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I just realized I haven’t blogged since Sunday! Running here and there-to get my hair done in my hometown and visiting mom for a couple of things. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling that great on Monday between my allergies and eating something for Easter that didn’t agree with me. But I got to see my niece and gave her the little owl box I assembled the day before. She liked it.

Owl Easter boxes and bookmarks
Owl Easter boxes
Mom and I went out to a late lunch (she is never ready when I get there) and the place she wanted to go to was closing. I ended up eating a grilled chicken sandwich on a toasted hotdog roll at a hamburger joint. How cheap can you get and it was falling apart too!
Yesterday I took some gold jewelry that was given to me to a shop in Delaware that I dealt with before. I only sell stuff that I don’t need or know I won’t wear. I had a lot of bits and pieces. I had a ring sized too. I got enough for a car payment plus some extra. : ) I told the man I wanted the blue topaz out of this big ring as he said he only wanted the gold part. I go back today to get the ring I was having resized and there was no stone in the envelope. I had to ask for it! He was hoping I’d forget and only offered me $20 for about a 4 carat blue topaz. He doesn’t do the greatest resizing job-the ring is rough and not polished that much on the inside.
I asked Sean to get my white car washed last night as it was dirty and he was nice enough to do so. I see that the same dirty spots are still running down the sides-what a rip off. I told Sean that was a waste of money and not to go there again. Also my ”change oil’ reminder is coming on and the dealership was suppose to do that last week.
I did go to Tuesday Morning and got a pretty box for the wedding gift we are giving our cousin along with a few extras. I stopped in the store and bought some charcoal and made really good burgers. I grated onion and pressed it into them and it made all of the difference!
Sean is off tomorrow and wants to take a daytrip, but the weather may be dicey. That figures.
I have been cleaning inside and outside-it’s sure an endless job. I have no clothesline now as a big branch took off a side of a ‘t’ bar on one end. I have hanging pots on them now.
Vacation in DC Collage Card
One of my newer collages based on being a visitor at the nation’s capital.

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  1. Hi Dianne,
    How interesting to read that you just sold some gold. I just did the same thing today! We got rid of our old class rings that we had not even looked at in the past 15 years. I also had some 2 10K rings that had been run over by a car–found them in a parking lot. I didn’t make enough for a car payment, but I felt good getting a little something extra.

    Adorable owl containers!

  2. Those owl boxes are so darling, it’s no doubt your niece loved them:-) I had to laugh when you said your mom is never ready when you get there….mine is always ready too early! If I tell her I’ll pick her up at 10, she’s at the door waiting at 9:30! lol Glad you were able to spend some time with her.

    Great going on selling some of your gold jewelery pieces! That guy that resized your ring sounds pretty shady, though, imagine trying to get away with keeping your blue topaz stone!! Sounds like the jewelery repair guy that I had brought my engagement ring to years ago. One of the diamonds was loose so I asked him to fix that. When I went back to get it, he said he had kept my diamond and put another one in. What??? He said oh don’t worry, it’s the same quality. Now how am I supposed to know that, it could be a plastic diamond and I wouldn’t be able to tell because it’s so tiny! lol I was not a happy camper.

    Hopefully you and Sean were able to go on a day trip. It’s raining here again, the 4th day to do so. The winds were really bad last night but nothing like what’s been happening in parts of the States with all those tornadoes!!

    Another beautiful collage! Hope your day is going well:-) xoxo

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