Oh the places we’ve seen!


Yay, I kind of borrowed that title from my new pal Jodie as this is like the name of her Facebook album defining the same thing-geocache adventures! The thing is, Jodie and her hubby have found over 2k each! I’m not sure if I’ll ever even get close to that or my other pal Carole’s almost 600 with all my arthritis issues that crept up this year. I can surely pace myself and it’s great exercise and many caches involve enjoying the beauty of nature.

So what have we seen? Many Quaker Meeting houses/old cemeteries, my goodness at least a dozen or more different ones with their ancient grave stones and faded out names.


Hosanna in Lincoln University, PA

ArchiesC5 Chadds Ford, PA


Red Clay Creek Church, DE Found #100 here


St. David’s Church, PA

Let me make it clear that you aren’t allowed to hide caches around graves. They are usually in a fence, old tree stump or similar. The one above was a ‘virtual’ one where we found the grave of  General Anthony Wayne and took a photo.

So if these places weren’t interesting enough, we found places like Historic New Castle, DE and




Brandywine Springs Picnic park (what was left of this place)


Great views!


Where my cache is hidden in my hometown


Wilmington, DE


Blue Ball Barn in Delaware

Did I mention Cannon finds?



Part II-Nature caches soon

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