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Today, Sean and I had a late start going out. He had some school work to do, so we rolled out of here about 3:30. I had asked him earlier if he would like to go to a cache I’ve wanted to get to for a while, but we ended up going down to the Trolley Square, Wilmington, DE area. I love to share some of the pretty areas that his dad and I have found already. The Brandywine Zoo is in the Brandywine Park, so we must missed that-it closed at 4:00. The cache was near the service entrance and a guard happen to standing there letting people who work at the zoo out. I felt like I had to tell him what we were doing. He had no idea what caching was. We were saved by a worker who said, ‘what are you doing, geocaching?’ We just nodded and smiled. The smell from the llama area was very potent, and they weren’t even out then.

We did find the cache, under a bush. I’m sorry, I look at the hints. If I go to all the trouble to go someplace and it’s taking me longer than 10 minutes to locate it (mostly because of a jumpy GPS), I’ll look at the hint.

We then ventured up to one called ‘Monkey Hill’. That was bouncing us all over the place. The hint was kind of weird. We were up and over and sideways. Finally I saw a sign which had been placed in an area that got overgrown. It said the same thing as the hint-and there was the cache!

We then walked near the Brandywine River and saw a gaggle of geese heading toward the choppy waters.

I asked Sean to drive down a nearby road to so I could go looking for a nearby cache that was suppose to be under a holly tree. I looked all around where I thought it should be and I still couldn’t find it!

Wilmington from Brandywine Park

We headed to an area where Sean goes to meet up with pals once in a while called ‘Trolley Square’. There was one in a little park. I looked over and saw a path leading to a wooded area and we zoned in on a wall. It was inside the wall-been there since 2005!

We had white pizza with shrimp at a little Italian place, very yummy. I was about to hit #160 and I said a nano in a parking garage just has to be on something metal. We drove up to the top (level 7) of the St. Francis hospital.  Sean zoned in on it first. I saw, it handed it to him and the lid was missing, so the little log almost blew away! We saw a nice view of the city.

Yesterday I went back to the chiropractor who said I do had deterioration in my hip area and a problem up near my right shoulder blade. I had a treatment and he wants me back several times a week for a few weeks. It’s going to be pricey, but I have put up with this for 6 months and Dr. Mike said it should help me. The one area is near my sciatic nerve and if you remember, my mom has had issues with sciatica about 8 years. I go tomorrow morning and then Monday.

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  1. Don’t feel bad looking at the hints, I always do! lol I don’t think there are very many cachers who DON’T look at the hints. They’re especially useful if the coords aren’t right on. I so enjoy seeing the caches you find and the areas they are in:-)

    I do hope the chiropractor’s treatments work out for you. My neighbour Julie goes to one for her back but I really don’t know why she keeps going (over 2 years now) because it doesn’t seem to be making it better! xoxo

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