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Photo Hunt-Creative


Close-up of wavy videos, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I think what I love almost as much as seeing the flowers and plants in early March at the Philadelphia Flower Show (especially if it’s been a cold winter) is the ‘creative’ aspect of the show. You’ve got to make me go ‘oh’ and ‘ah’ when I see it to be spectacular. The theme of the show this year was Hawaii (and I was thrilled my brother invited my son and I to go, but alas we aren’t speaking again…). This was an exhibit near the entrance called ‘The Orchid Wave’. There were flowers of course, but the blue part was a video of sea turtles and fish swimming over your head. I will see if someone made a video of this.

Pretty darn spectacular to me.

Photo Hunt-Awesome


Lucky for me, I call a few things ‘awesome’ now and then on my Flickr photo site. Glad I do that as I have 12,800 photos there right now!
This was from the 2008 Philly Flower Show. I like everything about the display from the ‘keyboard’ table, to the way the flowers are arranged and what they are in and the lighting effects. Look at how the napkins on the plates have polka dots! And the lady in the background is really taking it all in! Wow!

Seeing one of my favorite artists


There’s a special exhibit going on down at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It’s one I didn’t think I’d get to see like so many I thought I’d go to and then the show was over and moved on. Well, I said to Brian, this would make an awesome 28th anniversary gift if we could go in the first Sunday of the month when it’s pay what you want (seriously?-just say it’s free, we are buying food and gift shop items). But, it did cost admission to see the Van Gogh exhibit. And lookie here:

We weren’t allowed to take photos in the actual exhibit, but I saw people using their phones and the guards didn’t say anything. It was amazing to see one of the Sunflower paintings and the Flowering Almond branch he did for his namesake nephew when he was born. He applied the paint so thickly on many of his pieces making them very dimensional. He died at a young age of about 38.

We did go through the European artists and we also saw some local artists from Bucks County, PA. in another gallery. We were allowed to photograph these without flashes.

Mary S. Cassatt was born in Philadelphia, but lived in Paris. She loved to paint mainly women and children.

Family Group Reading-M. Cassatt
Family Group Reading
Woman with a Pearl Necklace in a Loge-Cassatt
Woman with Pearl Necklace in a Loge
Have you ever seen a Picasso like this? So beautiful!
Picasso still life
One of my favorites was by Perrier called Evening in Spain
Perrier's Evening in Spain-1890
And Brian checking out some local artists from Bucks County, PA
Brian checking out Bucks Co. artist

Goose and art from Bucks Co.
When we left the Van Gogh exhibit, we went across the street to check out a meandering park near the old Waterworks for the Schuylkill River. When I went to junior college, my friends and I went to a few St. Joseph University’s frat parties on boat house row there on the right.
Schuylkill River
The Water works building is a swanky restaurant now!
Old Water works building
The city! I grew up only about 11 miles from here!
Philly skyline
Happy to pose outside. We forgot to go see the Rocky statue. The stairs that he ran up were on the other side from where we were.

Dianne across street from Philly art museum

Yes, I bought some souvenirs, 3 of those lovely bags were only $1 each. I got a double light switch cover of ‘Starry Nights’ (I had seen that painting up in NYC in Feb. ) I got my mom some pens-she collects them. I hope we can come here again in the future, but not through the neighborhoods where the GPS told us to go.  These little daytrips do us the world of good!

Photo Hunt-Symbolic

Pilgrim Statue, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Oh, I have plenty of ‘symbolic’ statue photos!

This one, the Pilgrim statue was taking in Plymouth County, Massachusetts back in the fall of 1984. My fairly new hubby and I went on a driving trip to New England. Never been back, but want to! And it’s a film camera print-gasp!

My newest is of George Clymer who is down in Philadelphia near Independence Hall.

The Signer statue

He signed both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution! This is a wee dark as it was dusky. We were about to take a ghost tour of Olde City Philadelphia which was neat!

Ahola to the Philly Flower Show


It was crowded beyond crowded at the Philadelphia Flower Show on Tuesday-must have been the bus crowd as the average age was 65+. We usually go on a Sunday and on a train and doing so we can usually get closer to the exhibits. My middle brother drove and took the long way in because of Sean’s GPS. It was nice to go with my brother as our relationship had been rocky for a while. When we got down to the city, we parked in Chinatown and Sean and I went into a restaurant to use their bathrooms. We said we’d be back and we did go back.
Sean and I decided to go to the Reading Terminal Market for lunch as it was going on to 1:30 as it was. Mom and her friend Jim went into the show and my brother went in another direction. That would be the only time we would see them all until we left at 5:30.
Outside of Reading Terminal Market
It was also crowded. We got premade tuna wraps and a soda and there was no place to sit down inside. We sat in a little park area and ate. There was this neat mosaic structure.

A mosaic converted cone in a park in Philly

When we went back in the convention center (which was expanded) we looked up and saw empty tables on the next level. There was also a restaurant in the middle of the flower show. It was $18 for three courses. No one in our party ate there.

So we saw the cool ocean exhibit first and then the waterfall exhibit which was packed. It had music and an interesting light show. It was also hard to photograph.
Main waterfall display
The orchids were abundant at the show. These were at the base of the waterfall:
Gorgeous Orchids
The surfboard table was rather unique:
Surfboard table and cushions
I love these colors together. The butterflies were a nice addition
Display-mainly tulips
These were unique too-from the Vancouver, BC area
Orchids in cubes
A hammock is required for Hawaii!
Hammock scene

Hawaiian Anthuriums
Hawaiian Anthuriums

 Hawaii Anthurium display
It wouldn’t be the flower show without a Azalea or Daffodil display:
Salmon and pink azaleas

Daffodils make me smile
The Bonsai were very lovely:
Bonsai and watercolor

Pretty Bonsai display
A canoe garden:
Banana boats
This nursery is a few towns over from my mom. Not sure what the significant of the piled up stones is. It took up a lot of space and wasn’t colorful.
Stacked stones
Here’s something for Pinterest for sure!
Cool bucket lights
The gardens in this display were very lush:
A home herb/flower garden
Near the end, my photos got a bit blurry. I had the ISO set high and maybe near the competitor’s plants it was bright enough to have it lower.
And here’s the restaurant where we ate. Sean didn’t care for his meal as they added green peas to his old standby of Shrimp and Cashew nuts. He never liked peas. They said that the original thing he ordered, Baby shrimp and Macadamia nuts was seasonal. I think they didn’t have a jar of them maybe? The food was good.
Chinatown restaurant in Philly
I bought only a few things, “Jade” roses for $5, the real lei and a bouquet of dried flowers which I don’t have in a vase yet. Pretty!
Roses and Lei from the Philly Flower Show
I’ve got plans already for Brian’s birthday weekend down in Elkton, MD. in a few weeks!

Spirit of 76 Ghost tour in Philly


It’s really hard to take photos at night, but I hope you enjoy my efforts here.

Dr. Philip Syng Physick house, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Here’s a shot of Sean listening to Emma, the tour guide down in Philadelphia last night. We walked about 1.5 miles throughout the darkened streets of the Old City area, something neither of us had done before! Here we are at Dr. Philip Syng Physick’s elegant house and she was telling us about him being the father of surgery and how some gory stuff about waiting for bodies to be disposed. It was rough back then.
Dr. Philip Syng Physick house
Washington Park memorial
Where two thousand people are buried. It looks like a park and has sidewalks. Unfortunately some homeless guys were on the benches. It’s suppose to be really haunted here. I felt a bit weird walking around here. At the far end was the stump left from the ‘Moon tree’. It was grown from a seed that went to the moon and back and planted for the Bicentennial. There is a sapling from it planted now.
Pine St. Cemetery
Pine Street Cemetery (pretty sure) where Nicholas Cage filmed a scene from the movie ‘National Treasure’.
Lovely home on Pine St.
A quaint home on Pine Street. Not sure what home, but a witch was suppose to reside on this street centuries ago.
A trip to Philly wouldn’t be complete without a visit to The Liberty Bell!
The Liberty Bell
I don’t recall seeing it in this pavilion. We didn’t get to go in any buildings or cemeteries which would have been more interesting. Independence Hall is somewhat shrouded in the front as it goes through renovation
Independence Hall under renovation
There are still cobblestone streets. Rubber against cobblestone sounds strange
Cobblestone streets still in use.
The building where we were suppose to have dinner (grabbed a slice of pizza), but I forgot it closed at 6 pm. It would have been a great place to look around as there were some stores there too.
The Bourse Building
We did park right next door.
Suppose to be the most haunted street in Philly-Pine Street. Full apparitions were spotted here.
Pine Street-most haunted street in Philadelphia
I did see a few pinpoints of light in the two upper window (left and middle) of Carpenter’s Hall. People say they have seen a face in the first window. A few people living here heard footsteps and pounding on the walls.
Ghost seen in window on the left at one time
If you click and enlarge, you can see the lights too.
Awesome statues:
Commander John Barry statue
Commander John Barry-Father of the American Navy
The Signer-George Clymer-signed both the Constitution and Declaration of Independence
The Signer Statue
And finally-a graveyard you just don’t see every day-St. Mary’s
Graveyard of St. Mary's Church

Us in the audience!


Us in the audience!, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

The audience of the 10! Show
Sean and I did get down to see the taping of a local Philly chat show. It was lots of fun to be part of the audience. We got up at 6:30 am, left at 7:50 am and got there at 9:20 a.m.-that was close! We were some of the last people to check in, but we got to sit in the second row behind women and their kids who won a Phillies photo contest. They had added that stip on to their Facebook page and I do have some good photos of us at that smoldering game last year and Sean standing in the parking lot of the stadium. Sean tries to go to a game a year with his dad, but couldn’t afford it this year as he purchased the car. So this was a fun thing to do and he got to see the ace pitcher Cliff Lee.

I photographed these off the tv when we got home as they re-broadcast the show at 5 pm.
Who we came to see: Cliff Lee
Cliff Lee-ace pitcher!
Pitcher Cliff Lee tossing beanbags
Author and cook Cynthia Goch was on and made a few dishes-one of which was Eggplant Pizza. Here’s the recipe:
Cook and author Cynthia Goch with host LuAnn
Me outside the studio with our goodies-a towel, a photo and a Chester County Women’s booklet (Sean gave his to my mom).

Shaking, rattling and…finally rolling….


This will mark a first in our lives. Close to 2 pm, e.s.t. a 5.9 earthquake shook a wide area on the east coast up to Maine or even Canada. It originated in Louisa, Virginia.

Sean and I were standing near the dining room table and the china closet and chandelier started to rattle. Brian was home for lunch and sitting in the lounge chair and he felt it moving! It may have lasted up to 30 seconds. I thought a tree had fallen down out back! I called the neighbor and she felt it too. All we had to do was turn on the tv and we saw how widepread it was then!
We were on our way out to West Chester U. where Sean needed to get his I.D. before his classes start next week. We sat for a while, called the college and they said things were calmed down. We did decide to ‘roll’ there and Sean got his I.D. and we walked around the campus which brought back memories for me as I went there back in 1981-1982! : ) We then went by my late Uncle Don’s house which was sold a few weeks ago. There’s a dumpster in the driveway and many bushes have been trimmed. I helped clean up his yard (with either Brian or Sean) a few times. It made us feel bad, but life does go on.
We also got a little shopping in. I saw a PT Cruiser just like mine-same gold, but very customized with lots of chrome. I did take a photo. This is only the second gold one I’ve seen since I bought mine. They are certainly loved and enjoyed.

So things are good, I thank goodness the tremor wasn’t stronger. What an experience.

Pennsylvania is home


Just a fun little collage I did to honor the fine state on Pennsylvania. I grew up only about 10 miles or so outside of Philly. On this map, I live under West Chester now. My Uncle Don lived in West Chester. If you see route 322, that’s the way to Penn State.
I had to include Ben Franklin and the Liberty Bell too.
I’ve been to most of the towns here, not sure about Bethlehem.
Met the dentist at the office yesterday for about 10 minutes-kind of ruined our whole day. He put a patch on my tooth, but I need a crown on it. I figured that. There are 3 next to it and one under it. I could have bought a car with what we’ve spent on my teeth.
My mom still needs some good vibes-the bank keeps finding unusual things to stop her from going through. This has been doing on since November.

For Photo Hunt’s ‘Shadow’ theme:
Me and my shadow
Just me

Photo Hunt-Miniature


Miniature display Vino, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

This was taken in March of 2009 at the Philadelphia Flower Show. Every year there is a Miniature competition and this was one of the displays featuring ‘Vino’ or Wine. : ) I have other photos, but this is the clearest of the bunch. Amazingly lovely in it’s small size, don’t you think?
I like this one too, which was best of show.
Miniature display-1st place