A visit to Tweed’s Tavern


Today I decided to get my lumbar x-rays and then  go over to Hockessin, DE to a cache with the Tweed’s Tavern in the title. Well I get there and my phone is acting wonky. I am just waiting to get an iPhone now that I’ve had the iPad for 9 months as they are better! I finally got the GPS loaded and went over to the tavern. I thought it was an easy find, like in the bushes….boy was I wrong!

I looked around the outside of the  tavern a bit and read it’s only one of 50 log cabins  left in the area and from the 1790s. I believe it was moved up so they could expand the road. I didn’t go inside, but could see a long table and Windsor style chairs inside.

Once covered by additions and stucco, hand-hewn logs now can be seen in the side and front of restored Tweed’s Tavern, which was spared from demolition and moved from its original spot along Limestone Road less than a mile north. The building — where the cellar had housed Delaware’s earliest-known brewery — temporarily was “parked” on a small lot owned by the Department of Transportation before plans were worked out to make the restored inn the centerpiece of a new state park that bears its name.

It’s quite a place.

So I walked down this one trail, no…the map was showing it was ‘behind’ the large fitness center. I walked back and forth on that trail like four times. I am sure the people on the treadmills were watching. Plenty people passed me on the trail. I then decided it had to be in a wooded area-it figures I wasn’t really dressed to look. I should have read the hint as it said ‘you aren’t getting tired’ or something like that. Lo and behold I saw an old tire with a cider block on it-went and looked and it was under half a cider block! Yay!

See the tire underneath? I didn’t have my traveling bag, so I just signed the log.

So I was pretty proud of myself as my geo buddy Bri was at work and I was solo. I headed to another cache and it was easier to find in a big tree stump. I had gone by it, went back and looked closer and there it was!

This had a bunch of charger cords in it for swag…I thought that was different. I didn’t take any as I have one in both cars.

I looked for another one, got with 175 feet of it and no way was I going in the woods where it pointed without a trail. I read where another cacher walked along the road. I didn’t want to do that by myself. I  get a big pricker scratch-ouch! I went in the fitness center to wash it off.

I came home and made Sean his dinner. Ever try the Kraft creme sauce? I browned up chicken and red peppers and stirred that in-yummy! Had a side of asparagus and a rice trio.

Brian is off tomorrow and we may go caching down the pike near where my pal John and his family live. Bri also worked there at one time. I feel like I’m in a competition with this lady I met at the picnic. I have 139 and she’s at 130-lol. I could get about 5-10 tomorrow (or more) if I really tried. I have to see how my back is. It was hurting while I was making dinner. Guess I walked a mile or so today.

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  1. I want to move in that tavern/house! lol I love exploring places like that. Good for you for finding a couple of caches on your own:-) As you know, I go on my own more often than I have someone with me and I tend to be a bit too fearless! lol I sometimes shake my head at myself and wonder what was I thinking, going so deep in the woods or climbing a mountain on my own!!

    I’ve never tried the Kraft creme sauce although I have seen it at the grocery store. Will have to give it a try one of these days. Yesterday I was gone to buy my turkey and everything I need to make my Thanksgiving dinner on Monday. Hard to believe it’s already upon us here in Canada:-)

    Hope you and Brian can finds lots of caches today!! xoxo

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