Temps go up and down


The temps are going from the 60s to 50s and when I looked at the temp this morning it was 24. I wonder why my sinuses bother me.

I do feel better, actually did yesterday. I do believe Sean passed on a bug to me. I made spaghetti sauce and pineapple bread pudding-‘after’ I watched the guy tow away my Mariner in the afternoon! Sean took it to the car wash in town (a little over a mile away) and it beeped loud and all the brake warning lights came on! He took his chance and drove it home and he said the brakes felt spongy. He had said on Monday he felt them grinding. I just had the vehicle inspected only two weeks ago and one of the things they do is check the brakes. I am hoping it’s minor. The car insurance will pay for the towing and if it needs repair, we got extended coverage and it mentions brake work. So crossing fingers.

Sean has off during the week and usually Saturday. We were going to go to a mall we hadn’t been to in years and take my mom since she lives close to it.  We have a road called ‘the blue route’-I-76 near mom which by-passes many traffic lights and towns. It’s how we go to New Hope and places up north more. That’s also the same area that IKEA is in.

Wish us luck.

I did make a few collages yesterday too.

Garden Dreams 4" x 4" Collage card
I have some really pretty rubber stamps (like this) I need to use more. I think the soulful sound of the Mourning dove and gardens go together.

~Update-now listen up and see if you understand this, ya’ll! The vehicle needs it tone ring replaced which is near the left wheel assembly. It’s a gear that spins and tells the vehicle if the ABS and brakes are working. The warranty lady said, no it’s not covered as it’s not part of the ABS system-it’s a gear. My brother and his pal at the station (where we had the Mariner towed) said otherwise. Brian went and got it and took it back to the dealership this afternoon(with Sean following) as he had told the manager what the warranty lady said and he said he would fix it for us! We’ve only had it not even 6 weeks. Hope we can get it tomorrow.
We decided to go to Chili’s for dinner as a treat. We always get the 2-$20 special at places like this.

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  1. It’s 18F as I type this and it was -2F when I got up at 6:30 this morning…where the heck is Spring?? lol Had to bring mom shopping today and have just come back. Glad to be out of those cold winds!!

    I swear vehicles do it on purpose to make us spend even more money on them! lol Fingers crossed that it wasn’t anything major that made your brakes act like that and if it is, that it’s fully covered by the insurance! The heater in my car has been acting up. Sometimes it won’t come on when I start the car and I have to smack underneath the glove box for it to start…that’s where the wires are and it must be a loose wire or something. The extended warranty we had on the car is finished now so I don’t dare bring it in unless i absolutely have to!!

    Love that collage! We have mourning doves here all the time and I love watching them:-) xoxo

  2. cute collage…I think mourning doves and gardens go together, too.

    So sorry to hear about the problem with your new vehicle. I hope it turns out to be minor, or at least coverd by your insurance!

  3. I personally think warranty companies try that little trick right off the bat to see if you will go ahead and pay for the repairs, as I am sure a lot of people do. I am glad that you got it taken care.

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