Here comes Peter Cottontail


I hope everyone had a lovely Easter today! We reached 81 outside and it was like a summer day and we put the a/c on. I raked the Lily and Iris garden a bit and then put a turkey breast in for dinner. Brian cut the entire yard and it looks better. The trees are another issue. I have never seen them looks so bad as they do this year in the over 24 years of living here. Brian’s going to have to cut down a few shrubs and dead fruit trees, but the ones on the hill that lead to the stream would cost a ton to get cut down. It’s very rustic looking!
Sean had to work and he said it was boring. He is itching to get in the garden center and asked again. He did come home for dinner and enjoyed the turkey, veggies and crumb apple pie.
Off to get my hair done in my hometown tomorrow. After dinner I put together the cutest owl gift box from All you do is print it out on card stock, cut it out and glue it together. It comes with owl bookmarks too. I made one to keep and one to give to Tori. I will take a photo to share.
My collage was really easy as the bunny came in a package and I glued him on the background of my choice.

Easter roses from Brian
Easter roses from Brian (plus a few left he gave me before Easter)

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  1. 81–wow, we were around 50. I went out only to cut down some dead Sedum A. Joy for a bouquet for my leopard dishes table. I was intending to do some garden work, but started messing around with the dishes and never got back outside.

    I like the velvety texture of the bunny on your Easter card.

  2. We won’t be reaching temps of 81 until at least July! lol Right now it’s 34 here and it’s pouring rain…better not turn to snow!! Easter Day was gorgeous, though, and the temps were in the high 50’s.

    Such a darling bunny on your collage:-) Also love the roses Brian gave to you!! xoxo

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