Pennsylvania is home


Just a fun little collage I did to honor the fine state on Pennsylvania. I grew up only about 10 miles or so outside of Philly. On this map, I live under West Chester now. My Uncle Don lived in West Chester. If you see route 322, that’s the way to Penn State.
I had to include Ben Franklin and the Liberty Bell too.
I’ve been to most of the towns here, not sure about Bethlehem.
Met the dentist at the office yesterday for about 10 minutes-kind of ruined our whole day. He put a patch on my tooth, but I need a crown on it. I figured that. There are 3 next to it and one under it. I could have bought a car with what we’ve spent on my teeth.
My mom still needs some good vibes-the bank keeps finding unusual things to stop her from going through. This has been doing on since November.

For Photo Hunt’s ‘Shadow’ theme:
Me and my shadow
Just me

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