Happy International EarthCache Day!


Since it was indeed international EarthcCache Day, I ‘really’ wanted to participate. I dropped the shoes sorting, etc but we first went to church. Unfortunately, there were only about 3 in this immediate area. Most of these are near mountains, which in Pennsylvania are up near the Allegheny or Pocono Mountains.

So we went to church and the priest said indeed he had given me a recommendation for my job. Yes! We headed to the one near the White Clay Creek, got very close and the bridge was torn up before the turn we were going to make! Rats! We wasted 30 minutes. This was one I hadn’t printed out a paper anyway. We headed to Delaware near Wilmington and the Brandywine River. We were on a time crunch as Brian had to be at work at 3 pm. We got there about 1:40 and were just blown away by the area! An old mill had been converted to condos!

The fall foliage is just starting to turn

We were standing on a foot bridge here.

Then we headed to the Wilmington Blue Rock cache. It’s amazing!

This is suppose to be a  horseshoe shaped gorge. It’s so grown up, I didn’t realize it had that shape until I got home The rock is way in the back.

We had to answer questions about the Bancroft Mills (above) and the colors of the natural rocks in the gorge.

We had to rush a bit and got home with only 20 minutes for Bri to eat and change!

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