Where is July going?


Echo Picotee Lisianthus, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I got to spend some outside today potting and repotting flowers and not roasting doing so. I could stand to do weeding. Bri stopped and got me a spool for the Weed Whacker, but not in the mood to do that. I did make some homemade potato salad to eat with our fat-free hotdogs. I also sat and got inspired to do a few more collage cards. I must have purple on the mind!
Hula Moon 4" x 4" Collage Card
The Lisianthus is called Echo Pictotee. Haven’t had too many of these in the garden, but I am liking it! Got two (buy one, get one free) from the Amish lady. It’s like a rose and tulip in one!
Also got the cutest decorations:
Yoga frog
the above is for the pond garden
And this is for the fairy garden! : )
Chin in hand fairy
Mom may come out tomorrow to go to Longwood Gardens. : ) Hope so!

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  1. Love the frog for the pond garden! Tomorrow I plan to go to Art on the Bay..an arts/crafts show. I always look for some critter for the garden.

    Echo Pictotee is very pretty!

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