Card that was on my hospital bassinet
I was the second child and the only girl of four born this day in 1959. I’ve always loved Barbie who was ‘born’ in February of the same year. Lots of celebrities are my age like Marie Osmond, John McEnroe and Sarah Ferguson. Jodie Foster, Meg Ryan and Calvin Klein share my birthday as does a good friend of Brian’s Kathy. My brother’s late friend Carol was also born today. Mom almost gave me a 1st birthday gift the following year when my brother Don was born on the 28th of the November. I tell Sean he was my early 27th birthday gift and Sean is 25, the reverse of my age!
Brian and I got engaged on my 23rd birthday too. Lots of nice things associated with my big day. Not sure if we will go out for dinner, we’ll have to see how Brian is later.
My baby book

Found this yesterday blooming in a very dead looking garden. It’s the Julia Child rose that Brian got me as a gift a year or two ago.

Chocolate cupcakes (gluten free) with butter cream icing.

My mom and brother sent me Stargazer lilies, a teddy bear and chocolates. I got some awesome cards and a Target gift card from my pal Carole (Pea) and calendars from pal Angela. Sean gave me a Walmart gift card, the Jackie Evancho Christmas, candles and a t-shirt from the college he is attending and needs to return as it’s too big. Brian gave me a ‘D’ necklace and a heart necklace from Peebles. He had gotten me the other necklace from the craft show a few weeks ago. I bought myself the Sephora make-up kit and a few cross stitch charts for my collection.
Brian didn’t go to the restaurant with Sean and me. At the last minute we went to a pub at a golf course as I had an entertainment.com coupon and Sean’s dinner was practically free. We brought Brian home some onion soup. Sean tends to walk way a head of people and he was already to the car and I tripped over the curb. He said he looked over and I was in a bush. I sprang up fast, but my right hand is sore and I scraped my left boot. I felt silly! I’m just relaxing now.

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  1. Happy Birthday Dianne:-) Such a special day for many reasons but especially because YOU were born and we were able to “meet” through this wonderful blogging world of ours. God willing, one day we will meet in person!! Loved seeing the baby memorabilia from the day you were born, so sweet. I do hope Brian feels good enough to bring you out for a nice celebratory dinner:-) xoxo

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Dianne! We were gone this weekend and I just got home & popped over hoping to read about your birthday trip. I was so sorry to find out that Brian got sick. I do hope he is feeling better. You got some nice gifts. I hope the cupcakes tasted as good as they look.

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