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Proof is in the photo


So a few days ago, I went to put something in Brian’s armoire and the stuffed contents of it fell out and I was peeved. It all was wrinkled and I think the 55 novelty shirts need laundering, but that’s too much work. I put some of his cologne on a tissue and stuck it in there. I found two packages of 5 new white shirts-in the front. It didn’t take long to do, and we got rid of lots of shirts and underwear. The socks are not put away as they need to be sorted. I remember doing that last year! Sean and I sort through all our clothes year in and year out. I didn’t show you ‘my’ armoire, but it’s stacked high with mostly tops-folded by color and the short sleeves are on one side and the sleeveless on the other. But I have a bad habit of piling clothes on the hope chest. I try to wear things a few times before laundering-that’s if I only wore them to dinner, not working in the yard. The yard clothes usually don’t get back in the bedroom until they are washed again. I have that tick phobia from having Lyme disease.
I went down to my hometown to get my hair done-I needed some highlights too. Didn’t the lights go out from a storm that went through! Needless to say, I have very blonde highlights! C. took me out back to cut my hair in the last of the daylight. No one said they liked my car or went to look at it. It would be nice if they showed an interest in my likes. Families can be that way.

Here’s one of my newest 4″ x 4″ collages with real seashells
Splish Splash 4" x 4" Collage card

Where is July going?


Echo Picotee Lisianthus, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I got to spend some outside today potting and repotting flowers and not roasting doing so. I could stand to do weeding. Bri stopped and got me a spool for the Weed Whacker, but not in the mood to do that. I did make some homemade potato salad to eat with our fat-free hotdogs. I also sat and got inspired to do a few more collage cards. I must have purple on the mind!
Hula Moon 4" x 4" Collage Card
The Lisianthus is called Echo Pictotee. Haven’t had too many of these in the garden, but I am liking it! Got two (buy one, get one free) from the Amish lady. It’s like a rose and tulip in one!
Also got the cutest decorations:
Yoga frog
the above is for the pond garden
And this is for the fairy garden! : )
Chin in hand fairy
Mom may come out tomorrow to go to Longwood Gardens. : ) Hope so!

Believe in Miracles collage


Here’s another collage I made yesterday. The background is painted blue and distressed with a special crackle paint. I was going to leave off ‘Believe in Miracles’ but decided I like cards with a message.
I went to the doctor for a follow-up. Most of my bloodwork is better (Sugar about 98 when it was 122 before!) and my thyroid is in the normal range. I’ve had slightly elevated liver enzymes for years as has two of my three brothers. He wants to do more specific tests for that. Also my blood pressure could still be lower (I get myself so nervous before going) but he still says he wants the top # to be in the 120s, not 130s. I also have to take a diruetic to see if that helps. I have a feeling I’m not doing to do well with that, crossing fingers. I detest taking medicine and and so sorry I got to 51 and had to start. I still think it all has to do with my age. I’ve lost 6 pounds since my last visit (3 months ago), so at least that’s something and probably helped my bloodwork.
Boy is it hot here-it’s about 91. I think they expected higher, but there’s that pesky heat index that makes it feel hotter. I haven’t even walked around the yard today. I’m afraid to see wilted things!

Sightseeing in Baltimore


I certainly had to make a collage card honoring Baltimore. My guys are great at grabbing brochures, so it was the assembling part that was the challenging. I had a rip off calendar with ships, so that came in useful.
We had a good rain last night, so the ground was nice and soft. I’m starting garden maintenance. Well…maybe. Sean has had a garden for years and lately he is mostly buying the plants and only putting in a few. It was looking bad, so I went to town and planted 18 impatiens he had bought plus a few marigolds! That took me away from the veggie corral which needs a little attention right now. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.
The lilies are starting to bloom now along with the Red Hot Pokers. It’s nice to have perennials blooming each month.
Brian came out and planted a few pots of perennials that were hanging around for a few weeks. I have some annuals to finish planting and need to finish with a clean-up project on the back patio.
Busy busy!

Speck against the sky


Last night I sat down at my art desk and looked at some of the saved ‘finds’ I had there. I thought the artwork on the pop-up tissue box was just too cute, so I used it here! I was going to make the bird out of an old book page, but I forget where I put the pages, so I used this nice paper. The music verse seemed to work too.

So little Roamy is flying off to Arizona now! After I mailed him, I hit the ‘Tuesday Morning’ store where they had lots of things for 50% off! I didn’t go hog wild, but I had fun looking for things. I got this pretty tan sweater/shawl with tiny sequins sewn through it for only $12. I know I will wear it a lot. I got Sean a nice navy blue polo shirt (he wears that color with tan pants for work) for $5. Some things I bought weren’t on sale, but I will take a photo of this gorgeous ‘crystal’ ball you hang up. I want to pick the right spot for it.
I’ve lost at least 4-5 pounds since the 25th of May. I know the first 5 pounds is usually water weight in most cases, but since I’ve taken that long to lose that weight, maybe it isn’t! The hardest part is keeping the sugar intake low, followed by salt. And figuring out if I did enough ‘exercise’. Mine is usually gardening and walking. I want to start doing floor exercises again. A friend from high school’s wife lost 50 pounds in 6 months, but she joined the ‘Y’ too. I’m still wanting to try ‘Snap Fitness’ where Sean goes, but that’s more money.
I have a feeling I better get looking for a PT job. Between the dentist, hospital and regular bills, it’s hard for us.
It’s suppose to rain a bit tomorrow. It rained all around us last night, but we didn’t get one drop. I was out watering this morning. Come on rain!



Gnomeland 4" x 4" Collage Card, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I’m waiting on the arrival of the little roaming gnome from Canada. If he comes in the next few days, we’ll take him on a trip somewhere. We decided we’d like to see something different, just not sure if it’s the beach or what!
This is my nod to gnomes. I had that little gnome a while and I picture this is what his world may look like. : )
Here’s a peek at who Roamy will meet:
Strawberry Gnome Home
Brian went to the dentist today and I didn’t get to go. Something told me to call to check if it was 1 or 2 and I wasn’t on the schedule. So now I have to wait until Monday.
I spent the day tidying up the living room and redecorating. I still had Easter things to put away! I kept saying to myself if I find one more Easter thing and then an egg would show up someplace!

I usually add too much and then take stuff down. The little flickering lanterns are coming down as only two work. I have changed it a bit and need a bigger photo in the shell frame.
So the scale moved down a pound! I’m happy, but I know when you are trying to lose weight it’s water weight first! The app says I’m not eating enough calories but too much sugar. I did eat a lot of fruit, so that may be it. Sean bought some MOi a liquid water enhancer or whatever they call it and it’s good. We have peach tea and sweet tea-no calories but it has Splenda.
Going to a new dr later just to see if I’m acting like a lady my age should act. ; ) I feel better and all, so thinking the second hbp med was messing with me. The new one may not be strong enough. Or maybe the weather is bringing my pressure up a little. I hate taking medicine!

My Fitness Pal


As you know, I acquired Sean’s ‘old’ G1 phone. So 4 days ago, I started to use the above named app which is also online where you can utilize it for free. The phone app is pretty good and it’s really an eye-opener too. For instance, after eating lunch, I had used all my sugar credits-that quickly. You plug your weight and weight loss goal in. You can even scan the food packaging (you have to download a bar code scanner) and it finds the nutritional info 8 out of 10 times. Then, if you are like me, you eat similar foods and you just check them off and they get added to the correct entry. You also say what kind of exercise you do (mine is mostly walking and gardening) and you ‘get’ credit and can have a snack that doesn’t go over your daily calorie intake. I’m really trying to get serious about weight loss since two of my brothers have Diabetes and I am being watched for it. I’m giving the guys whole wheat pasta and other fiber rich foods. My tummy was making lots of noises this morning-lol. I’m going to go out to eat once in a while. Yesterday was a ‘over the limit’ day, so I ate lighter today. I do like the credit for exercising-you just have to be honest!
Here’s a 4″ x 4″ collage I made over a week ago. Art has slowed down a lot, but I plan to get back to it soon. I had to wait so long for gardening, it’s my top priority. The lady was from a card making kit and I decided to do a collage:
The Hostest with the Mostest 4" x 4" Collage Card
I have an ‘Asian’ garden under the Japanese maple tree-why not! I try and paint the little pagodas, but missed the one last year. I have my Sweet William (Dianthus) under it. I believe it’s a biannual, but I add to it every year. My grandmom loved Zinnias and Sweet William as that was her dad and brother’s name. Princess Catherine had some white ones in her wedding bouquet.

I love them too for their colors. I added some white Impatiens and a few potted plants like Begonias and Zinnias in there too.
Asia garden with Sweet William
The heat here is southeastern Pennsylvania has been miserable the last few days. I am so glad I mulched when it was still in the 80s! A cold front is on it’s way!
Both Brian and I are off to the dentist tomorrow-him for 3 of 6 fillings he needs and me for a chip in a fix-ka-ching!

Life is blooming


Life is blooming Collage Card, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I really look forward to ‘life blooming’ this time of year. From looking out the window at bleak and brown in the winter to green and growing in the spring just makes me happier! We haven’t had the sunniest of weeks this week. I did very little gardening, but also got to do a few tasks around the house.
I think on Sunday I’ll dig around the basement for a few ‘fairy garden’ props. Really tiny props for really tiny gardens…you’ll see.
So I got a bug punch and wanted to use some, hence this card. I also was making a bug related card to swap with a friend-it’s all hand drawn and I’ll share when she says she got it-it’s nice to get a surprise, don’t you think.
I’ll be taking my camera to the wedding tomorrow-it should be beautiful!
BTW-my allergies seem better, but still achy, but more isolated, so maybe the old medicine was causing more issues.

Doing stuff


I just realized I haven’t blogged since Sunday! Running here and there-to get my hair done in my hometown and visiting mom for a couple of things. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling that great on Monday between my allergies and eating something for Easter that didn’t agree with me. But I got to see my niece and gave her the little owl box I assembled the day before. She liked it.

Owl Easter boxes and bookmarks
Owl Easter boxes
Mom and I went out to a late lunch (she is never ready when I get there) and the place she wanted to go to was closing. I ended up eating a grilled chicken sandwich on a toasted hotdog roll at a hamburger joint. How cheap can you get and it was falling apart too!
Yesterday I took some gold jewelry that was given to me to a shop in Delaware that I dealt with before. I only sell stuff that I don’t need or know I won’t wear. I had a lot of bits and pieces. I had a ring sized too. I got enough for a car payment plus some extra. : ) I told the man I wanted the blue topaz out of this big ring as he said he only wanted the gold part. I go back today to get the ring I was having resized and there was no stone in the envelope. I had to ask for it! He was hoping I’d forget and only offered me $20 for about a 4 carat blue topaz. He doesn’t do the greatest resizing job-the ring is rough and not polished that much on the inside.
I asked Sean to get my white car washed last night as it was dirty and he was nice enough to do so. I see that the same dirty spots are still running down the sides-what a rip off. I told Sean that was a waste of money and not to go there again. Also my ”change oil’ reminder is coming on and the dealership was suppose to do that last week.
I did go to Tuesday Morning and got a pretty box for the wedding gift we are giving our cousin along with a few extras. I stopped in the store and bought some charcoal and made really good burgers. I grated onion and pressed it into them and it made all of the difference!
Sean is off tomorrow and wants to take a daytrip, but the weather may be dicey. That figures.
I have been cleaning inside and outside-it’s sure an endless job. I have no clothesline now as a big branch took off a side of a ‘t’ bar on one end. I have hanging pots on them now.
Vacation in DC Collage Card
One of my newer collages based on being a visitor at the nation’s capital.

Here comes Peter Cottontail


I hope everyone had a lovely Easter today! We reached 81 outside and it was like a summer day and we put the a/c on. I raked the Lily and Iris garden a bit and then put a turkey breast in for dinner. Brian cut the entire yard and it looks better. The trees are another issue. I have never seen them looks so bad as they do this year in the over 24 years of living here. Brian’s going to have to cut down a few shrubs and dead fruit trees, but the ones on the hill that lead to the stream would cost a ton to get cut down. It’s very rustic looking!
Sean had to work and he said it was boring. He is itching to get in the garden center and asked again. He did come home for dinner and enjoyed the turkey, veggies and crumb apple pie.
Off to get my hair done in my hometown tomorrow. After dinner I put together the cutest owl gift box from All you do is print it out on card stock, cut it out and glue it together. It comes with owl bookmarks too. I made one to keep and one to give to Tori. I will take a photo to share.
My collage was really easy as the bunny came in a package and I glued him on the background of my choice.

Easter roses from Brian
Easter roses from Brian (plus a few left he gave me before Easter)