Speck against the sky


Last night I sat down at my art desk and looked at some of the saved ‘finds’ I had there. I thought the artwork on the pop-up tissue box was just too cute, so I used it here! I was going to make the bird out of an old book page, but I forget where I put the pages, so I used this nice paper. The music verse seemed to work too.

So little Roamy is flying off to Arizona now! After I mailed him, I hit the ‘Tuesday Morning’ store where they had lots of things for 50% off! I didn’t go hog wild, but I had fun looking for things. I got this pretty tan sweater/shawl with tiny sequins sewn through it for only $12. I know I will wear it a lot. I got Sean a nice navy blue polo shirt (he wears that color with tan pants for work) for $5. Some things I bought weren’t on sale, but I will take a photo of this gorgeous ‘crystal’ ball you hang up. I want to pick the right spot for it.
I’ve lost at least 4-5 pounds since the 25th of May. I know the first 5 pounds is usually water weight in most cases, but since I’ve taken that long to lose that weight, maybe it isn’t! The hardest part is keeping the sugar intake low, followed by salt. And figuring out if I did enough ‘exercise’. Mine is usually gardening and walking. I want to start doing floor exercises again. A friend from high school’s wife lost 50 pounds in 6 months, but she joined the ‘Y’ too. I’m still wanting to try ‘Snap Fitness’ where Sean goes, but that’s more money.
I have a feeling I better get looking for a PT job. Between the dentist, hospital and regular bills, it’s hard for us.
It’s suppose to rain a bit tomorrow. It rained all around us last night, but we didn’t get one drop. I was out watering this morning. Come on rain!

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