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Some pretties


The blooms are coming out! The blooms are coming out!  These happen to be a gift from my husband last week.

I seem to have a little cold or annoying allergies, but I did go out and snap a few photos of my yard.

The Viburnum bush is showing off it’s load of blooms even though we had a mild winter with little snow and not much rain this spring.

This was a baby Japanese maple we planted years ago that came from my mom’s yard This one is in the front yard.

I have many Bleeding Heart plants as I have divided them through the years. They love the soil under the evergreen out front.

This plant was here when we moved in….I think it has a ‘wort’ on the end of it’s name…

Spring has sprung, but it’s like summer too!


I’ve heard that my pals up in Canada and Michigan and getting nice 70 degree temps like we are down here in Pennsylvania! Tomorrow it will hover around 80! We haven’t had much rain lately and the ground is cracking. I had a circle of daffodils out where we planted the tomatoes and zucchinis and I guess us working the earth made them bloom ever so nicely this year. They look like this:

The forsythia are blooming and my PT looks pretty near them. Brian gave her a wash for me this week.

My friend Rachel had a little girl on the 15th of this month and I sent her a few gifts. I couldn’t believe I found an outfit that had a cross stitched bear on it! We met through cross stitching! I said I’d give her one of my passes if she wants to bring her two year old son and newborn for a walk in Longwood sometime. She lives closer to Philly, but to the north more.

Brian and I are off for our trip tomorrow afternoon. It’s about 25 miles or so, but a B&B. I have plans to see a few little towns and there is a casino not that far away. We’ll keep busy! I have to wrap up his gifts after I get off from here. I have only a few, but one was a little pricier than the others. He should like the main gift (from Sean and me). Speaking of Sean, he did Turbo Tax and got his refund in less than a week! How lucky is that? We probably won’t get a refund, but we hope to use the program also.

And to live up to my blog name, the person I sent the poppy ATC scanned it when it got to The Netherlands as I forgot:

Took a little walk in the wind


Well I was up in air as to what to do today as it was a bit breezy, but warm. Longwood Gardens is having their orchid displays until the end of March, so I decided to go for walk and some photo taking. I renewed my membership for the year which went up $5, but they also give you two free tickets for your guests. It pays for itself after about four times.

Here are some of my favorite shots:

What you see when you enter the one end of the conservatory
Gorgeous Orchid display
A very tame squirrel. I had fun editing this for a friend
I know a good place to live
White columns of orchids
White Orchid Columns
Begonias and Aechmea
Begonias and Aechmea
Amazing Stargazer lilies
Stargazer lilies
One of my favorite flowers-Blue Poppies
I love Blue Poppies
Hanging orchids and an archway
Arch of orchids and hanging orchids
A trained Nectarine tree with blooms
Nectarine blooms
Yellow butterfly bushes that smelled like exotic honey.
Yellow Butterfly bush
A moth-like orchid the Calathea
Calathea up close
Take it from the Longwood gardeners-how to prune a rose bush-many only had one or two main stems!
How to prune a rose bush
Mother of Thousands plant
Mother of Thousands
I’ve been taking Olive leaf capsules for my blood pressure (think it is helping-thanks Dr. Oz). Here is an Olive tree
Olive tree
There are more photos in Flickr-just click on a photo above.

Photo Hunt Yellow and Covered


Brandywine heirloom yellow tomato
Very yummy Brandywine heirloom. There are also ‘pear’ tomatoes that are smaller.
We have wild vines all over our yard, but here’s a creeping vine at Longwood Gardens about to cover this structure.
Metal Structure covered with vines
Here’s one from my yard about to cover my bedroom shutter.
Vines reaching up to shutter
Update-This is called a Purple Hyacinth Bean vine and I bought it from an Amish lady in Lancaster, PA.

Tomato and Zucchini explosion!


I just picked these a few hours ago! I think I’ll be making salsa and freezing some Romas tomorrow. Just moving the garden did this. Unfortunately, I’m getting ‘nibbler invaders’ who are sneaking in and eating pieces out of so many tomatoes. I can’t tell you how many I tossed today! We have been picking them when they are still not quite ripe. I am seeing stink bugs in the garden, but I think squirrels, etc are having a snack. You can see a nibble out of one of the Romas.

Squash time!


As you all know, we moved our garden and made it smaller, but it really is packing a punch in it’s new, tighter quarters. Since we had a circle garden, we went ahead and added $26 fencing to that area. We planted the tomatoes and pepper around it’s perimeter with squash, onions and cukes in the middle. I have a few flowers behind the peppers-Zinnias and Sunflowers. I picked these little cuties-called Grey Gourmet by good ol’ Burpee (have to remember they are having some kind of event up at the Burpee place in PA-it may be in August or September). These will only grow 6″ long and they ‘bulk’ up. I have all those cookbooks, but since I was a bit weary from watering plants tonight, I chose a recipe from called Tuna Zucchini casserole.
Tuna Zucchini Casserole
This is before it was baked for 30 minutes. You grate the 2.5 cups of zucchini and saute it with onions and celery. You sprinkle the veggies with flour, add milk (2 cups) and parmesan cheese. Then add the tuna (I used only one can, but you can surely do 2 cans). This mixture is mixed in the cooked pasta (I did half a pound of penne-8 oz). The pasta soaks up the sauce a bit. And before you bake it, mix up a cup of bread crumbs with more parmesan and melted butter or margarine. Yummy!

Where is July going?


Echo Picotee Lisianthus, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I got to spend some outside today potting and repotting flowers and not roasting doing so. I could stand to do weeding. Bri stopped and got me a spool for the Weed Whacker, but not in the mood to do that. I did make some homemade potato salad to eat with our fat-free hotdogs. I also sat and got inspired to do a few more collage cards. I must have purple on the mind!
Hula Moon 4" x 4" Collage Card
The Lisianthus is called Echo Pictotee. Haven’t had too many of these in the garden, but I am liking it! Got two (buy one, get one free) from the Amish lady. It’s like a rose and tulip in one!
Also got the cutest decorations:
Yoga frog
the above is for the pond garden
And this is for the fairy garden! : )
Chin in hand fairy
Mom may come out tomorrow to go to Longwood Gardens. : ) Hope so!

Summer spruce up


Repainted garden gnomes, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

As you know I have a garden that has both fairies and gnomes at the side of our house. I’ve have this garden a number of years and some of the older inhabitants were starting to look faded and sad. I picked 4 of the worst and cleaned them up and gessoed them all in white as I didn’t want to sand off paint I knew nothing about. I’m not that great with faces, but I think these aren’t too bad. After this shot, I sprayed them with acrylic sealer.
Here is Mr.and Mrs. Gnome back out near the Strawberry house (that needs a dab of green paint on the front there).
Mr. and Mrs. Gnome
Here’s a new flower that I saw at Longwood Garden and wanted to see if it spreads. It’s called Throatwort:
New flower-Throatwort
The tomatoes almost 5 feet tall now! It helps that they are planted in a circle as they have the fence for support.
Circle garden showing tomatoes
Brian cutting the long part of the yard
There’s Brian cutting the grass tonight. See that huge maple there-he planted it! Like all the other trees, this is way too big!
Daisies at corner of house near little pond
The daisies are blooming nicely at the corner of the house and near the pond.
Front garden
This is around the front. The hanging baskets look good (Fuchsia and Geranium). I need to weed out a lot of things like spent Bleeding Heart.
Pots near sitting area
These pots near a sitting area look good.
Prolific Burgundy Lilies
The Lilies are giving us a nice show.
Hydrangea and Hosta Blooms
Hydrangea and Hosta blooms
Tomorrow I go drop more things off at the thrift shop. The first bunch of things isn’t selling well. I left a message for someone to call back and she did tonight. I had my old art table and she said to bring it over Sunday or another week. I can bring 15 items at a time and only 2 have sold in 2 weeks. I guess people are using money for vacations. I plan to keep consigning.

Blue, blue, blue Wednesday


Blue Morning Glory

Blue glass

Blue Poppies

Blue Graniteware coffee pot
Even though this isn’t summery oriented, here is a blue Christmas tree…
Christmas Tree 2006

I was working outside for a few hours with the weed whacker late this morning until the spool wouldn’t stay in place anymore. I was almost finished what I wanted to do too. Did the front sidewalk, the back patio edge and pond. Then the pond looked nasty, so I drained that out a lot and a tiny frog popped up! There use to be a big one in there. Guess he moved out and let ‘Elvis’ move in. So I got out the half moon edger and did almost around the entire pond. Things look better when they are edged-so nice and neat. I worked the ground enough for planting some flowers and I added three in the pond garden. I came in took a shower and tried to relax again outside (did I mention how nice the weather is today?) until I saw pots needed watering, so I did some of that and planted polka dot plants and another unusual plant in the fairy garden. Whew! I’m bushed!