Sightseeing in Baltimore


I certainly had to make a collage card honoring Baltimore. My guys are great at grabbing brochures, so it was the assembling part that was the challenging. I had a rip off calendar with ships, so that came in useful.
We had a good rain last night, so the ground was nice and soft. I’m starting garden maintenance. Well…maybe. Sean has had a garden for years and lately he is mostly buying the plants and only putting in a few. It was looking bad, so I went to town and planted 18 impatiens he had bought plus a few marigolds! That took me away from the veggie corral which needs a little attention right now. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.
The lilies are starting to bloom now along with the Red Hot Pokers. It’s nice to have perennials blooming each month.
Brian came out and planted a few pots of perennials that were hanging around for a few weeks. I have some annuals to finish planting and need to finish with a clean-up project on the back patio.
Busy busy!

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  1. Every time we travel, Steve stops at the Tourist Info Booth for me and then he cringes when he sees all the brochures and pamphlets I come walking out with! lol Your Baltimore collage really turned out well:-)

    We had rain on and off all weekend with temps in the 50’s so it wasn’t very summer like. Last night got so cold, the furnace kicked on!!! It’s supposed to start warming up again this week so I’m looking forward to that.

    I have so many of my perennials that are almost ready to bloom so I should have a burst of colour soon. I still haven’t gone to pick up my Impatiens and Petunias but plan on doing so this week. Also want to buy a couple of baskets to hang.

    Enjoy your day:-) xoxo

  2. It been a weird year as for weather that is.
    I’ve never been on east coast but you collection and display of things from Maryland is great.

    Coffee is on

  3. Nice collage!

    I guess every state is getting weird weather this year!

    Personally, I love the cooler temps, but my tropical containers don’t.

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