Not the best day for me. I may have an tummy bug or it’s just that my system out of whack. It started last night when I was fine all evening and right when ‘Private Practice’ was over, I had a whopper of a cough. I hadn’t coughed that bad for almost a week. Bummer. And I had gone shopping in the local dept. store. too and did a little retail therapy. Anyway, I think my cough is from my tummy not feeling that good (my mom is complaining about hers today too-hers from vitamins, me I think for peanut candy). I was hungry for lunch too. Bri is bringing home Applebee’s chicken,so I’ll see how I am. I pulled a muscle in my chest, so that’s unpleasant. I’ve been trying to do a few things like vacuum.
Tomorrow Bri and Sean will assemble Sean’s bed. Hope it is a fast assembly, but you know how Ikea stuff. I was hoping to do a little meal planning then, but I will have to see.
The lady on this card is from Homer Winslow’s ‘Dinner Call’. I made a cloud out of an old book page. The sun is a cut out someone sent me and the dog is a Dover Pub freebie. The background paper ties it all together.

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  1. I’m thinking you need a total body transplant! lol I say that about myself too when I keep getting aches and pain:-) I do hope you feel better soon. My mom started up with her cough again…she was fine for a week and now it’s back again. I made sure she had cough syrup and lozenges.

    Another beautiful collage! I want to concentrate on doing ATCs and using altered fairies and such, that’s where my heart really lies. I’m hoping to start making a few this weekend…will be sure to show them to you:-) xoxo

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