Dianne and birthday girl Tori


Dianne and Tori, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

It was nice spending some time with my only niece tonight and our family. I can’t believe Tori is 12 yrs old already!
Her mom made her a beautiful 4 layer chocolate cake, plus she had a BBQ, her choice of dinner. I like to take photos of ‘the next generation’ when all 5 of them are together.
I gave her a silver heart necklace with interchangeable hearts-like turquoise and pink quartz, etc.; an Aeropostale t-shirt and an assortment of antibacterial lotions from Bath and Beyond. She liked them.
Singing happy birthday
Tori opening gifts from us
Mom and Dianne
My mom's grandchildren

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  1. Tori is such a cutie, no doubt lots of boys are after her:-) So glad to hear you had such a lovely time and I really enjoyed seeing the pictures. The one of you and your mom is so precious. Tori’s birthday cake looks so delicious, now I’m craving chocolate cake! lol xoxo

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