Believe in Miracles collage


Here’s another collage I made yesterday. The background is painted blue and distressed with a special crackle paint. I was going to leave off ‘Believe in Miracles’ but decided I like cards with a message.
I went to the doctor for a follow-up. Most of my bloodwork is better (Sugar about 98 when it was 122 before!) and my thyroid is in the normal range. I’ve had slightly elevated liver enzymes for years as has two of my three brothers. He wants to do more specific tests for that. Also my blood pressure could still be lower (I get myself so nervous before going) but he still says he wants the top # to be in the 120s, not 130s. I also have to take a diruetic to see if that helps. I have a feeling I’m not doing to do well with that, crossing fingers. I detest taking medicine and and so sorry I got to 51 and had to start. I still think it all has to do with my age. I’ve lost 6 pounds since my last visit (3 months ago), so at least that’s something and probably helped my bloodwork.
Boy is it hot here-it’s about 91. I think they expected higher, but there’s that pesky heat index that makes it feel hotter. I haven’t even walked around the yard today. I’m afraid to see wilted things!

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  1. Your Believe in Miracles card is beautiful. Good for you for having lost 6 pounds, that’s wonderful:-) You’re doing it the right way, a little bit at a time!! I had lost 7 pounds before going on my trip last week but gained back 2 with all the eating we did! lol It’s not fair that it’s so much easier to put on weight than to lose it!!!! Getting old is hard on the body, isn’t it? Sigh! xoxo

  2. I hear you C! I went over the 1,400 today. The My Fitnes Pal is really good and you learn to eat better. I cut back a lot on sugar. Most of my sugar is consumed in the morning because of the cereal and I eat healthy cereal!

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