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Chanticleer Gardens-Part 1


Trying to hide, better not seek


Since the last time I posted, I met a goal by finding my 250th geocache with Brian! We went after church and unfortunately started driving around in the area from the weekend before which is way out in the boonies too much. The first place we went to would have meant ‘maybe’ walking by a stream. It was about 6:20, so we didn’t want to do that one. The next one was also more like a little hike which we got out for thinking it was in a guardrail. The third one was in a little park that I has seen better in the daylight, but not at night. Finally we headed to one and when we approached a guardrail, the compass counted down and I knew we had one! Yay! Someone had put a rock in front of the cache and it hadn’t been found since December. Whew! That took over an hour. We then went on and enjoyed lovely salads for dinner.

I had a meeting at the church where I work (once a week) this past Sunday. The coordinator also had a delicious lunch for us from mini pulled pork sandwiches to fruit, veggies, soup and chili. We practiced gathering the children (there were none there) to get out for a fire. Then we went in the bathroom-in case we were threatened by an intruder. We were to pull a piece of paper off the wall with ‘red’ on one side and ‘green’ on the other. If someone we knew came in, we were to pass the paper under the door before opening it with the appropriate color up. And with both incidences we need to bring the clipboard in with the signed in kids listed on it. I think we all need an emergency plan like this.

Other than that, I haven’t been able to get that special Silver Linings Playbook cache published as they said that it was too close to a house and I need permission. I appealed a few times to the mother company and the volunteer said she looked at the satellite and it was too close to the house. I decided to look at the satellite photo again and my coords are off for the area where the cache is. It shows it being in the middle of the road, near the incorrect house. I feel a bit stupid as I didn’t see this, but I think once the cache is archived, it’s really hard to get it up again. And the reviewer is a volunteer like the appeal people. I didn’t know that the cache reviewers could also still geocache! I saw where the person who reviews mine goes ahead and looks for the ones he reviews and I saw where he was the ‘first to find’ on one cache. This doesn’t seem fair to me at all like they have an unfair advantage. I told him and the appeal’s person this too. Makes the ‘game’ seem a bit lop-sided especially when the reviewer’s geocache name has over 11k!

So here is where the cache is and where I put down the incorrect coords-marked by the ‘B’. The yellow is correct.


And from that corner there and down about 10 houses is the real SLP house


It’s the house in the middle (pretty sure) as I compared it to the screen shot from the movie.

I have one more day of work and then I have a break for Easter.

Tracing some the steps of SLP


After seeing ‘Silver Linings Playbook’, I was itchy to go down to that area to eat in the Llanerch Diner where the characters Pat and Tiffany kinda had a date and then to see the house where the movie was filmed. And then if I was really lucky to hide a geocache along that particular street there.

I went to my hometown which is about 5-6 miles from where I was headed. I got my mom and we stopped off at the cemetery where a geocache was. It’s also where my maternal family is resting. The cache was around the bend from that area and I got out of the geomobile and left my mom there. It was an area with a few evergreens and bushes. I got to 17 feet away and I swung around to see a tree that probably had broken off. I looked in and low and behold, I saw a film canister! Yay, less than 5 minutes of looking. I hustled back to the car and told my mom since we were here, I was going to walk over to the family plot. It took me a few minutes to find it, but I did and was sad to see it faded a lot from the sun-it was a pink marble.

Got back in the car and headed for the diner. I was taking some shots with the phone camera of the sign:


and when we were being seated, the lady lead us right to the booth where Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence sat! I didn’t even ask her where it was. But this told the tale:


My mom looked cute when she poised:


She had a little trouble taking a photo of me-this was the best of 4


I liked the asparagus/Swiss Cheese Omelet I had, but mom said her pork chop was a little tough (I think overcooked-I never order pork chops out as I have trouble enough cooking them myself).

The next stop was the avenue where the house used in the movie was located. At first I went the wrong way, but it was right down from the diner. Then I wasn’t sure which house it was. I remembered them all walking up to the front door and it had pillars made of stone with the thick cement in between. Mom thought a lot of the homes were built in the 1930s. I think I saw the house when we drove by after looking at a newspaper article online and the opening credits of the trailer.


So it was fun to see all this and I also hide a ‘premium’ geocache as I didn’t want too many people coming here at once and it was just a little nano with a tiny log. I’m waiting for approval.

Update-The reviewer won’t grant me permission to place the cache as he says I need approval from the people living near it. What? It’s not on private property and not near the SLP house.

Exploring Philadelphia


Brilliant! A look at the 2013 Philly Flower Show


Finally saw Silver Linings Playbook


With all the local hype associated with this movie, it was about time that Brian and I went to see it.


Sean had seen it in the fall with a date and then they went to the diner where a scene was filmed. Also, we lived under 3 miles from where it was filmed (for 2.5 years in an apartment complex as newlyweds) and wanted to see the different neighborhoods and they did look familiar too! Tina Fey and Todd Rundgren are from close by this area. There was a scene when Bradley Cooper’s character was talking to the principal of the high school. I know several people, including one of my bridesmaids who went to ‘Prendy’.

This is a neat shot from the movie. I’m not sure if I ever ate here, but we have been by the Llanerch Diner many times.


Bradley and Jennifer Lawrence were really good in this movie (this was suppose to be Halloween, hence the waitress in the funny outfit-lots of locals here).

We’ll have to go explore down here, just outside of Philadelphia, one of these days. I think there is a tour that correlates with the scenes in the movie.

Today, Brian and I went on what I thought would be easy caches finds, but alas they weren’t! We saw places that we have never been to, so that’s really one of the main reasons to cache! The phone navigator wasn’t working great though. Got some more exercise!


Yay, my new glasses got really dark today!

Brian look perplexed at a bridge cache. I saw a picture of what we should have found, and we surely didn’t see it.


We did find a pretty awesome one that looked like an electrical box on a sign for a restaurant complex.


You find some you don’t!