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I’ve been sorting scrapbook paper tonight-4 yrs of collecting it means I have my work cut out for me. I am doing ‘floral’/nature in one box right now. I have to say I really love most of these papers. I have a box with holiday paper too, but I know there’s more in another box which isn’t made for scrapbook paper and I need to rescue it.
On the above card, someone sent me the Easter card and I embellished it abit. The paper napkin background was also a gift.
Then I made this using ‘steampunk’ rubber stamps and made the ‘Eye see you’ card:
Eye see you 4" x 4" Collage card
The copy of the eye doctor ad made the card!
Then I did a few cards with a few of the fabulous collage pieces and papers Carole over at Pea’s Corner just sent me:
1st a 4″ x 4″ collage. This makes 169 out of 365 for me now.
Sweet Cupcake 4" x 4" Collage card
and this ATC:
Be Mine ATC
And finally my ‘Fat Tuesday’ Gumbo dinner:
I used Sweet Italian sausage instead of the salami type. It’s all gone now!
Shrimp and Sausage Fat Tuesday dinner
I made out well at the dentist despite the rough, rainy weather. We have some water in the basement ‘man cave’ bathroom-it comes up through the floor. It’s near my Christmas stuff that I haven’t really finished stacking nicely. I wasn’t in the mood to cook, but made spaghetti with shrimp (yep again) and black olives. I would recommend getting the frozen shrimp (thanks Woman’s World magazine for the idea). Also had spinach salad and tossed in some 3 bean salad I bought at the meat market where I got the sausage. The guys were happy! : )

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  1. I’ve really been loving all the collage cards you’ve been making and I also love the ATC and collage card you made with some of the stuff I sent you:-) I made another 2 ATCs today, needed to stop watching CNN and the coverage of the Japan earthquake. So heartbreaking.

    Your Gumbo looks so delicious, that’s something I’ve never made or eaten. I just had one of my Breakfast Burritos with a bit of salsa on it for my dinner…had a couple left that were frozen from Christmas time so it made me an easy dinner:-)

    Hopefully you didn’t get more water in your basement? It would be disastrous if it reached your Christmas decorations!! lol

    Snowed here all day again today but now it’s starting to get milder so watch out when it starts to melt…hope I don’t get water in MY basement!!! xoxo

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