Photo Hunt Yellow and Covered


Brandywine heirloom yellow tomato
Very yummy Brandywine heirloom. There are also ‘pear’ tomatoes that are smaller.
We have wild vines all over our yard, but here’s a creeping vine at Longwood Gardens about to cover this structure.
Metal Structure covered with vines
Here’s one from my yard about to cover my bedroom shutter.
Vines reaching up to shutter
Update-This is called a Purple Hyacinth Bean vine and I bought it from an Amish lady in Lancaster, PA.

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  1. Such amazing vines, I love how they creep up and cover whole structures. I noticed a vine climbing up the fence behind my faerie garden this year, I have no idea where it came from! lol I let it be because I like the way it’s covering up the ugly mesh fence anyway.

    I’ve never grown Brandywine Heirloom tomatoes. To me, tomatoes all taste the same anyway! lol I finished canning my tomatoes this past week and now will give away whatever ripens because I’m tomatoed right out!! Only thing left in the garden now are carrots and beets. Halleluiah:-) xoxo

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