Sweet Dreams & real Happy Birthday Tori!


Tori feeding a friend's 2 month old son

Sweet Dreams Collage Card, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

The next few collage cards were easy to assemble as I had the pretty cardstock from K&Company. This one I call ‘Sweet Dreams’ depicts the children ready for bed. I added them and the pink paper.
Perfect Memories Collage Card
Just a few adds there. The lady picking, let’s say ‘kumquats’ and found some kumquats in a book on fruit.
Sunday Brian and I cleaned out the little 50 gallon pond we’ve had now for it’s 14th season! It was nasty, but within an hour it was up and running! We put the pump in and let the waterfall hose out so it just ran out. Bri still have to use the bucket for the nasty leaves and gunk on the bottom. Before we started that, I had raked all around the area. It’s a start, still need to clean it up more. There is so much debris this year! We had some mighty wind many times.
As a reward, we went to out to dinner to Applebees. We got the 2 for $20 and each got the Cajun Chicken and Shrimp and roasted potatoes. The iron pan they use to make it sizzle was hot the entire time we were eating! The potatoes got very dry.
Afterwards, we went to TJ Maxx as I was looking for a new sauce pan. I ended up buying a mini stock pot, same purpose. It’s a aqua.
The temps are suppose to soar again in the high 70s today. I will probably rake some more for a bit, but I forgot to thaw the pot roast for Sunday, so I’ll get that in the oven too.

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  1. It’s 54F here and it’s only 9:30 a.m. so it should warm up even more by afternoon, that will be the warmest yet this year:-) I’d love a little pond in my backyard but don’t know if I’ll ever get one…E is completely against it. He needs to move out! lol

    I can’t clean up my flowerbeds or faerie garden yet because with the snow having just left, the ground is still pretty wet. I walked on the lawn yesterday and could hear the “squish” with every step.

    Those two latest collages are beautiful. Do you keep them all or do you sell/trade them? I’m not sure if I can part with my ATCs I’ve made so far! lol

    Have a wonderful day, dear Dianne. xoxo

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