Sew Cute


Sew Cute 4" x 4" Collage Card, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I made this card many days ago and just added the buttons yesterday. It’s not really involved, but I do think it’s ‘sew cool’. I’m anxious for Brian to assemble my new Ikea wall desk

so I can do lots of sorting of my papers and things and get better organized by color and design. It’s crazy the amount of scrapbook paper I have! I do like to create my own backgrounds too.
Sean and I went do to my hometown today as I get my hair done down there every 5 weeks or so. Sean hadn’t seen my mom for over a month and we wanted to treat her to dinner, so we hit ‘The Olive Garden’. Mom enjoyed her steak dinner. Then we went to Borders (I half look at books now, I have such a collection that I want to downsize); Pier One (fell in love with a high back love seat in Paisley brown and blue) Almost $700, I can dream. : )

and finally Macy’s where they are marking down fall and winter clothes for 75-80% off! I am going to go through my armoire and get rid of things I haven’t wore for a while as I think I bought 10 new tops in the last week or so. It’s really the only time I indulge-when the sales are this good. : )
It’s snowing here again-we may get 4-8″-dang it! We took the Mariner there and it was doing good on the snow blown roads. We never had a SUV before. My almost 15 yr old nephew liked it and the interior which is black and beige. I’ll have to take photos of ‘Stroud’ to show you.
I dont’ know if I’ll get to the P.O. tomorrow , Carole, it may be Wednesday. I do know you have a lot of OW-OH mail to look forward to.

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