Blue, blue, blue Wednesday


Blue Morning Glory

Blue glass

Blue Poppies

Blue Graniteware coffee pot
Even though this isn’t summery oriented, here is a blue Christmas tree…
Christmas Tree 2006

I was working outside for a few hours with the weed whacker late this morning until the spool wouldn’t stay in place anymore. I was almost finished what I wanted to do too. Did the front sidewalk, the back patio edge and pond. Then the pond looked nasty, so I drained that out a lot and a tiny frog popped up! There use to be a big one in there. Guess he moved out and let ‘Elvis’ move in. So I got out the half moon edger and did almost around the entire pond. Things look better when they are edged-so nice and neat. I worked the ground enough for planting some flowers and I added three in the pond garden. I came in took a shower and tried to relax again outside (did I mention how nice the weather is today?) until I saw pots needed watering, so I did some of that and planted polka dot plants and another unusual plant in the fairy garden. Whew! I’m bushed!

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