Get-away postponed


I just postponed our B&B weekend as Brian has the same bug Sean had. I feel bad he is coughing and feverish, but I think being in close vicinity with a sick person won’t be very romantic. As soon as he came home for lunch, I got all nervous (I had just packed up the bag too). Who’s to say I won’t get it too as I’ve had some cold like symptoms-crossing fingers. I’m bummed, but I’d rather us both be healthy. It may be a ‘New Year’s’ weekend. The room was really nice looking with a whirlpool tub and electric or gas fireplace. I need to run down to the store and get Bri some daytime cough medicine. He is off tomorrow, so maybe we can go out to lunch if he is up to it. We have until April to use the Livingsocial deal and of course we got charged for the late cancellation.
I start the job on Monday. I think we will get paid for the training. We were just given the paperwork yesterday and had to be put in the system.

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  1. Awww what a shame you did have to postpone your trip but as you say, it wouldn’t have been a very fun or romantic trip with him feeling so lousy. Steve & I are supposed to go away on the first weekend in December but it will all depend on the weather. This time of year really makes me nervous…remember 2 years ago when I was stuck on the side of the highway for 9 hours because of a blizzard that suddenly came up? Don’t want to go through that again so will be watching the forecast for those days!!

    Good, you now have a date for when you’ll be starting your job…good luck:-) xoxo

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