Seeing one of my favorite artists


There’s a special exhibit going on down at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It’s one I didn’t think I’d get to see like so many I thought I’d go to and then the show was over and moved on. Well, I said to Brian, this would make an awesome 28th anniversary gift if we could go in the first Sunday of the month when it’s pay what you want (seriously?-just say it’s free, we are buying food and gift shop items). But, it did cost admission to see the Van Gogh exhibit. And lookie here:

We weren’t allowed to take photos in the actual exhibit, but I saw people using their phones and the guards didn’t say anything. It was amazing to see one of the Sunflower paintings and the Flowering Almond branch he did for his namesake nephew when he was born. He applied the paint so thickly on many of his pieces making them very dimensional. He died at a young age of about 38.

We did go through the European artists and we also saw some local artists from Bucks County, PA. in another gallery. We were allowed to photograph these without flashes.

Mary S. Cassatt was born in Philadelphia, but lived in Paris. She loved to paint mainly women and children.

Family Group Reading-M. Cassatt
Family Group Reading
Woman with a Pearl Necklace in a Loge-Cassatt
Woman with Pearl Necklace in a Loge
Have you ever seen a Picasso like this? So beautiful!
Picasso still life
One of my favorites was by Perrier called Evening in Spain
Perrier's Evening in Spain-1890
And Brian checking out some local artists from Bucks County, PA
Brian checking out Bucks Co. artist

Goose and art from Bucks Co.
When we left the Van Gogh exhibit, we went across the street to check out a meandering park near the old Waterworks for the Schuylkill River. When I went to junior college, my friends and I went to a few St. Joseph University’s frat parties on boat house row there on the right.
Schuylkill River
The Water works building is a swanky restaurant now!
Old Water works building
The city! I grew up only about 11 miles from here!
Philly skyline
Happy to pose outside. We forgot to go see the Rocky statue. The stairs that he ran up were on the other side from where we were.

Dianne across street from Philly art museum

Yes, I bought some souvenirs, 3 of those lovely bags were only $1 each. I got a double light switch cover of ‘Starry Nights’ (I had seen that painting up in NYC in Feb. ) I got my mom some pens-she collects them. I hope we can come here again in the future, but not through the neighborhoods where the GPS told us to go.  These little daytrips do us the world of good!

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