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Card that was on my hospital bassinet
I was the second child and the only girl of four born this day in 1959. I’ve always loved Barbie who was ‘born’ in February of the same year. Lots of celebrities are my age like Marie Osmond, John McEnroe and Sarah Ferguson. Jodie Foster, Meg Ryan and Calvin Klein share my birthday as does a good friend of Brian’s Kathy. My brother’s late friend Carol was also born today. Mom almost gave me a 1st birthday gift the following year when my brother Don was born on the 28th of the November. I tell Sean he was my early 27th birthday gift and Sean is 25, the reverse of my age!
Brian and I got engaged on my 23rd birthday too. Lots of nice things associated with my big day. Not sure if we will go out for dinner, we’ll have to see how Brian is later.
My baby book

Found this yesterday blooming in a very dead looking garden. It’s the Julia Child rose that Brian got me as a gift a year or two ago.

Chocolate cupcakes (gluten free) with butter cream icing.

My mom and brother sent me Stargazer lilies, a teddy bear and chocolates. I got some awesome cards and a Target gift card from my pal Carole (Pea) and calendars from pal Angela. Sean gave me a Walmart gift card, the Jackie Evancho Christmas, candles and a t-shirt from the college he is attending and needs to return as it’s too big. Brian gave me a ‘D’ necklace and a heart necklace from Peebles. He had gotten me the other necklace from the craft show a few weeks ago. I bought myself the Sephora make-up kit and a few cross stitch charts for my collection.
Brian didn’t go to the restaurant with Sean and me. At the last minute we went to a pub at a golf course as I had an coupon and Sean’s dinner was practically free. We brought Brian home some onion soup. Sean tends to walk way a head of people and he was already to the car and I tripped over the curb. He said he looked over and I was in a bush. I sprang up fast, but my right hand is sore and I scraped my left boot. I felt silly! I’m just relaxing now.

Found amongst his possessions


My Uncle Don passed away almost a year ago (Dec. 7th) and his stepdaughter and her family cleaned out and sold his home this year.  I should add, his wife is almost 96 and in a nursing home. My family didn’t hardly get anything of his (tools, an heirloom copper pot that was from ‘our’ family that my mom asked for, etc.) I went down to mom’s a few weeks ago and saw this laying on the table:

Uncle Don had drawn this of Sean-I think he was about 10. (He had  blue and ‘red’ pjs on). This is really precious to me and I wish it wasn’t all bent up. He probably didn’t think it was good enough to give us, but I could tell it was Sean the minute I laid my eyes on it.  Thanks Uncle Don from Babycakes. : )

Bri is still sick and running a fever, so it was wise we didn’t go anywhere. Not to sound selfish, but I hope to heck I don’t catch it as I have the new job looming on Monday. They say you can catch stuff from people when they are first getting sick-oh great. I am using my neti pot, my ferrum phosphate  (a natural pain killer and for inflammation) and Vicks. I may take a walk around the yard for fresh air, briefly as it’s really chilly in the 40s today.

Have a great weekend-I’ll be a year older tomorrow!

Get-away postponed


I just postponed our B&B weekend as Brian has the same bug Sean had. I feel bad he is coughing and feverish, but I think being in close vicinity with a sick person won’t be very romantic. As soon as he came home for lunch, I got all nervous (I had just packed up the bag too). Who’s to say I won’t get it too as I’ve had some cold like symptoms-crossing fingers. I’m bummed, but I’d rather us both be healthy. It may be a ‘New Year’s’ weekend. The room was really nice looking with a whirlpool tub and electric or gas fireplace. I need to run down to the store and get Bri some daytime cough medicine. He is off tomorrow, so maybe we can go out to lunch if he is up to it. We have until April to use the Livingsocial deal and of course we got charged for the late cancellation.
I start the job on Monday. I think we will get paid for the training. We were just given the paperwork yesterday and had to be put in the system.

One quarter of a century…


This of course implies to my only child and son Sean who turns 25 today! We were able to spend the day together on Sunday, the three of us, or ‘The Mod Squad’ as Brian sometimes refers to us when we are doing a bit of mall walking. He decided to drive us up an hour to Lancaster to ‘The Park City Mall’, one I was to years ago. Brian didn’t remember going, but maybe we did. I definitely remember going with my mom and family and getting a t-shirt made, the kind of place where they press the design on for you. Anyway, it was a bit crowded and reminded us of other malls closer to us. He did buy himself some jeans and a watch. He picked up and thumbed through a book about neat places to visit and I made Bri go back and get it for him. And we got him the Phillies division championship shirt.
We were going to hit ‘The Olive Garden’, but it was really crowded, so we went to a smorgasbord place and he liked that. I was a bit stuffed and felt blah, but some Chamomile and mint tea helped me when I got home.

Sean's cheesecake birthday cake
Happy Birthday Sean!

Sean's portrait for his 25th birthday
Birthday Portrait
Sean and Brian
Newer Son/Dad shot
Sean's 25th with the 1986 copy of Life
My only photo of the lovely Lancaster scenery from Sunday-taken out of the car (and edited)
Lancaster landscape
And finally, I wanted a photo of me in my ‘owl hat’. Animal hats are really popular right now!
Hootie Dianne

Dianne's owl hat
Update-I purchased my own domain name, but it isn’t working yet….I’ll let you know. It was about a $1.46 a month on wordpress…not bad at all!

Happy Birthday Mom!


My mom Jeanne turn 81 years young today! Since I am her only daughter, I am happy to spend time with her when I can get down to her house.
I’m trying to think of something from the past to share-like when Sean was born, she came out and saw we needed groceries. I kind of wanted her to watch him more, so I could rest (had an 18 hour labor and ended up with a C-section). She decided to go to the store for me and was gone for a few hours. Then when she was here she cleaned like crazy. She did give Sean his first bath. : )
Mom just loves to go to souvenir shops on trips. She especially loves pens and bookmarks with the name of the place on them, which I try to pick up when I go places she doesn’t go to.
Hopefully she’ll be going to the beach with us. I am also hoping Sean goes to so she isn’t stranded in the motel room while we are at my high school get together. I figure after a few hours, we’ll be ready to split and go a few miles to the casinos. ; )

Sweet Dreams & real Happy Birthday Tori!


Tori feeding a friend's 2 month old son

Sweet Dreams Collage Card, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

The next few collage cards were easy to assemble as I had the pretty cardstock from K&Company. This one I call ‘Sweet Dreams’ depicts the children ready for bed. I added them and the pink paper.
Perfect Memories Collage Card
Just a few adds there. The lady picking, let’s say ‘kumquats’ and found some kumquats in a book on fruit.
Sunday Brian and I cleaned out the little 50 gallon pond we’ve had now for it’s 14th season! It was nasty, but within an hour it was up and running! We put the pump in and let the waterfall hose out so it just ran out. Bri still have to use the bucket for the nasty leaves and gunk on the bottom. Before we started that, I had raked all around the area. It’s a start, still need to clean it up more. There is so much debris this year! We had some mighty wind many times.
As a reward, we went to out to dinner to Applebees. We got the 2 for $20 and each got the Cajun Chicken and Shrimp and roasted potatoes. The iron pan they use to make it sizzle was hot the entire time we were eating! The potatoes got very dry.
Afterwards, we went to TJ Maxx as I was looking for a new sauce pan. I ended up buying a mini stock pot, same purpose. It’s a aqua.
The temps are suppose to soar again in the high 70s today. I will probably rake some more for a bit, but I forgot to thaw the pot roast for Sunday, so I’ll get that in the oven too.

Dianne and birthday girl Tori


Dianne and Tori, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

It was nice spending some time with my only niece tonight and our family. I can’t believe Tori is 12 yrs old already!
Her mom made her a beautiful 4 layer chocolate cake, plus she had a BBQ, her choice of dinner. I like to take photos of ‘the next generation’ when all 5 of them are together.
I gave her a silver heart necklace with interchangeable hearts-like turquoise and pink quartz, etc.; an Aeropostale t-shirt and an assortment of antibacterial lotions from Bath and Beyond. She liked them.
Singing happy birthday
Tori opening gifts from us
Mom and Dianne
My mom's grandchildren

Thumbs up!


A few hours ago, I went back to the eye doctor and a young man (not sure if he was a doctor or assistant) not much older than Sean looked at my optic nerves with a fancy machine. I had to stare at a green star twice while an infrared line went down the screen for 5 seconds. He said everything looked fine, no glaucoma! I feel truly blessed, but also feel for my mom who just had her umpteenth needle in her eye yesterday. She still drives and plans to come out here on Friday. Unfortunately most of us will get cataracts and glaucoma sometime down the road.

Happy 15th to my third nephew Kenny! He’s a talented guitarist, artist and now ‘remodeling’ an old Ford Falcon and doing a great job with that. All that talent started to shine when he was just a little tyke.
Sad to hear of the passing of Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor. She said she lived her life to the fullest when she was well. She sure did after having 7 husbands! She was a beautiful woman with her violet color eyes and perfect face. I thought ‘National Velvet’ was one of her best movies.
Speaking of movies, my favorite two were named ‘Best in Film’ on ABC last night. ‘Gone with the Wind’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz’. : ) They were both made in 1939, 20 yrs before I was born.

Fresh air helps one’s creativity


Zodiac 4" x 4 " Collage card
It was so nice to walk around at Longwood Gardens that I got two cards made for today. A lady had sent me the vintage zodiac design and I love the night sky and had fun!
Then I decided to do a winter themed one. I thought these little children looked like they were watching it snow through a window. I used vintage mica flakes for snow on the windowsill and around the collage.
Watching Snowflakes Fall 4" x 4" Collage card

For my ‘big’ day, Sean will take me out to lunch and Brian for dinner. No calories on your birthday, correct?