One quarter of a century…


This of course implies to my only child and son Sean who turns 25 today! We were able to spend the day together on Sunday, the three of us, or ‘The Mod Squad’ as Brian sometimes refers to us when we are doing a bit of mall walking. He decided to drive us up an hour to Lancaster to ‘The Park City Mall’, one I was to years ago. Brian didn’t remember going, but maybe we did. I definitely remember going with my mom and family and getting a t-shirt made, the kind of place where they press the design on for you. Anyway, it was a bit crowded and reminded us of other malls closer to us. He did buy himself some jeans and a watch. He picked up and thumbed through a book about neat places to visit and I made Bri go back and get it for him. And we got him the Phillies division championship shirt.
We were going to hit ‘The Olive Garden’, but it was really crowded, so we went to a smorgasbord place and he liked that. I was a bit stuffed and felt blah, but some Chamomile and mint tea helped me when I got home.

Sean's cheesecake birthday cake
Happy Birthday Sean!

Sean's portrait for his 25th birthday
Birthday Portrait
Sean and Brian
Newer Son/Dad shot
Sean's 25th with the 1986 copy of Life
My only photo of the lovely Lancaster scenery from Sunday-taken out of the car (and edited)
Lancaster landscape
And finally, I wanted a photo of me in my ‘owl hat’. Animal hats are really popular right now!
Hootie Dianne

Dianne's owl hat
Update-I purchased my own domain name, but it isn’t working yet….I’ll let you know. It was about a $1.46 a month on wordpress…not bad at all!

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  1. Dianne,
    I love the new look! So fresh and clean.

    Happy Bday sean. May you have many more 1/4 centuries.

    I have been waiting for you to pop up on my sidebar with a new entry. I just noticed you were down at the bottom. I guess the new domain name must not register with the updates or something.

  2. Happy Birthday to Sean! How does he feel, being a quarter of a century old?? hehe I couldn’t resist:-) I hope he’s having a marvelous day. That is indeed a great picture of Brian & Sean.

    I love the new look of your blog and the new name!! xoxo

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