Some pretties


The blooms are coming out! The blooms are coming out!  These happen to be a gift from my husband last week.

I seem to have a little cold or annoying allergies, but I did go out and snap a few photos of my yard.

The Viburnum bush is showing off it’s load of blooms even though we had a mild winter with little snow and not much rain this spring.

This was a baby Japanese maple we planted years ago that came from my mom’s yard This one is in the front yard.

I have many Bleeding Heart plants as I have divided them through the years. They love the soil under the evergreen out front.

This plant was here when we moved in….I think it has a ‘wort’ on the end of it’s name…

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  1. Love the bleeding hearts! I had them years ago, but they only lived a couple of years and then died out.

    I am unfamiliar with the “wort” plant.

    those are some pretty tulips that Brian got for you last week. I have some tulip foliage, but no blooms, not even buds, yet.

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