’s neat to see a few 50 yr olds win-Melissa Leo and Colin Firth.
I’d love to attend a fancy event like that once in my life-lol

Sock Monkey holding Nick’s ornament


I mailed off a few packages yesterday, and my pals (in Penna.) received their gifts today already. I had put the wrong zip code on the package too.
I turned the little cross stitch piece into this ornament for their son who is 16 months old.
Here is the back:
I also made them a 4″x 4″ collage with a lighthouse theme that I adhered to a canvas, painted around the edge and added a ribbon. Those are tiny beads in the corner.
Gift for friends who like lighthouses
I’ve made a few collage cards too. My mom bought two huge (and pricey books of scrapbook paper from one of my favorite companies) and said I could have the duplicate of each page. I was happy she shared. The one had this gorgeous Easter basket:
Scatter Joy 4" x 4" Card
I’m trying to get my paper stuff in order in case Brian gets the mojo to install my new desk piece.
Having some allergy issues, I swear I could predict the weather! I also seem to be bothered more by allergies in our family room-wall to wall carpet, hottest room, lots of plants, where the cat lounges on me, sit near the heat….etc. Bummer.
We are expecting lots of rain tomorrow, so I’ll continue with my paper sorting.

Sew Cute


Sew Cute 4" x 4" Collage Card, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I made this card many days ago and just added the buttons yesterday. It’s not really involved, but I do think it’s ‘sew cool’. I’m anxious for Brian to assemble my new Ikea wall desk

so I can do lots of sorting of my papers and things and get better organized by color and design. It’s crazy the amount of scrapbook paper I have! I do like to create my own backgrounds too.
Sean and I went do to my hometown today as I get my hair done down there every 5 weeks or so. Sean hadn’t seen my mom for over a month and we wanted to treat her to dinner, so we hit ‘The Olive Garden’. Mom enjoyed her steak dinner. Then we went to Borders (I half look at books now, I have such a collection that I want to downsize); Pier One (fell in love with a high back love seat in Paisley brown and blue) Almost $700, I can dream. : )

and finally Macy’s where they are marking down fall and winter clothes for 75-80% off! I am going to go through my armoire and get rid of things I haven’t wore for a while as I think I bought 10 new tops in the last week or so. It’s really the only time I indulge-when the sales are this good. : )
It’s snowing here again-we may get 4-8″-dang it! We took the Mariner there and it was doing good on the snow blown roads. We never had a SUV before. My almost 15 yr old nephew liked it and the interior which is black and beige. I’ll have to take photos of ‘Stroud’ to show you.
I dont’ know if I’ll get to the P.O. tomorrow , Carole, it may be Wednesday. I do know you have a lot of OW-OH mail to look forward to.



Not the best day for me. I may have an tummy bug or it’s just that my system out of whack. It started last night when I was fine all evening and right when ‘Private Practice’ was over, I had a whopper of a cough. I hadn’t coughed that bad for almost a week. Bummer. And I had gone shopping in the local dept. store. too and did a little retail therapy. Anyway, I think my cough is from my tummy not feeling that good (my mom is complaining about hers today too-hers from vitamins, me I think for peanut candy). I was hungry for lunch too. Bri is bringing home Applebee’s chicken,so I’ll see how I am. I pulled a muscle in my chest, so that’s unpleasant. I’ve been trying to do a few things like vacuum.
Tomorrow Bri and Sean will assemble Sean’s bed. Hope it is a fast assembly, but you know how Ikea stuff. I was hoping to do a little meal planning then, but I will have to see.
The lady on this card is from Homer Winslow’s ‘Dinner Call’. I made a cloud out of an old book page. The sun is a cut out someone sent me and the dog is a Dover Pub freebie. The background paper ties it all together.