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Just plugging along


Since last I updated, we have all had colds, Sean getting the worse of it. I missed work as I was just too achy to even try go. A week makes a big difference!

The three of us went out last night (Monday) which doesn’t happen often. Sean drove in the rental car. His car is ‘still’ in the shop as there is a suspension issue they are trying to get the insurance to check out. Sean is pretty sure he hit a curb as the jeep took out the entire left side of his car. We drove by the restoration place last night and Sean’s car was sitting outside. It’s been 3 weeks. The guy who did this had hardly anything happen to his vehicle-someone who made an illegal u-turn didn’t have to go through all this!

Anyway, we had a gift card for Bertucci’s and went to one near Wilmington, DE. Earlier in the day, here had just been a shooting just miles away at the courthouse-the gunman shot his estranged wife and another woman to death and the police got him. It was a custody issue and two lovely ladies were killed. Crazy!

We  also went through a 5 Below store which has cuter and cuter things each time I go there.

I mentioned that a geocaching friend had a hide near a British pub, so we went like 1/2 mile down the road. The cache was said to be decorated for the local Philly ice hockey team the Flyers-in orange and black. We looked at benches, near pipes, behind signs, etc. with no luck.  This was all in a dimly lit area. I think we didn’t look low enough! We may go back on Thursday for dinner as it’s a nice place to eat and we had eaten there before.  We headed down to a big ‘cement city’ shopping area and after sinking in mud, found a little camouflaged box (fake leaves glued to the top). We looked for one more and again we didn’t see the travel  mug holder. We shopped in Trader Joe’s for healthy goodies and came home.


Remembering President Lincoln on his birthday

When I got home I decided to look at the satellite for a number of geocaches along the route where we just were and wrote down info for 10 of them, one being south bound and the rest north.

I had some insurance issues with blood work I had done in November. Brian and I went over to the doctor yesterday to pick up blood work and ask why they haven’t submitted info to the insurance. Boy did they hustle! The office manager was very nice. Asked me if I was stressed out, yes I am! My blood pressure has been a little high lately. I know stress can make you feel a lot worse than you are!  My blood work wasn’t too bad. I do have a bit of a Vitamin D deficiency so I will be taking mega doses of it once a week for 3 months to get my numbers up. People are usually deficient in the winter, but I may have trouble  absorbing it. I sure hope it helps. Maybe my joints will feel better too!

Winter sunshine


This Friday and again today, I headed down to the neighboring town’s yearly huge book sale. They advertise that there is over 70K books and I do believe them! Being the book lover I am, I can’t pass up a sale. There was even a geocache in the parking lot to look for. Too bad it was so cold yesterday. I had looked at it via the satellite shot a month or so ago and didn’t I sit down ‘across’ from where it really was at the end of a bridge. The problem is I couldn’t reach right for it. I actually wondered up and down the bridge for about 15 minutes. I went back on the website and emailed a guy who had found it after 3 tries. He sent me back a detailed explanation. Today I had Brian. I swore it was the ‘right’ on my side, but it was on the other side! Then I couldn’t find my pen, so had to use a pencil in the SUV.

We didn’t go hog wild book wise. In fact Sean didn’t buy anything.

We decided to go to the New Castle (Delaware) Farmer’s market, but took a detour so Sean could see the old area of the town. Brian and I had been there a few times. I got out and took a few photos, this being my favorite:


See the trio of tree and fence tops?

We then headed to the farmer’s market. I was having major hurt issues with my knee down to the back of my calf.  Think I did something Friday night getting out to retrieve a cache.  (That’s an entirely different story!)

At the market, we found young Amish people selling donuts. They were much more in cost than the ‘DD’, but they are larger and fluffier. Best I ever had! Have to be careful eating those!

We also went to ‘The Hut’ and when we pulled in the parking lot, we saw Sean’s old Taurus that he traded in 1.5 yrs ago! Someone who works there owned it. I think Sean was super surprised. He took good care of that car (his 1st car) and when he saw it, he said ‘that car took me back and forth to Penn State many times’. Where he traded it in for his newer Taurus is about a 1/4 mile away.  But the chances of us seeing it again, just wow.

We went to get gas, found another guardrail cache at the station next to it (drove in circles a bit, guess the attendant wondered what we were doing) and then hit the Goodwill where I found a few bird tchotchkes, one of which is a Marjolein Bastin for Hallmark.

I mainly bought crafting books at the sale earlier, ribbon embroidery and drawing for my mom and a few historic fictions along with crafts for me.

It was nice to have Sean along. He was a little depressed at first, some job issues going on in the family and I guess he feels that his time in the sun isn’t coming along fast enough in the job field. The economy is still not great and I think Sean will have to move away from here when he is done with his schooling.

Oh the places we’ve seen!


Yay, I kind of borrowed that title from my new pal Jodie as this is like the name of her Facebook album defining the same thing-geocache adventures! The thing is, Jodie and her hubby have found over 2k each! I’m not sure if I’ll ever even get close to that or my other pal Carole’s almost 600 with all my arthritis issues that crept up this year. I can surely pace myself and it’s great exercise and many caches involve enjoying the beauty of nature.

So what have we seen? Many Quaker Meeting houses/old cemeteries, my goodness at least a dozen or more different ones with their ancient grave stones and faded out names.


Hosanna in Lincoln University, PA

ArchiesC5 Chadds Ford, PA


Red Clay Creek Church, DE Found #100 here


St. David’s Church, PA

Let me make it clear that you aren’t allowed to hide caches around graves. They are usually in a fence, old tree stump or similar. The one above was a ‘virtual’ one where we found the grave of  General Anthony Wayne and took a photo.

So if these places weren’t interesting enough, we found places like Historic New Castle, DE and




Brandywine Springs Picnic park (what was left of this place)


Great views!


Where my cache is hidden in my hometown


Wilmington, DE


Blue Ball Barn in Delaware

Did I mention Cannon finds?



Part II-Nature caches soon

Places I loved all my life


We’re waiting on the ‘monster’ storm Sandy to arrive. Today I picked up a few things outside that I thought would get tossed around in the wind and rain we are expecting within hours. We put tarp down in hopes that the water would run away from the foundation and not go in the basement. We have lots to drink, enough ice for a few days and flashlights and candles. It seems she will take her good ol’ time coming inland and staying a bit. Right now it’s rainy and a bit breezy.

So I am worried about our beaches and coastlines…we have seen on tv and FB the flooded out streets of Wildwood, NJ  and the waters covering Route 1 between the Delaware beach resorts of Dewey and Bethany. It’s going to be a mess and it’s probably going to be a while before things will be like they were when people are going on vacation in the summertime. I am glad I’m not on vacation now (if we were in NJ/DE/MD) as I’d be scared about where I am and what’s going on at home.

Brian’s a bit under the weather and I hope that Sean and him can tackle any labor this may make them go through. I won’t be able to do much leaning over as my hip has been bad this weekend. I did have one good night, not sure what I did, I took one glucasomine chondroitin that night.

Wish us well and again…we are on standby. We will be filling up pitchers of water and the tub tomorrow morning. We need the tub water for the toidy. Not fun.

I think this is Atlantic City, NJ about 1975

Sean and DianneCape May, NJ

Dianne sticking toes in ocean at night

Ocean City, MD

Rehoboth Beach
Rehoboth Beach, DE

Guys hitting the waves
Fenwick Island, DE

The highest point of Delaware


Since Sean had a night class on his birthday, I took him out to a late lunch to The Olive Garden, one of his favorite restaurants. I always mention geocaching to him and he doesn’t mind checking out a few of them. His phone works pretty good pinpointing the cache.

First we went to one in a series of shopping center caches. It was near a pretty line of trees and a golf course.

It was a quick 5 minute find next to the fence (on the ground) that separates the shopping area from the golf course.

We then did a little shopping in Marshall’s-they always have good stuff. I got a little ornament display piece with an owl on top and last night hung most of my Halloween balls on it. I got a big box of Susan Branch greeting cards (she does homey watercolor art) for $3.99-there are 40 of them!

So the next stop was Best Buy, but I stayed in the car and browsed I saw there was another cache around the corner and it may interest Sean because of his college classes.

We get to the cache which is also the highest elevation in Delaware! A lady drove by and asked if we were ‘high markers’ and I was trying to be inconspicuous and of course said ‘yes’. Well low and behold her mom is into this organization and before we knew it, a 79 yr old lady came walking across the street.

Taken by Miss Doreen (her photo is halfway down-in pink).

Doreen gave Sean articles about the high mark society. The founder is suppose to have his ashes at each marker! Down the road is a big tower that was used for communication between DE and NY.

So that was an interesting stop to say the least! Sean said he could certainly use the info for some research.

And the cache was a nano on a bench-no problem finding that one-different than Sunday!

Happy International EarthCache Day!


Since it was indeed international EarthcCache Day, I ‘really’ wanted to participate. I dropped the shoes sorting, etc but we first went to church. Unfortunately, there were only about 3 in this immediate area. Most of these are near mountains, which in Pennsylvania are up near the Allegheny or Pocono Mountains.

So we went to church and the priest said indeed he had given me a recommendation for my job. Yes! We headed to the one near the White Clay Creek, got very close and the bridge was torn up before the turn we were going to make! Rats! We wasted 30 minutes. This was one I hadn’t printed out a paper anyway. We headed to Delaware near Wilmington and the Brandywine River. We were on a time crunch as Brian had to be at work at 3 pm. We got there about 1:40 and were just blown away by the area! An old mill had been converted to condos!

The fall foliage is just starting to turn

We were standing on a foot bridge here.

Then we headed to the Wilmington Blue Rock cache. It’s amazing!

This is suppose to be a  horseshoe shaped gorge. It’s so grown up, I didn’t realize it had that shape until I got home The rock is way in the back.

We had to answer questions about the Bancroft Mills (above) and the colors of the natural rocks in the gorge.

We had to rush a bit and got home with only 20 minutes for Bri to eat and change!

A visit to Tweed’s Tavern


Today I decided to get my lumbar x-rays and then  go over to Hockessin, DE to a cache with the Tweed’s Tavern in the title. Well I get there and my phone is acting wonky. I am just waiting to get an iPhone now that I’ve had the iPad for 9 months as they are better! I finally got the GPS loaded and went over to the tavern. I thought it was an easy find, like in the bushes….boy was I wrong!

I looked around the outside of the  tavern a bit and read it’s only one of 50 log cabins  left in the area and from the 1790s. I believe it was moved up so they could expand the road. I didn’t go inside, but could see a long table and Windsor style chairs inside.

Once covered by additions and stucco, hand-hewn logs now can be seen in the side and front of restored Tweed’s Tavern, which was spared from demolition and moved from its original spot along Limestone Road less than a mile north. The building — where the cellar had housed Delaware’s earliest-known brewery — temporarily was “parked” on a small lot owned by the Department of Transportation before plans were worked out to make the restored inn the centerpiece of a new state park that bears its name.

It’s quite a place.

So I walked down this one trail, no…the map was showing it was ‘behind’ the large fitness center. I walked back and forth on that trail like four times. I am sure the people on the treadmills were watching. Plenty people passed me on the trail. I then decided it had to be in a wooded area-it figures I wasn’t really dressed to look. I should have read the hint as it said ‘you aren’t getting tired’ or something like that. Lo and behold I saw an old tire with a cider block on it-went and looked and it was under half a cider block! Yay!

See the tire underneath? I didn’t have my traveling bag, so I just signed the log.

So I was pretty proud of myself as my geo buddy Bri was at work and I was solo. I headed to another cache and it was easier to find in a big tree stump. I had gone by it, went back and looked closer and there it was!

This had a bunch of charger cords in it for swag…I thought that was different. I didn’t take any as I have one in both cars.

I looked for another one, got with 175 feet of it and no way was I going in the woods where it pointed without a trail. I read where another cacher walked along the road. I didn’t want to do that by myself. I  get a big pricker scratch-ouch! I went in the fitness center to wash it off.

I came home and made Sean his dinner. Ever try the Kraft creme sauce? I browned up chicken and red peppers and stirred that in-yummy! Had a side of asparagus and a rice trio.

Brian is off tomorrow and we may go caching down the pike near where my pal John and his family live. Bri also worked there at one time. I feel like I’m in a competition with this lady I met at the picnic. I have 139 and she’s at 130-lol. I could get about 5-10 tomorrow (or more) if I really tried. I have to see how my back is. It was hurting while I was making dinner. Guess I walked a mile or so today.

My 35th Reunion is tonight!


We all say…time flies correct? Feels like those 35 years were in a zip file-compacted over time. But as I said before, Facebook has brought me back in touch with so many of my former classmates. It’s now neat to hear about not only their children, but their grandchildren. My pal Harriet lives in Lancaster County and she did the blood test when Brian and I got married (1984). Harriet’s a new grandmother-little Addie was born a few days ago and let me tell you, the messages were so cute from her on FB. Her son even said at one point that his wife hadn’t seen the doctor yet. : )

We have a very dedicated ‘Reunion guy’ in Scott D. I have helped him a few times remembering who people were, etc. I heard at last count 80 people have signed up to go and at first there were only 20! I decided to go with a pal Heather as Brian kind of just sits there, though he knows a number of my classmates. I went to his 35th a few years ago and as the years go by, more and more people go stag. I think at Brian’s reunion only a few other wives who attended.

I will probably share photos later.

Brian and I did a little late in the day geocaching yesterday-trying to stay limber. We headed to Rockford Park and it was a little tricky to find at first, though I have been there with Sean for the Wilmington Flower Market. My GPS never works correctly between our house and DE. I write down the directions now. Bri drove right past the turn at first and then the GPS kicked in and lead us to the park. One of those few times I had to find a restroom and we had to ask. Thank goodness it there was one near the Tower of Tower Hill. This is the private school Dr. Oz attended.

We found the trail marker and again the GPS was stuck. I began walking down the trail while Brian was off the trail and the numbers started to go down.  We found one of those nice DGT boxes!

New sneaks and top. : )  This was what was left of some building. Will get my arm checked out on Monday too. Seems when I dust (shaking out the static brush) it aggravates it. It’s not too bad right now as is my back.

Then we headed down to Brandywine Park…there seems to be a few Brandywine Parks in this area, but this one had a little zoo! It was too late to find the cache in the zoo, so we headed to one near the railroad area bridge.

We had to drive over a white arched bridge that had cobblestones on each end. There was a rose garden, waterfalls, a walking trails, fountains and of course the zoo. We need to go back!

So the cache hint was said it was to be under the ‘state tree of Delaware’. I saw a few large trees and holly ‘bushes’. Well can you guess which is considered the tree-the holly! The cache was suppose to be under a rock-so I’m thinking it’s a fake rock-didn’t see it. I came home and saw where someone had taken a photo of it. I can’t see the photos a lot of the times on the phone.

So we only found 1 cache and we were gone 4 hours-go figure. We stopped for pizza and salad. which took time.

We did get to meet Sean’s girlfriend Mary. She’s pretty, chatty and nice. He wanted to take her to Newark, DE to meet another lady pal and Mary drove out to our house for the first time.

It’s always 2 out of 3


It’s been kind of a slllllooooowwww week here. When there has been a whirlwind of activity and then you are grounded, days creep by. I went to the doctor, she prescribed very pricey gel rub for my aches and pains. Did she not hear I need  to get generic stuff? I got a little discount because of the Key Ring Phone app, but not as much. And my blood pressure reading, the first time they took it was 132/82! That’s the lowest it’s been for a doctor visit in 2 years! I still need to try and lose weight, which has been hard for me, but maybe I have more muscle than fat? My weight varies 2-3 pounds all the time and of course it was higher at the doctor’s visit. The doctor is probably in her mid 30s and was wearing a peasant dress with the tube top under her lab coat. At least she is a relaxed doctor.

It’s been wet too, we aren’t use to wet lately and so I sorted out piles and piles of papers from Brian’s old job which he should have tossed months ago. Speaking of Bri, he’s getting use to his job as a cashier. It’s just part-time and he may have to look for another part-time job in a few months times. The manager said they only hire p-t. It’s something and it’s experience.

My PT Cruiser is in the shop. It needs a few things repaired: rotors, brake pads, transmission cooler hoses and a tire-really all 4 before the winter, but we will go to Wally World for 3 of them. An unexpected surprise. I don’t know why my rotors rusted out like they did. We don’t have a garage, so that didn’t help matters.

Today Brian finally cut the grass after 2 weeks and late in the afternoon (a little too late) we ran out to do a few caches and grab a pizza dinner.

The first place we stopped was a little town with a park. From what I read it was in the gazebo…we went right to it…and I ‘thought’ Brian checked around the ceiling ledge well and he said he didn’t see anything. So we walked around the park thinking it was a bigger box….nothing. We went and sat in the gazebo and I remembered the hint was octagon, so he started looking again and ran across a Altoids box painted white to blend in with the gazebo! What a relief for him to find it! He needs to use more stealth at times. I mean with that phone booth cache, the GPS was awful, but I went back in the booth, saw the chain  hanging off a raised spot (probably where the phone book was) and felt around for it (I am scared of bees and keep an eye out for any flying about) and there was a key box painted red to match the booth! (I forget if I shared the photo!)


This had logs dated back to 2008. I didn’t bring my swag and didn’t take anything.

Next we went to one called ’70 Windows’ which was placed less than 2 weeks ago. There is two levels of stores in a ‘u’ shape. The hint was ‘neenah’ which means ‘little’ (or micro, right?) There was a Talbot’s Petite store there and 3 foot lights with shades running along the back of the sidewalk and their shades were metal. However my GPS was bouncy. We got to ’17’ feet and it went up to ’54’ feet, that kind of thing. The other cachers left good hints. We even thought it was on the second floor and there wasn’t anyplace good to put it. But, all was not lost, we ate some awesome pizza at ‘Pizza by Elizabeth’. The menu has the pizzas named after last names of famous Elizabeths-Taylor, Montgomery. I got an artichoke and spinach in fontina with crispy fried onion on top…with wheat crust. I had a spring mix salad with Vinaigrette-just delicious, even the toffee candy the sweet waiter gave us at the end of the meal. Brian had a BBQ chicken pizza named ‘Shue’ for the actress. Mine was ‘Jackson’…Betty, Beth? I don’t know.

We saved some for Sean and headed to a cache in church parking lot. It was way back off the main road and a lovely area. I want to go back and take photos.

This is called Christ Church. Near Wilmington and Greenville, DE. Our Vice President Joe Biden lives around this general area some place. On the way to the church, we saw some huge homes. I did a Google search and his home is on a lake or pond that is more in the open.

So we had the entire parking lot to ourselves. Again bouncy GPS. We checked in the only lamp skirt that we came across that moved and saw a few bundles securely wrapped in plastic bags. Not sure what they were, but we didn’t even touch those as they had been there a while, were wet and guarded by spiders. After 10 minutes and going in a little wooded area where there was mulch, etc., I decided to check out an additional parking sign (think that’s what it said) and looked behind it! Voila! There was a silver bison secured with velcro. Sneaky!  My phone camera died so Bri took a blurry photo. I just got that awesome shirt last night at Wally World-camo!

So that was my 2 out of 3 caching day. Up to 110!!!!