Summer spruce up


Repainted garden gnomes, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

As you know I have a garden that has both fairies and gnomes at the side of our house. I’ve have this garden a number of years and some of the older inhabitants were starting to look faded and sad. I picked 4 of the worst and cleaned them up and gessoed them all in white as I didn’t want to sand off paint I knew nothing about. I’m not that great with faces, but I think these aren’t too bad. After this shot, I sprayed them with acrylic sealer.
Here is Mr.and Mrs. Gnome back out near the Strawberry house (that needs a dab of green paint on the front there).
Mr. and Mrs. Gnome
Here’s a new flower that I saw at Longwood Garden and wanted to see if it spreads. It’s called Throatwort:
New flower-Throatwort
The tomatoes almost 5 feet tall now! It helps that they are planted in a circle as they have the fence for support.
Circle garden showing tomatoes
Brian cutting the long part of the yard
There’s Brian cutting the grass tonight. See that huge maple there-he planted it! Like all the other trees, this is way too big!
Daisies at corner of house near little pond
The daisies are blooming nicely at the corner of the house and near the pond.
Front garden
This is around the front. The hanging baskets look good (Fuchsia and Geranium). I need to weed out a lot of things like spent Bleeding Heart.
Pots near sitting area
These pots near a sitting area look good.
Prolific Burgundy Lilies
The Lilies are giving us a nice show.
Hydrangea and Hosta Blooms
Hydrangea and Hosta blooms
Tomorrow I go drop more things off at the thrift shop. The first bunch of things isn’t selling well. I left a message for someone to call back and she did tonight. I had my old art table and she said to bring it over Sunday or another week. I can bring 15 items at a time and only 2 have sold in 2 weeks. I guess people are using money for vacations. I plan to keep consigning.

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  1. You did a great job painting the gnomes. I like that are dressed in the same shade of green.

    That Throatwort looks like a nice flower. I have never heard of it before.

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