Happy Birthday Mom!


My mom Jeanne turn 81 years young today! Since I am her only daughter, I am happy to spend time with her when I can get down to her house.
I’m trying to think of something from the past to share-like when Sean was born, she came out and saw we needed groceries. I kind of wanted her to watch him more, so I could rest (had an 18 hour labor and ended up with a C-section). She decided to go to the store for me and was gone for a few hours. Then when she was here she cleaned like crazy. She did give Sean his first bath. : )
Mom just loves to go to souvenir shops on trips. She especially loves pens and bookmarks with the name of the place on them, which I try to pick up when I go places she doesn’t go to.
Hopefully she’ll be going to the beach with us. I am also hoping Sean goes to so she isn’t stranded in the motel room while we are at my high school get together. I figure after a few hours, we’ll be ready to split and go a few miles to the casinos. ; )

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  1. Happy Birthday, Jeanne! I hope you win big at the casino. Bookmarks –interesting collection. They are useful and don’t take up much space. I like that.

    Your potato soup looks good. I love cream soups, but DH does not, so I don’t make them too often. Lucky for me they make them all the time at work, so I don’t miss out.

    I have not used the movie maker. It seems like I may have looked at it once, then forgot about it.

    I hope we both have a fun weekend!

  2. Thanks Zoey! I’ll pass on the good wishes. It’s raining cats and dogs right now….again.
    The soup only has a cup of milk in it-you can’t even tell. Mostly a potato soup. : )

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