Fly Away

Fly Away Collage Card, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I need your vote please-do you think I am missing an element here? Perhaps a canary or another bird? It’s one of those cards I’m not quite sure looks finished.

Not much news-surveyed the yard and cringing at what hasn’t been cleaned up and usually is by now.

Update-thanks for your suggestions about a birdie on this card. I’ll have to look for one.
My Mariner is in the shop again. We dropped it off today (the 19th) and the a/c compressor needs replacing. We are thinking the people who traded it in knew this already and that’s why they came all the way from a part in PA that’s over 2 hours away. The warranty should be in affect. We have a Subaru Forester as a loaner car. Bri insisted that I drive it and it was in manual shift and I didn’t know how to get it in drive. I had to drive it 10 miles shifting it! Geez. (another update-I didn’t have it in ‘D’, but below that-couldn’t figure it out when I was actually driving it). It’s a carbon copy of the Mariner and Escape. By the time I got home I amost had a migraine. We had gone out to eat near where we bought the car and I found an antique mall loaded to the gills. I’ve got to go there again!
We went to a Pizza Hut and it wasn’t that great. Tonight we went to Applebee’s because I needed a decent meal. : )

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  1. Hi Dianne:-) Just caught up on your latest posts I missed while I was away…first of all, Happy Anniversary to you and Brian!!

    I love that picture of Prince William with the tousled hair and chapped lips…shows he’s human like the rest of us:-) I’ve always been told that my oldest son Shawn looks a lot like William and when I’ve seen some pictures I’ve had to look twice because it looks so much like Shawn! lol

    This collage is adorable but yup, I think if you add a little birdie in the top left hand corner, it will finish it off. Just my opinion:-)

    Hope all is well….it’s cold over here and the weatherman has just said we’re in for a snowstorm tomorrow. Really didn’t want to hear that!! xoxo

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