Ahola to the Philly Flower Show


It was crowded beyond crowded at the Philadelphia Flower Show on Tuesday-must have been the bus crowd as the average age was 65+. We usually go on a Sunday and on a train and doing so we can usually get closer to the exhibits. My middle brother drove and took the long way in because of Sean’s GPS. It was nice to go with my brother as our relationship had been rocky for a while. When we got down to the city, we parked in Chinatown and Sean and I went into a restaurant to use their bathrooms. We said we’d be back and we did go back.
Sean and I decided to go to the Reading Terminal Market for lunch as it was going on to 1:30 as it was. Mom and her friend Jim went into the show and my brother went in another direction. That would be the only time we would see them all until we left at 5:30.
Outside of Reading Terminal Market
It was also crowded. We got premade tuna wraps and a soda and there was no place to sit down inside. We sat in a little park area and ate. There was this neat mosaic structure.

A mosaic converted cone in a park in Philly

When we went back in the convention center (which was expanded) we looked up and saw empty tables on the next level. There was also a restaurant in the middle of the flower show. It was $18 for three courses. No one in our party ate there.

So we saw the cool ocean exhibit first and then the waterfall exhibit which was packed. It had music and an interesting light show. It was also hard to photograph.
Main waterfall display
The orchids were abundant at the show. These were at the base of the waterfall:
Gorgeous Orchids
The surfboard table was rather unique:
Surfboard table and cushions
I love these colors together. The butterflies were a nice addition
Display-mainly tulips
These were unique too-from the Vancouver, BC area
Orchids in cubes
A hammock is required for Hawaii!
Hammock scene

Hawaiian Anthuriums
Hawaiian Anthuriums

 Hawaii Anthurium display
It wouldn’t be the flower show without a Azalea or Daffodil display:
Salmon and pink azaleas

Daffodils make me smile
The Bonsai were very lovely:
Bonsai and watercolor

Pretty Bonsai display
A canoe garden:
Banana boats
This nursery is a few towns over from my mom. Not sure what the significant of the piled up stones is. It took up a lot of space and wasn’t colorful.
Stacked stones
Here’s something for Pinterest for sure!
Cool bucket lights
The gardens in this display were very lush:
A home herb/flower garden
Near the end, my photos got a bit blurry. I had the ISO set high and maybe near the competitor’s plants it was bright enough to have it lower.
And here’s the restaurant where we ate. Sean didn’t care for his meal as they added green peas to his old standby of Shrimp and Cashew nuts. He never liked peas. They said that the original thing he ordered, Baby shrimp and Macadamia nuts was seasonal. I think they didn’t have a jar of them maybe? The food was good.
Chinatown restaurant in Philly
I bought only a few things, “Jade” roses for $5, the real lei and a bouquet of dried flowers which I don’t have in a vase yet. Pretty!
Roses and Lei from the Philly Flower Show
I’ve got plans already for Brian’s birthday weekend down in Elkton, MD. in a few weeks!

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  1. Those garbage can lights are cool in that setting. Pinterest for sure!

    There is some meaning to those stacked rocks…not sure what, but they do it all over the Great Lakes, too.

    Loved the surf board display. What a great place to sit and enjoy a cocktail.

    Such an interesting what to spend the day.

  2. Such an amazing event this show seems to be and I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your pictures. I really like all the ideas shown here, especially the surfboard table and upside down bucket/garbage can lights. The flowers are gorgeous as well, especially the orchids. Glad you all had such a lovely time:-) xoxo

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