Found amongst his possessions


My Uncle Don passed away almost a year ago (Dec. 7th) and his stepdaughter and her family cleaned out and sold his home this year.  I should add, his wife is almost 96 and in a nursing home. My family didn’t hardly get anything of his (tools, an heirloom copper pot that was from ‘our’ family that my mom asked for, etc.) I went down to mom’s a few weeks ago and saw this laying on the table:

Uncle Don had drawn this of Sean-I think he was about 10. (He had  blue and ‘red’ pjs on). This is really precious to me and I wish it wasn’t all bent up. He probably didn’t think it was good enough to give us, but I could tell it was Sean the minute I laid my eyes on it.  Thanks Uncle Don from Babycakes. : )

Bri is still sick and running a fever, so it was wise we didn’t go anywhere. Not to sound selfish, but I hope to heck I don’t catch it as I have the new job looming on Monday. They say you can catch stuff from people when they are first getting sick-oh great. I am using my neti pot, my ferrum phosphate  (a natural pain killer and for inflammation) and Vicks. I may take a walk around the yard for fresh air, briefly as it’s really chilly in the 40s today.

Have a great weekend-I’ll be a year older tomorrow!

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  1. What a treasure to have found in that drawing! I’m glad that you have it now and i have no doubt you will do something special with it:-)

    Poor Brian, he’s really got that flu badly, fingers crossed that you don’t get it as well. As you say, you can’t afford to be sick now, not with the new job starting in a couple of days!!

    You should be getting an email any time now…had to get it sent today as I’m not going to be home much tomorrow:-) xoxo

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