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Reading is ‘fun’damental

Bookmark for Art n’ Soul, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I was itchy to dig into my paper stuff and that’s what I did in the late afternoon yesterday. I needed a few hours of vegetating as I was achy all over. Not use to standing over 20 hours and so many days in a row. Some may call me a wimp, but I do have issues with my knees, etc.. I’m going to a new doctor on Tuesday to get a check up for the medication I take. That and to ask her if she thinks I have widespread arthritis or something. I blame Lyme Disease on that. When I am able to go to Longwood Gardens, it usually is a day I feel strong and able to walk. I thought for sure walking for up to a mile a few times a week for a month or so may help me be able to stand on my feet. I guess I was wrong. So now I’m looking for a child care position and did contact a lady I had a few weeks ago. I know I can surely do that as I would be ‘sitting’ and helping the kids with homework, etc. Crossing fingers.

So back to the bookmark! My group on Flickr is having a bookmark swap. It had to be shabby chic with a touch of lace. I found the little girl and she’s about to read a book, so perfect! The key is suppose to be her’s that she tied to her bookmark not to lose. : ) The background paper and ‘read’ stickers are Tim Holtz designs and I even shared them the bookmark with him on Facebook.

I may go to ‘the store’ to do some shopping as I have that discount and a 30% off coupon. Since they didn’t plan to keep me past the beginning of the year, I may just do some power shopping. : ) Please be good knees.

Gimme Candy!


I had some fun finishing up some 4″ x 4″ collage cards and ATCs this evening. I love this little guy and knew he was good for a Halloween piece.
Friday the 13th 4" x 4 Collage card
Brian’s dad gave me an old 1992 rip off desk calendar and I have been having fun doing collages with it like the above bird background.
The Black Widow Collage Coaster
I bring home coasters from restaurants and ‘The Black Widow’ was the first collage I made. I was trying to make her greenish, but she still looks pale. I will probably put a ribbon for hanging her up.

Today was a rather tense day. Brian hadn’t talked to his day since late yesterday afternoon. We found the phone number of an old ‘original’ neighbor, but she was at work. The next thing we had to do was call the police. They sent a patrol car and he was fine, but his phones weren’t working. All day we tried to call, so 8 pm tonight, Brian went over. He looked at the cell, took the battery out and put it back in and it started working. This seems to happen all the time lately.


Broken Heart ATC

(made this ATC back in 2008)
I have a sticker book of the works of Michelangelo and this is Jeremiah who was the prophet with the ‘broken heart’. Thank goodness for google as that info made my card what it is!

Crepe Myrtle and other things


Crepe Myrtle in full bloom, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I always enjoy seeing the Crepe Myrtle bloom this time of year. It covers up my garden window in the kitchen and Brian cuts it way back after it blooms. I did that with the butterfly bush last fall and it’s big as ever again, but not very healthy looking.
Here is the Moonflower about to open…it’s kinda foggy and mysterious looking:
Moonflower bud with fogged lens
I did take a photo when it was opened up pretty much, but didn’t upload it yet.
I potted up some baby coleus today and was in a dripping sweat after only 20 minutes!
Baby Coleus plants
I did this card a few days back. I have a book on France and wanted to use a map for the background:
Kick up your heels 4" x 4" Collage Card
I did a couple more collages today after dinner as I had some new stampers I wanted to try.

A former high school alumni opened a page on Facebook called ‘You grew up in Media, Pa if…’ and within a day there were over 200 of us reminsicing about the old days. You should start a page like that too!
Bloodwork tomorrow…I am protesting some of it as I never took the diruetic and he wanted to check to see if things were effected because of it. My poor mom was not allowed to have any more pain pills (she ran out) that she has been taking for over 8 years and she was going through withdrawal on Friday! I haven’t heard her that miserable since she had Shingles! I didn’t know what to do. Finally my brother called the emergency number in the evening and he went and got some for her the next morning. He gave me an earful for not going down, but I know that medicine is the only kind that will help. She’s had shots, physical therapy, etc. I mean come on, she’s almost 81, so let her be comfortable. And my brother making her clean the basement (lifting and leaning over too much), caused her to have to take more pills. The doctor said no more physical ‘labor’ like that.

Proof is in the photo


So a few days ago, I went to put something in Brian’s armoire and the stuffed contents of it fell out and I was peeved. It all was wrinkled and I think the 55 novelty shirts need laundering, but that’s too much work. I put some of his cologne on a tissue and stuck it in there. I found two packages of 5 new white shirts-in the front. It didn’t take long to do, and we got rid of lots of shirts and underwear. The socks are not put away as they need to be sorted. I remember doing that last year! Sean and I sort through all our clothes year in and year out. I didn’t show you ‘my’ armoire, but it’s stacked high with mostly tops-folded by color and the short sleeves are on one side and the sleeveless on the other. But I have a bad habit of piling clothes on the hope chest. I try to wear things a few times before laundering-that’s if I only wore them to dinner, not working in the yard. The yard clothes usually don’t get back in the bedroom until they are washed again. I have that tick phobia from having Lyme disease.
I went down to my hometown to get my hair done-I needed some highlights too. Didn’t the lights go out from a storm that went through! Needless to say, I have very blonde highlights! C. took me out back to cut my hair in the last of the daylight. No one said they liked my car or went to look at it. It would be nice if they showed an interest in my likes. Families can be that way.

Here’s one of my newest 4″ x 4″ collages with real seashells
Splish Splash 4" x 4" Collage card

Where is July going?


Echo Picotee Lisianthus, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I got to spend some outside today potting and repotting flowers and not roasting doing so. I could stand to do weeding. Bri stopped and got me a spool for the Weed Whacker, but not in the mood to do that. I did make some homemade potato salad to eat with our fat-free hotdogs. I also sat and got inspired to do a few more collage cards. I must have purple on the mind!
Hula Moon 4" x 4" Collage Card
The Lisianthus is called Echo Pictotee. Haven’t had too many of these in the garden, but I am liking it! Got two (buy one, get one free) from the Amish lady. It’s like a rose and tulip in one!
Also got the cutest decorations:
Yoga frog
the above is for the pond garden
And this is for the fairy garden! : )
Chin in hand fairy
Mom may come out tomorrow to go to Longwood Gardens. : ) Hope so!

Believe in Miracles collage


Here’s another collage I made yesterday. The background is painted blue and distressed with a special crackle paint. I was going to leave off ‘Believe in Miracles’ but decided I like cards with a message.
I went to the doctor for a follow-up. Most of my bloodwork is better (Sugar about 98 when it was 122 before!) and my thyroid is in the normal range. I’ve had slightly elevated liver enzymes for years as has two of my three brothers. He wants to do more specific tests for that. Also my blood pressure could still be lower (I get myself so nervous before going) but he still says he wants the top # to be in the 120s, not 130s. I also have to take a diruetic to see if that helps. I have a feeling I’m not doing to do well with that, crossing fingers. I detest taking medicine and and so sorry I got to 51 and had to start. I still think it all has to do with my age. I’ve lost 6 pounds since my last visit (3 months ago), so at least that’s something and probably helped my bloodwork.
Boy is it hot here-it’s about 91. I think they expected higher, but there’s that pesky heat index that makes it feel hotter. I haven’t even walked around the yard today. I’m afraid to see wilted things!

Sightseeing in Baltimore


I certainly had to make a collage card honoring Baltimore. My guys are great at grabbing brochures, so it was the assembling part that was the challenging. I had a rip off calendar with ships, so that came in useful.
We had a good rain last night, so the ground was nice and soft. I’m starting garden maintenance. Well…maybe. Sean has had a garden for years and lately he is mostly buying the plants and only putting in a few. It was looking bad, so I went to town and planted 18 impatiens he had bought plus a few marigolds! That took me away from the veggie corral which needs a little attention right now. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.
The lilies are starting to bloom now along with the Red Hot Pokers. It’s nice to have perennials blooming each month.
Brian came out and planted a few pots of perennials that were hanging around for a few weeks. I have some annuals to finish planting and need to finish with a clean-up project on the back patio.
Busy busy!