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Skipped some stones


Brian and I did a little mapped out caching on the 6th (yesterday). I hadn’t been feeling well earlier in the week and had to miss work again. I think I have a food allergy to sweet potatoes. I’m keeping a food dinner diary and I asked Brian if he remembered when my tummy was bothering me another time and I looked it up and we had eaten sweet potato chili. I really liked that chili too! I’ll make it another time to see for sure. Tuesday I even ate Greek food from Wilmington’s festival and that didn’t bother me and it’s very rich.

Greek specialties for lunch and dinner!

Speaking of Wilmington, Sean and I drove down to the church to retrieve the take-out. Each sampler is only $15 and I got two meals out of mine. We stopped at a park to find a cache first. We didn’t know where to park, so Sean went to a school lot for about 10 minutes. It didn’t take long to zone into the area and I saw this:

Geocache in Cool Springs Park in Wilmington, DE

The cache was in the pole behind the sign and difficult to retrieve!

I really liked Cool Springs. We figured out you were only allowed to park on side streets on the other side of the park. When I found the cache, I told Sean to go sit in the car in case someone came along. No one did.

With the first mentioned caching, Brian and I went to Banning Park near Newport, De. There were a number of caches there and I always like finding a new park.

The bridge was the second cache we looked for. The first was in a curved hedge. Now I don’t know about other cachers, but if there is anything I dislike more about caching is sticking my head is bushes. They hold dirt and stuff like a barrier. We looked quite a bit and were right where the cache was suppose to be, but we didn’t see it. Strike one!

So we went over to the bridge. Again we were in the right spot, but a FB caching pal said in her log that she didn’t get too wet or dirty, so I knew what I had to do. Brian didn’t volunteer to walk in the stream. And lo and behold, there was the cache under the bridge! Yes!

We went on to find another bridge one that was kind of out in the open and not hidden well. We then looked a bit for one near a pond. It was along a fence, but also near train tracks so the GPS went wonky a few times. I finally walked away and then approached more slowly and it stopped at correct spot and I saw a cammoed sack which was the cache!

We went on to a pavilion hide. When we first arrived, some school was having their picnic or field day and there were at least 200 kids in bright red t-shirts wondering around and in the area of the pavilion. They were all gone by 3 pm, but alas, I think they had to find the cache there or it was in the bush we stuck our heads in several times. People have to remember that birds will make nests in shrubs too. I told the cache owners it may be gone. I’ll be curious to see if anyone finds it after us.

We went on to find a few caches along Rt. 4 on our way to dinner and the grocery store. One was a gunner in a memorial park. Brian found that one.

Brian near the gunner cache in Newport, DE which he also found.

I had my ‘cheat’ dinner last night which was a ‘baby’ cheesesteak on an Italian roll. It was so skimpy, I am sure a real baby could eat it and still be hungry. Maybe it wasn’t much of a cheat. I’ve been trying to stick to whole grain bread.

There was a cache near the restaurant at a restaurant. We walked over knowing it was one of the light fixtures on the side. Pretty sure the shades were down in the restaurant, but didn’t a waiter come out and in poor English want to know what we were doing! I showed him the app, he didn’t get it and wouldn’t leave until we did. At least we tried to find it.

We are having lots of rain today. Brian didn’t have to work, but he had to clean up water in the basement. I decided to tidy up the pantry closet as stuff was just hedged in there and falling out. It took a little while, but I got rid of old food and almost empty cereal boxes.

Sean has off Sunday, so thinking about doing a day trip. I know he isn’t into driving a lot, but Brian doesn’t have off.  I hope we can see something different not too far away!

A week we all want to forget


Well it certainly was a week from hell. We will never know what those two brothers were thinking up in Boston, but I will not give them more thought than they deserve. I know 4 innocent people are gone and almost 200 injured. When the younger one got captured, we had a storm going through, and then sat in the dark for 3 hours. That was really strange.

I was thinking just this past Wednesday how lucky I have been with not getting a cold for a few months. I was sitting in the car on the way to the preschool. A few nights before I had been in a crowded room with up to 30 people at one time. I watched the thermostat go from 67 to about 71! So on Thursday I woke up with my second really red left eye in a few weeks. Yesterday I went down and took my mom to a book sale, so I was around old books and pollen. Today I was walking around outside a little when the pollen count was 10.3 out of 12. I’m asking for trouble! I got it-post nasal drip, congestion and sneezing. Ugh.

We went to our second geocaching event in a year Thursday, a get-together in a Chinese restaurant.  We chatted with a few people, but you could tell which people knew each other better. We were given coords for new caches, but I didn’t have my device to plug them into it, and I don’t know how yet. We did go and find about 3 of them that were just in the area-easy ones!

So when I went to mom’s, we went up to my hometown and we ate lunch in a place called Sligo’s. There was some amazing Celtic stencil work in there, so I took some photos of it.



Today we went to church and after we grabbed a few hoagies at Wawa, I asked if we could find a geocache down the road (Delaware). We were lead near a big sign and it was magnetic. Lo and behold it was yet another cool reflector cache stuck to one of the metal supports of the the sign! It looked rather new and it was!

Then we went to find one in a neighborhood park. At first we couldn’t find the entrance and we finally did! It was deserted, so we had the place to look for ourselves. We went right instead of going left and when we got close to ground zero, I saw a weird piece of wood and flipped it over and the box was attached via magnet! Under the wood and under the lid of the box! It hadn’t been found for 7 months. Here is a cool tree we saw near the cache:


I made a nice pork loin dinner tonight. The guys were both working late. Hate eating along, but Brian got in after 7.

We have tickets to go to New York on Thursday to see the Rachael Ray show. I confirmed it-for the third time, but doubt we will go. They made it earlier to check in, so a friend who has seen it said to get there 2 hours before that! So we’d have to get up around 6 am, leave 8 or so, grab the 10 o’clock train and go stand and wait until 1:30 when they let us in the studio!  And you are not guaranteed to get in after all that! Sean and I went to see a Philly show, got there late, were last in line and made it to the second row and on tv a few times! We got to see Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee and comedian Kevin Hart. We have no idea who will be on RR.  Plus driving there (gas money to a train station in NJ) and the train round trip for two is $60. If we feel good, we may good. It’s really hard to get tickets to shows! I really miss NYC too.

Back in the geo-saddle again


Today I felt good enough that I asked Brian if we could go to a number of ‘researched’ geocaches along a busy section in nearby Delaware (okay, I used the satellite feature on, but I don’t do that all the time-it’s such a busy area, it was wise of me to do this). He agreed and off we went right before 1! He cashed his check and we went to the first few caches. We also brought the Canon and I didn’t take any of the following shots, they were all by Brian!

Geocaching2-13 002

This particular shopping area is what I call ‘cement city’. A nice bonus though is two ‘lakes’ with walking paths. Behind me is Red Robin. The fountains are lit up at night, very pretty.

We found a few pill bottles along the way. One cache was a pill bottle attached to a piece of wood floating in an open post.


One we looked for on Monday we did find in a matter of minutes. It was placed my a new geocaching buddy at the British Pub. We still need to get back there to eat again.


I liked one that was on the back of a blue light reflector. I think I had an audience when I retrieved it as a guy was sitting in his truck a bit away watching.



Hello Kitty! I replaced the other very full log!

It’s one in a water bottle for a marble trade. Clever log attachment!



We had a great salad at SaladWorks-the tuna nicoise and did a little shopping. When the sun was setting, I suggested we look for one called ‘Red Wing Pond’. It was the perfect time of the day to take a walk on another trail in the above mentioned shopping area! We looked and looked, but we think it was missing. But do enjoy the photos Brian took.

Geocaching2-13 005

Geocaching2-13 011

‘Cloud Wings’

Geocaching2-13 015

Had all my gear…no cache to add to. To my left was the pond.

I felt really good today. My aches were not that bad and I don’t know what I did! I am not drinking soda of any kind for Lent for 3 days now or a tummy medicine may have calmed down more that my stomach. I have no idea. I have a feeling tomorrow may be different but crossing fingers.

Geocaching2-13 006

Want to go to the movies? You take a few escalators to get to the 16 different theaters.

Geocaching2-13 012Fairly new homes have a nice place to walk and plenty of shopping in cement city.

Geocaching2-13 016

We are expecting one of our little ‘snow events’ overnight that will probably melt away by the afternoon.

I forgot to update my readers to let you know my brother’s dog  Baxter made it! He was given more medication and he’s much better getting up and going outside.  : )

Just plugging along


Since last I updated, we have all had colds, Sean getting the worse of it. I missed work as I was just too achy to even try go. A week makes a big difference!

The three of us went out last night (Monday) which doesn’t happen often. Sean drove in the rental car. His car is ‘still’ in the shop as there is a suspension issue they are trying to get the insurance to check out. Sean is pretty sure he hit a curb as the jeep took out the entire left side of his car. We drove by the restoration place last night and Sean’s car was sitting outside. It’s been 3 weeks. The guy who did this had hardly anything happen to his vehicle-someone who made an illegal u-turn didn’t have to go through all this!

Anyway, we had a gift card for Bertucci’s and went to one near Wilmington, DE. Earlier in the day, here had just been a shooting just miles away at the courthouse-the gunman shot his estranged wife and another woman to death and the police got him. It was a custody issue and two lovely ladies were killed. Crazy!

We  also went through a 5 Below store which has cuter and cuter things each time I go there.

I mentioned that a geocaching friend had a hide near a British pub, so we went like 1/2 mile down the road. The cache was said to be decorated for the local Philly ice hockey team the Flyers-in orange and black. We looked at benches, near pipes, behind signs, etc. with no luck.  This was all in a dimly lit area. I think we didn’t look low enough! We may go back on Thursday for dinner as it’s a nice place to eat and we had eaten there before.  We headed down to a big ‘cement city’ shopping area and after sinking in mud, found a little camouflaged box (fake leaves glued to the top). We looked for one more and again we didn’t see the travel  mug holder. We shopped in Trader Joe’s for healthy goodies and came home.


Remembering President Lincoln on his birthday

When I got home I decided to look at the satellite for a number of geocaches along the route where we just were and wrote down info for 10 of them, one being south bound and the rest north.

I had some insurance issues with blood work I had done in November. Brian and I went over to the doctor yesterday to pick up blood work and ask why they haven’t submitted info to the insurance. Boy did they hustle! The office manager was very nice. Asked me if I was stressed out, yes I am! My blood pressure has been a little high lately. I know stress can make you feel a lot worse than you are!  My blood work wasn’t too bad. I do have a bit of a Vitamin D deficiency so I will be taking mega doses of it once a week for 3 months to get my numbers up. People are usually deficient in the winter, but I may have trouble  absorbing it. I sure hope it helps. Maybe my joints will feel better too!

Winter sunshine


This Friday and again today, I headed down to the neighboring town’s yearly huge book sale. They advertise that there is over 70K books and I do believe them! Being the book lover I am, I can’t pass up a sale. There was even a geocache in the parking lot to look for. Too bad it was so cold yesterday. I had looked at it via the satellite shot a month or so ago and didn’t I sit down ‘across’ from where it really was at the end of a bridge. The problem is I couldn’t reach right for it. I actually wondered up and down the bridge for about 15 minutes. I went back on the website and emailed a guy who had found it after 3 tries. He sent me back a detailed explanation. Today I had Brian. I swore it was the ‘right’ on my side, but it was on the other side! Then I couldn’t find my pen, so had to use a pencil in the SUV.

We didn’t go hog wild book wise. In fact Sean didn’t buy anything.

We decided to go to the New Castle (Delaware) Farmer’s market, but took a detour so Sean could see the old area of the town. Brian and I had been there a few times. I got out and took a few photos, this being my favorite:


See the trio of tree and fence tops?

We then headed to the farmer’s market. I was having major hurt issues with my knee down to the back of my calf.  Think I did something Friday night getting out to retrieve a cache.  (That’s an entirely different story!)

At the market, we found young Amish people selling donuts. They were much more in cost than the ‘DD’, but they are larger and fluffier. Best I ever had! Have to be careful eating those!

We also went to ‘The Hut’ and when we pulled in the parking lot, we saw Sean’s old Taurus that he traded in 1.5 yrs ago! Someone who works there owned it. I think Sean was super surprised. He took good care of that car (his 1st car) and when he saw it, he said ‘that car took me back and forth to Penn State many times’. Where he traded it in for his newer Taurus is about a 1/4 mile away.  But the chances of us seeing it again, just wow.

We went to get gas, found another guardrail cache at the station next to it (drove in circles a bit, guess the attendant wondered what we were doing) and then hit the Goodwill where I found a few bird tchotchkes, one of which is a Marjolein Bastin for Hallmark.

I mainly bought crafting books at the sale earlier, ribbon embroidery and drawing for my mom and a few historic fictions along with crafts for me.

It was nice to have Sean along. He was a little depressed at first, some job issues going on in the family and I guess he feels that his time in the sun isn’t coming along fast enough in the job field. The economy is still not great and I think Sean will have to move away from here when he is done with his schooling.

Oh the places we’ve seen!


Yay, I kind of borrowed that title from my new pal Jodie as this is like the name of her Facebook album defining the same thing-geocache adventures! The thing is, Jodie and her hubby have found over 2k each! I’m not sure if I’ll ever even get close to that or my other pal Carole’s almost 600 with all my arthritis issues that crept up this year. I can surely pace myself and it’s great exercise and many caches involve enjoying the beauty of nature.

So what have we seen? Many Quaker Meeting houses/old cemeteries, my goodness at least a dozen or more different ones with their ancient grave stones and faded out names.


Hosanna in Lincoln University, PA

ArchiesC5 Chadds Ford, PA


Red Clay Creek Church, DE Found #100 here


St. David’s Church, PA

Let me make it clear that you aren’t allowed to hide caches around graves. They are usually in a fence, old tree stump or similar. The one above was a ‘virtual’ one where we found the grave of  General Anthony Wayne and took a photo.

So if these places weren’t interesting enough, we found places like Historic New Castle, DE and




Brandywine Springs Picnic park (what was left of this place)


Great views!


Where my cache is hidden in my hometown


Wilmington, DE


Blue Ball Barn in Delaware

Did I mention Cannon finds?



Part II-Nature caches soon

Places I loved all my life


We’re waiting on the ‘monster’ storm Sandy to arrive. Today I picked up a few things outside that I thought would get tossed around in the wind and rain we are expecting within hours. We put tarp down in hopes that the water would run away from the foundation and not go in the basement. We have lots to drink, enough ice for a few days and flashlights and candles. It seems she will take her good ol’ time coming inland and staying a bit. Right now it’s rainy and a bit breezy.

So I am worried about our beaches and coastlines…we have seen on tv and FB the flooded out streets of Wildwood, NJ  and the waters covering Route 1 between the Delaware beach resorts of Dewey and Bethany. It’s going to be a mess and it’s probably going to be a while before things will be like they were when people are going on vacation in the summertime. I am glad I’m not on vacation now (if we were in NJ/DE/MD) as I’d be scared about where I am and what’s going on at home.

Brian’s a bit under the weather and I hope that Sean and him can tackle any labor this may make them go through. I won’t be able to do much leaning over as my hip has been bad this weekend. I did have one good night, not sure what I did, I took one glucasomine chondroitin that night.

Wish us well and again…we are on standby. We will be filling up pitchers of water and the tub tomorrow morning. We need the tub water for the toidy. Not fun.

I think this is Atlantic City, NJ about 1975

Sean and DianneCape May, NJ

Dianne sticking toes in ocean at night

Ocean City, MD

Rehoboth Beach
Rehoboth Beach, DE

Guys hitting the waves
Fenwick Island, DE