Us in the audience!


Us in the audience!, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

The audience of the 10! Show
Sean and I did get down to see the taping of a local Philly chat show. It was lots of fun to be part of the audience. We got up at 6:30 am, left at 7:50 am and got there at 9:20 a.m.-that was close! We were some of the last people to check in, but we got to sit in the second row behind women and their kids who won a Phillies photo contest. They had added that stip on to their Facebook page and I do have some good photos of us at that smoldering game last year and Sean standing in the parking lot of the stadium. Sean tries to go to a game a year with his dad, but couldn’t afford it this year as he purchased the car. So this was a fun thing to do and he got to see the ace pitcher Cliff Lee.

I photographed these off the tv when we got home as they re-broadcast the show at 5 pm.
Who we came to see: Cliff Lee
Cliff Lee-ace pitcher!
Pitcher Cliff Lee tossing beanbags
Author and cook Cynthia Goch was on and made a few dishes-one of which was Eggplant Pizza. Here’s the recipe:
Cook and author Cynthia Goch with host LuAnn
Me outside the studio with our goodies-a towel, a photo and a Chester County Women’s booklet (Sean gave his to my mom).

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  1. How cool is that, having pictures of you and Sean sitting in the audience:-) It sounds like it was a great show and it’s no wonder you both enjoyed it so much!! By the way, I just love your lighter hair colour, it really suits you.

    The recipe for the Eggplant Pizza does sound delicious! Would you believe I’ve never bought an eggplant or tasted one? lol xoxo

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