Spirit of 76 Ghost tour in Philly


It’s really hard to take photos at night, but I hope you enjoy my efforts here.

Dr. Philip Syng Physick house, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Here’s a shot of Sean listening to Emma, the tour guide down in Philadelphia last night. We walked about 1.5 miles throughout the darkened streets of the Old City area, something neither of us had done before! Here we are at Dr. Philip Syng Physick’s elegant house and she was telling us about him being the father of surgery and how some gory stuff about waiting for bodies to be disposed. It was rough back then.
Dr. Philip Syng Physick house
Washington Park memorial
Where two thousand people are buried. It looks like a park and has sidewalks. Unfortunately some homeless guys were on the benches. It’s suppose to be really haunted here. I felt a bit weird walking around here. At the far end was the stump left from the ‘Moon tree’. It was grown from a seed that went to the moon and back and planted for the Bicentennial. There is a sapling from it planted now.
Pine St. Cemetery
Pine Street Cemetery (pretty sure) where Nicholas Cage filmed a scene from the movie ‘National Treasure’.
Lovely home on Pine St.
A quaint home on Pine Street. Not sure what home, but a witch was suppose to reside on this street centuries ago.
A trip to Philly wouldn’t be complete without a visit to The Liberty Bell!
The Liberty Bell
I don’t recall seeing it in this pavilion. We didn’t get to go in any buildings or cemeteries which would have been more interesting. Independence Hall is somewhat shrouded in the front as it goes through renovation
Independence Hall under renovation
There are still cobblestone streets. Rubber against cobblestone sounds strange
Cobblestone streets still in use.
The building where we were suppose to have dinner (grabbed a slice of pizza), but I forgot it closed at 6 pm. It would have been a great place to look around as there were some stores there too.
The Bourse Building
We did park right next door.
Suppose to be the most haunted street in Philly-Pine Street. Full apparitions were spotted here.
Pine Street-most haunted street in Philadelphia
I did see a few pinpoints of light in the two upper window (left and middle) of Carpenter’s Hall. People say they have seen a face in the first window. A few people living here heard footsteps and pounding on the walls.
Ghost seen in window on the left at one time
If you click and enlarge, you can see the lights too.
Awesome statues:
Commander John Barry statue
Commander John Barry-Father of the American Navy
The Signer-George Clymer-signed both the Constitution and Declaration of Independence
The Signer Statue
And finally-a graveyard you just don’t see every day-St. Mary’s
Graveyard of St. Mary's Church

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  1. A ghost walk sounds like fun, especially in October. Too bad they did not allow you in cemeteries….seems like ghosts and cemeteries just go together.

    I just read about one of the lighthouses I toured last weekend and it is supposedly haunted. Seems there were big Indian battles there and some of the spirits still visit. I did not see anything to indicate this, but it still left me with a spooky feeling!

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