Eye see you


I went to the eye doctor today even though I wasn’t feeling that great. Seems we all are having allergy issues which makes me wonder if the mushroom houses around here were just cleaned out. But there was also a fire not too far away a few nights ago. And the temps keep going up and down and up and down.
Sean and I are trying cinnamon capsules. They are suppose to help regulate your blood sugar and help with that extra baggage around your middle where a lot of people (like me and Bri) tend to hold the fat. I don’t know what Sean is worried about, but I am giving it a try. Yesterday I was really hungry in the morning, so it must be working? I only took one yesterday, but ate a big dinner last night. Maybe ‘things’ are getting stirred up in the tum tum. ; ) I really don’t have a big butt, so if I could lose some around the middle, I could go down a size or so in my slacks as I buy them bigger for my waist. And it’s not good to have a big middle. Brian had lost a lot of his middle, but he put it back on again. All the gunk squeezes on your internal organs.
So back to my eyes-they haven’t changed too much in 3 yrs. I thought I needed some better bifocals, so I am going to get new eyeglasses. I also had a little redness in my left eye, from allergies or infection, so I got one of those tiny bottles of medicine. I do have to go back on Wednesday (rats) because they want to check out my optic nerves more closely. I am sure that’s been done before, but they are checking to see if one is getting stretched out and that means you may have Glaucoma. I am hoping not as this age as I see what my mom is going through and she’s 29 years older than me. I’m thinking positively and it would mean using drops, no big deal.
I do have to get some bloodwork done soon to check my thyroid. My BP was a bit high this morning, but I was feeling weird all over. Good thing I’m taking medicine, but the GP thinks I may have to go from 10mg to 20mg. The best thing I can do is to try and lose weight. My father-in-law took hbp med for years and he lost about 100 pds and he’s not on them anymore. Makes sense.
Such is life…fix it and move on. I’ve got a lot more I’d like to see and do. : )
Here’s one of my latest 4″ x 4″ collages. I just call this ‘Lady and Butterfly’
Lady and Butterfly 4" x 4" Collage Card

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