Just Passing Through


I had a lot of fun making this card. When I was tidying up, I ran across the bandana print on the bottom and remembered I had the kids in their cowpoke outfits. The map of Montana is the curtains, like they are on a stage.
The desk is assembled, but alas, I didn’t know I needed to buy the hardware kit too! We may have some of those toggle screws because by itself it weighs 40 pounds. I think Zoey’s hubby would be cringing at having to drill those kind of screws in the wall. I will use the two drawers for mainly ink pads and stampers. I think I will need to get a new file cabinet as the plastic one I have is awful! The drawers stick and I can’t get them closed most of the time.
I just went and got a free prep kit this afternoon (saved me $40), but my tests will be on the 16th now! Next week is crazy busy for me-the Phila. Flower show, the dentist, a family event plus a trip to my late Uncle Don’s house to pick some of his things out to keep. His daughter and her family (my one cousin hadn’t seen or spoken to my uncle for years) were over there cleaning out closets. His daughter said there are some trunks in the attic that may be stuff that was my grandfathers! It will be neat to see what’s in there. I have a bird painting and carved bird he gave me already. My cousin said most of his clothes were sent to Haiti. I ‘dislike’ doing this and I sure hope it doesn’t smell like pipe smoke in his house or I will lose it. The house will be sold ‘as is’. I think I would have gone to IKEA and had them redo the kitchen and maybe get some new things for the bathrooms, just to modernize it a bit.
My house smells like hyacinth right now as I bought some potpourri at the
Hallmark store this afternoon. It is smelling a bit strong now, but I know that stuff will fade out. Nice to have a spring like smell in the house.
Here’s the Lemon Almond Pound cake I made and it’s gone already!
Lemon Almond pound cake
I want to make some chocolate chip cookies next.
I watched the Oscars as I did see a few of the movies nominated-‘Toy Story 3’ and ‘The Social Network’. It’s neat to see a few 50 yr olds win-Melissa Leo and Colin Firth.
I’d love to attend a fancy event like that once in my life-lol

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  1. That Lemon Almond Pound cake looks delicious–I am not surprised that it is gone already.

    I like how you used the map of Montana for curtains–very creative!

    My poor husband would probaly not be able to sleep for a week if he knew he had drill big holes in the wall for a desk! LOL.

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